The Carnival of Bad Decisions

The Circus of Industry is proud to present 'The Carnival of Bad Decisions'. Help us launch our new production, and show your support for local art and theater.

Take a moment and allow yourself to dream; imagine if you heard that a carnival was setting up for only one night in an abandoned lot just outside of town. Skeptically, you arrive, not sure what to expect, but knowing it is not to be missed. As you get closer, you can see the glow of fire reaching up through the darkness. Suddenly, an explosion of sparks arises with a boisterous roar of engines and cheering from the crowd. Eager to get inside you run to the entrance, and despite the warning “BEWARE OF CLOWNS” you surrender all the cash in your pocket to the majestic beauty in the booth, who in exchange hands you a token.

Inside, your senses are overwhelmed. The smell of cotton candy,popcorn, and lingering propane is somehow comforting among the fire lit midway as various contraptions erupt with sparks and fire. You decide to take your chances at a game of darts, and let the fortune teller decipher your prophecy.

At the stroke of midnight, fire starts to rise from the dark end of the lot illuminating a stage. A band starts to play a familiar yet disturbing lullaby as brightly clad performers crawl into the light. Let the show begin...  

Ladies and gentlemen;


Introducing the newest addition to Seattle’s enchanting underground entertainment; our very own Circus of Industry!

The Circus of Industry (COI) is not only creating an evolving spectacle of music, fire, and performance, but an interactive full-scale carnival midway complete with games, concessions, freaks, and curiosities. COI has defined this greater realm as “The Carnival of Bad Decisions”.

COI is preparing a special Benefit show for February 16th in Seattle, in which we will premiere some of our original, one-of-a-kind instruments that manipulate fire and logic. Entertainment throughout the evening will be provided by our contributing performers and friends of COI. We invite you to join us, not only to experience the birth of the Circus of Industry, but to help support the growth of our full scale production. Advanced Tickets to this event can be obtained by contributing to our Indiegogo campaign.

This initial $2,500 through Indiegogo will help offset the costs of building the Circus of Industry and The Carnival of Bad Decisions. Your contribution will go directly towards construction materials and supplies, including: lumber, steel, paint, lights, and of course... PROPANE! To make our vision possible over the next 5 years, our total fundraising goal through grants, sponsorship, and donations is $100,000. We will achieve this goal only with the help of those who still believe that a circus can change the world.

Your contribution of at least $20 will get you 1 standard admission ticket to our Preview Benefit. For a donation of at least $50, you will receive 1 VIC (Very Important Carney) ticket to our Preview Benefit, a COI keepsake, and official recognition as a sponsor.

With your help, we can continue to build in a sustainable, modular fashion, so our production can be easily transported to festivals and events around the globe. We feel strongly that in times like these, participating in fun events such as the Circus is becoming more important. Please consider making a donation to the Circus of Industry and help support the underground circus merrymakers of Seattle.

The Circus of Industry was founded in 2012 by Sam Scharf, David Stern, and Madisun Avenue, whose combined performance experiences range from radical noise ensembles, street theater, marching bands, and heavy metal to musical theater and dance. Behind the scenes, skills of the producers and crew vary between metal fabrication, blacksmithing, carpentry, costume design, lighting and sound design, music production, choreography, fire safety, and more.

The Circus of Industry is bringing together Seattle's most creative and skillful individuals to create something truly unique, with the sole purpose of entertainment. An interactive spectacle of fire, music, clowns, and freaks! We hope you will join us on this journey.

Thank you.

Making Bad Decisions since 2012,
The Circus of Industry

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