The Candelabra, Music, Fashion and Food. An Iconic New Supper Club in Las Vegas!

With your help, we will create The Candelabra. A new Supper Club in Las Vegas featuring 7 Nights of Entertainment, and an Amazing, Exquisite After Hours scene.
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TODAY: The term Las Vegas NIGHTLIFE consists of mega parties - alot of this:

and this:

and this:

and "unfortunately" a lot of this:

It's a time to return to class, elegance, showmanship and a folderol of Fun...(as Lee would often say). Back to Basics

This is the ideal time to make 2014 - The NEW Golden Era of Las Vegas. Classic Elegance meets Modern Music, Style and Fashion in a modern setting. Personalized.

The Supper Clubs of Yesteryear were packed with celebrities, debutantes, and those who cared about appearance, dining, live music, and premium cocktails. Every night was a night to be seen.

The days of old are missed. Fine dress, food, amazing conversation, and the mixture of musicians, celebrities, locals and tourists. In a modern setting. 

Guests, and performers would mingle well into the night, everyone would dress for the evening, and dance the night away- this is the way the elite partied. 

Underground Supper Clubs are booming throughout the United States. Their is a resurgence of classical elegance, scene, style and music happening today. 


NOTE: This campaign is not in any way associated with the Liberace Foundation. The Candelabra is a symbol of the "living expression" of an artist with a lifestyle of showmanship, charisma and the enduring spirit of Las Vegas. Liberace as well as Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Wayne Newton, Debbie Reynolds, Barbara Streisand and Michael Jackson are part of  this lifestyle and the Golden Era we mention and salute at The Candelabra. 

An Amazing Story: 

My name is Jeff Champagne. This crowd fund is my idea. I am a lifelong Liberace Fan who moved to Las Vegas last August   When I first moved here I was excited to see the Liberace museum. I drove to Tropicana and Spencer and found the remnants of what once was the Tivoli Gardens restaurant owned by Liberace for nearly a decade. It was in a horrible state, I drove around the plaza and then noticed that there were 2 cars outside the entrance to the restaurant. I drove up to see if the place was for sale or being renovated. 

To my surprise, the front doors were open (I heard voices inside). I walked in and there were two men having a lively discussion about plans for it.  One, a restaurateur who is also a performing pianist in Las Vegas, and the other, an entrepreneur and Las Vegan of over 30 years had repaired all of the kitchen equipment and were now discussing names for the new restaurant and concepts for menus, design ideas and the re-opening strategy. 

I felt compelled to throw in my 2 cents. I mentioned that it was a shame that a man who had given so much to the city would be relegated to a simple after thought of an establishment that he actually once owned. The basis of my thinking was that if it was Liberace's (or Lee's as he preferred to be called) then it  "The Candelabra" and any remodeling should be done as if he owned it wife was a designer before she embarked on her fine art career and she also commented on her thoughts to make the restaurant the most unique in Las Vegas based on the new Candelabra theme. Luckily, we had a receptive audience. The Candelabra began to take shape and we began this journey that has now culminated in this crowdfund. The Candelabra is inspired by Liberace but it is really about the need for more elegant, classic, live entertainment in Las Vegas where customers can dress up, be seen, and mix and mingle with the entertainers, celebrities and movers and shakers of today. This will be the largest and best Supper Club in Las Vegas. It was once owned by Liberace, and we believe his spirit still lives there today, we're going to make it the classiest, sexiest, and most elegant bar in Las Vegas. 

Why we've turned to crowdfunding

The owners had already spent much more than their original budget had called for and convincing them to boldly step beyond the conventional restaurant and create something worthy of the Liberace style, glamour and just plain opulence wasn't easy. They liked the idea and could see the potential but had one simple question for me, "How do we pay for something like THAT?!"  I told them, crowdfunding.  Liberace represented luxury, over the top decadence, showmanship and class, all of these items are expensive but when they've been created for the audience, it's all that matters, the experience we deliver. 

 I cannot do this on my own,..I also believe that those who help should be fully acknowledged.   We have created over 5000 opportunities for names to be "embedded" into the restaurant and into the creation of the Candelabra. Everything from a scroll inclusion to bronzed bricks in the supper club, brass nameplates on hand carved mahogany plaques in the Royal Bar, a Walk Of Fame outside the restaurant, to finally, six 18 x 18 inch bronze panels with raised lettering, honoring the 'Executive Producers' of this campaign. Crowdfunding was the only way to do it.  THIS WILL BE THE HOME FOR THE CANDELABRA BUILT BY US, FANS OF EXCELLENT NIGHTLY ENTERTAINMENT WITH CLASS, ELEGANCE AND STYLE AND A FLAIR FOR THE UNIQUE, AND HARD WORKING ELITE OF TODAY. 

Why we're naming Liberace's Former restaurant "The Candelabra"

One evening Liberace was performing in New York City. Earlier that day he had watched a movie about the life of Chopin. The movie had a scene where Chopin's assistant brought over a large candelabra and placed it on his piano. Inspired by the scene, Liberace scoured the streets of New York City and in a 3rd Avenue antique store, found the Candelabra which was his very first prop and later became his trademark for the remainder of his life.

Opening September 2014

The owners have fully restored the kitchen, updated all of the fire prevention equipment, purchased new HVAC units, repaired the grease trap and completely restored ALL of the infrastructure Issues (roof, electrical, plumbing) at a cost of over $100,000 to date. Over the last 2 months, we have come up with a vision to create THE CANDELABRA Supper Club, inspired by Liberace, required in Las Vegas. 

We're designing each area with a distinct personality related to the golden era of entertainment in Las Vegas. Many other cities around the world boast distinctly unique supper clubs in their city centers. Las Vegas, the Entertainment Capital Of The World is required to have the best on the Planet. 

A Supper Club in New Orleans

A Supper Club in Chicago

A Supper Club Bar in Chicago

                                             A Supper Club Bar in Milwaukee

No other city in the worlds boasts 160, 000 hotel rooms, and 2 million local residents, as well as 40 plus million visitors a year. This is a must in Sin City. 

With your help, we'll give Las Vegas what it truly needs, it's very own elegant, classic Supper Club. 

As of right now, Liberace's former restaurant is a disaster. In 2010, the museum unable to fulfill it's lease obligations were moved out of the plaza, the Liberace name was removed and what was once the 3rd most visited site in Las Vegas became a traveling show. The buildings are closed down, abandoned and completely emptied of nearly all of their contents.  Luckily, the priceless bar given to him by the Queen of England and the piano themed bar he designed for his Tivoli Gardens restaurant are still there (only due to the fact that they were too heavy to carry) almost every other furnishing, artwork or memorabilia has disappeared. Yet, with these sparse bones we can surely create a Supper Club Lee would would be proud of...The Candelabra will be that Supper Club.  NOTE: We are NOT associated with the Liberace museum, 

The Classic Torch Singer - Feminine, Beautiful, Mysterious, Alluring, Sensuous 


We plan to have live music nightly- Torch Singers, Pianists, Guitarists, Acoustic, and Violinists, Comedians, Guest celebrities, actors, producers, poets and Artisans from around the world in the Entertainment Capital of The World will perform at the Candelabra Supper Club in Las Vegas.  Open Nightly 7 days. 

 A small team which will grow with your help.

A restaurateur picked up the lease. After spending thousands, he contacted an entrepreneur to assist him in creating the brand and image, the entrepreneur reached out to several professionals and within a matter of weeks, we had a brand development professional, a multimedia person, a conceptual artist, a promotional agent and a restaurant operations professional, Inside this group, the Candelabra concept was born. Your funds will help our team hire the following critical positions:

  • A Globally recognized Restaurant and Bar Design Firm
  • A Premier Website Development and Social Media Team
  • Entertainment Director
  • Merchandise Manager
  • Director of Sales and Marketing
  • Director of Special Events
  • Nightclub Manager
  • Hold the VIP Grand Opening on August 22, 2014
  • Hold the GRAND OPENING in  September 2014 (TBA) 


1. To create a Logo, PR Campaign and Global Social Media Effort

2. Install State Of The Art Lighting and Sound a Trademark of The Candelabra

3. Create the Signature Rooms of "The Candelabra" with an amazing designer

4. Hold Two EPIC Grand Openings ( VIP August 22, General Public Sept. 2014)

The Team - Creators of The Candelabra

Renato Di Antonio - Owner, Restaurateur, Pianist Entertainer, and commercial developer for The Candelabra

Sean Smith - Volunteer, Marketing, and Partnership development, Design Review and conceptual strategies for The Candelabra

Jeff Champagne - Spokesperson, Marketing Director, and Brand Development Liaison for for The Candelabra. 

Linda Campbell- Conceptual Design Artist, Layout expert and Interior Design Liaison for The Candelabra

S. L. Williams - Social Media, Promotional, development for Lee's After Hours.


Make history with us, bring The Candelabra Supper Club to Las Vegas in 2014! 

( The Candelabra, will be most exquisite Supper Club experience in Las Vegas)

(Liberace's Tivoli Gardens in 1985, soon to be restored as The Candelabra) 

(Tivoli Gardens once owned by Lee, as it looks today, completely bare of all markings - The Museum was moved out in 2010 and officially closed) 


The Signature Rooms, One Of A Kind in Las Vegas

1. THE CANDELABRA SUPPER CLUB  (coats required)

A True Supper Club. Ticketed Nightly Shows from 6pm to 9pm, 7 nights a week. Tribute acts from the Golden Era of Las Vegas. You can see Sammy Davis, Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett,  Barbara Streisand, or Tom Jones, as well as Contemporary acts from around the world...every night, an amazing performance that will carry you back to the Golden Era of Las Vegas. 

The Showroom as of Today - fully emptied and prepping for redesign/remodel

2. THE ROYAL BAR (coats required, & coat of arms if you have one)

The most elegant, classic and meticulously crafted bar and cocktail scene in Las Vegas. Only the finest spirits, beer, and wine available in the world. Meet the captains of industry, engage in thoughtful discussion, and relish the memorabilia adorning the walls of the Royal bar.  A memorable and authentic experience unlike any other in the world. A gift to Liberace directly from the Queen Mother, and the Queen of England and now a gift to you for your contribution. Thank you for helping us to restore this treasure which has been hidden for decades and bring a Supper Club to Las Vegas. 

The mirrored wall of the Royal Bar leading to the infamous Mafia Room

Exquisite, hand carved Mahogany, delivered in 1970, being restored


The Mafia Room as seen in 1985, The original furniture was recently found   

During the Golden Era in Las Vegas, "Flash Mob" had an entirely different meaning (trust me, nobody was dancing).  The Mafia room was exactly what it sounded like...a place for men to organize their activities.  After foraging through the restaurant, the owners found the "actual chairs and table" that had been taken out of the Mafia room and also the original antiqued brass and crystal chandelier. The Mafia room hand carved door will be replaced by a replica of the original and the room will be reserved for private parties, board meetings (heads of the families) and other special occasions at The Candelabra. 

Renato - Explaining why he decided to create The Candelabra Las Vegas 

Amazing Perks for Contributors - Worldwide


The greatest advantage of the Candelabra, is simply it's location. The strip corner 1.5 miles from the Candelabra (Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd.) has more rooms than the entire city of San Francisco! The Candelabra is also less than 5 minutes from McCarran International Airport (LAS) and is also less than 10 minutes from the Las Vegas Convention Center. THE PERFECT LOCATION. 

Funds will be used to create digital billboard signs inside and around McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas.  At one time the Liberace Museum was the 3rd most visited site in Las Vegas.  The Candelabra is approximately 5 minutes from  the Las Vegas Airport and the main 1-15 arterial serving 100% of the traffic coming in from Los Angeles. The city handles 40 million tourists a year with the majority passing just a mile from the doors of The Candelabra. 

Innovative website efforts, social media, large billboards, airline publications, press tours, trade show conventions, special events, and viral marketing through youtube and our own efforts; we expect The Candelabra to be a huge success story in 2014. Thanks to all of you for helping us make it happen!  

How You can help Class return to Las Vegas

 1. Donate to the Candelabra, 

2. Join us at the VIP Opening on August 22, 2014 (Contribute $500 or more). 

3. Tell all your friends about this new Icon coming to Las Vegas. 

The creation of the Candelabra will generate a beacon of light seen around the world. When customers enter the Supper Club to watch the best tribute acts in Las Vegas, they will be transported into another era of showmanship when music meant live instruments, beautiful voices and audience interaction. As they walk into the Royal Bar, they will feel 'noble' as if Dukes and Duchesses frequented the small speakeasy of Las Vegas' most elegantly handcrafted bar, where million dollar deals are made and partnerships are crafted. 

Other Ways You Can Help

1. Like our Facebook Page!

2. Tell your friends about our campaign! 

3. Make plans to visit us after we open September 2014! 

If you can't contribute, spread the links on your social networks. Sharing is easy with Indiegogo's quick links above. We thank you for helping us create THE CANDELABRA SUPPER CLUB LAS VEGAS. 

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    Thank you for your support!! Thank you! We would not be anything without you..the audience makes it all happen in the end and we know that times are hard. every ticket sale matters and every audience member has the right to expect the best. You will receive a hand written Commemorative Candelabra Postcard from Jeff Champagne personally thanking you for your support. YOU are the Bread and Butter of our business.

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    The Stage Hand

    Contributions like this gets the show on the road! Thanks! Your name will be added to our 'New Friends of The Candelabra' framed scroll that will be the centerpiece of the Friends Wall in the Supper Club. You will also receive the "I Lit The Candelabra!" bumper sticker to proudly display your contribution.

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    You are definitely a fan of Lee's! This donation will help move along this project and settle it into Las Vegas again. Thank you! Your name will be added to our 'New Friends of The Candelabra' framed scroll that will be the centerpiece of the Friends Wall in the Supper Club. You will also receive a $25 Dining Certificate to The Candelabra, as well as the "I Lit The Candelabra" bumper sticker to proudly display your contribution.

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    You're such a HUGE FAN that my hair is now permanently feathered! This kind of wind is what will lift us from the ashes into Las Vegas Stardom. Thank you! Your name will be added to our 'New Friends of The Candelabra' framed scroll that will be the centerpiece of the Friends Wall in the Supper Club. You will also receive two $75 Dining Certificates to The Candelabra, as well as the "I Lit The Candelabra" bumper sticker to proudly display your contribution. 2 Tix to the VIP Grand Opening.

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    Wow...You're really hammering this one home for us! You are a SERIOUS Fan of Lee's. Thank you! Your name will be engraved on a bronze plaque and added to our Founder's Wall in the Supper Club. You'll also receive: four $75 Dinner Certificates for The Candelabra, 4 single passes for Lee's After Hours Club, a 24"x18" Fine Art print of the 3 renderings with Project description, and a "I Lit The Candelabra" bumper sticker to proudly display your contribution. 4 Tix to VIP Grand Opening.

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    Master Of Ceremonies

    You're getting this show going-your contribution will re-introduce the iconic Supper Club to Las Vegas in a big way! Your name will be engraved on a bronze plaque and added to our Supper Club 'Founders Wall'. You'll also receive: six $75 Dinner Certificates, VIP passes for you and a guest for one full year, the Fine Art print, and FOR YOUR USE ONLY, a custom etched VIP glass with your name on display in the Royal Bar, and the "I Lit The Candelabra" bumper sticker. 6 Tix VIP Grand Opening.

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  • $5,000USD
    The Opening Act

    You're really part of the show now! HUGE applause for stepping up and contributing to the revitalization of The Candelabra iconic restaurant. THANK YOU! You will receive all of the above, PLUS 8 VIP tickets for the Grand Opening on August 22nd, PLUS a private dinner in the Mafia Room for 10 guests. (Food, liquor and Wine included) with Limousine and a personal Body Guard for the evening. The entire evening you will be referred to as Don (Your Name). You're one of the family now.

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  • $10,000USD
    The Guest Star

    A fantastic addition to our roster with huge applause and many kudos for a major contribution to bringing this iconic restaurant back to life! Many, many heart-felt thanks! You'll receive all of the above, PLUS work with our Chef or Bar Mixologist on a specialized drink/menu item in the Royal Bar you get to personally name and have 50% off of the item for the rest of your life.

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  • $25,000USD
    The Headliner

    What can we say? You're a HIT! The applause and whistles just keep going for this game-changing contribution bringing The Candelabra restaurant and nightclub back to life. All of the above perks are yours PLUS Permanent VIP treatment (never wait in line or pay cover for our special events), a brass nameplate on a hand-carved Mahogany Plaque in the Royal Bar, plus your very own 12 inch by 12 inch floor monument on the building's exterior in our Walk of Fame.

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $50,000USD
    The Executive Producer

    We all kneel before you! You have the power to REALLY push The Candelabra into current Las Vegas reality! Endless thank you's are in order. You'll receive all of the above, PLUS a Private Party for 25 in Lee's, 20% off of your personal bill for life, To Commemorate your generous contribution, we will have your personalized 18 in by 18 in nameplate on the outside wall of the Front Entrance to the Candelabra, for all to see and behold. Thank you!!

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    Estimated delivery: July 2014
  • $100,000USD
    The Studio Head

    Call us. You're obviously a true and unique individual. We will work to craft the perfect package for you.

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