The Call Center Artist Feature Film

AN ASPIRING FILM MAKER puts his dreams on hold to work at a hellacious call center to survive. The next 9 hour day decides his fate.

IT'S ABOUT AN UNTRIED FATHER,  who drops out of film school due to the financial burden he is putting on his family. To make ends meet he gets a job as a shift supervisor at a hellacious outbound call center. Years pass him by as he remains repeating every detestable day as if it was his first. The next nine hour work day is destined to change his life, for better or for worse.

...BUT THERE IS SO MUCH MORE. There are twists abound! Hollywood Giants are well known for revealing plots in trailers alone. We don't want to outline the entire plot and give it away. The beauty of discovery is left up to you.

OUR 'CAUSE'? To share a great story with as many people as possible. We will take you on a visceral journey. Your support is vastly appreciated but there are many brilliant artist on Indiegogo and we are no more deserving then any of them. Modestly we hope you'll pitch in because you want to watch our film..




DIRECTORS STATEMENT: The Call Center Artist is an exploration into a sad reality many people encounter. Often times sorrow and regret is what remains. Amongst the dysphoria this movie melds genres. Comedy is sure to shine through, along with drama, action and dare I say horror! Someone once said this movie reminded them of Office Space meets Falling Down.

I feel as though there is a huge culture of people who can relate to this movie. I never realized how many people despised their jobs and just wanted to vent about how their treated. It doesn’t matter where you work or how much you make, we all face the same general challenges. I believe this story is compelling enough to universally connect with all audiences.

The most profound thing I have to tell you is that I feel as though this screenplay will connect with you emotionally in ways that are unexpected. It will tap into different experiences for each viewer and each individual will have a different and profound experience.

I am a hands on Director and love writing screenplays so I can bring them too life. I’ve had the opportunity to work on many short films as well as commercials. I have found a passion for working with actors! Together we are capable of portraying raw emotions to the audience.  My team is as technically sound and artistic as they come. Put your faith in us and we will absolutely come through. We worked hard on the rewards and named them after the Telemarketing Rep's in the script to add some flavor!




Yes!!! This may seem like a lot, but in the eyes of film makers this is a Micro budget and an absolute FRACTION of the cost of a major film. Honestly, we are making a $25,000 film with only $13,000. This is the bare minimum budget we need to make this film. If we are ever so lucky to raise more than $13,000 that would only open up more opportunities for more time with shoots, better equipment, and a happier crew. With $13,000, we will give you an amazing product, made from pure love and dedication.

THE MONEY WILL GO to the basic film making requirements like Location, insurance, Equipment Rentals, Food for cast and crew, props, art, and so on. We are all making this because we love film and we have a passion for wanting to bring you something amazing.





  • If you choose to back the project, you are able to pledge whatever you want in exchange for exciting and creative rewards. The bigger the pledge, the better the rewards!
  • If we are able to achieve the goal by the end of our 30 day campaign, we get to fulfill our promise to you and make this movie.
  • We won't forget about your rewards. That's the BEST part!

The AWESOME PEOPLE involved in this film and need this kickstarter campaign to be successful:

The Call Center Artist Creative Team

  • Ryan Favela (Writer, Director)
  • Perla Portillo (Assistant Director)
  • Carlos Garcia (Director of Photography)
  • Tyler Hill (Camera & Lighting Assistant)
  • Jeremy Ables (Sound Designer)
  • William Bornholdt (Storyboard Artist)
  • Sally Favela (Line Producer)
  • Ashley Egan (PA)

 And 5 more talented and committed crew members.

Another way you can help this film (other than financially) is to help SPREAD THE WORD about the project! E-mail a friend, share our page and updates on facebook, blog, and tweet about it... any way you can get the word out would be appreciated more than you know! For those that have ever made a film before or been on set, you know just how important and expensive equipment is. If you have any equipment that you would be willing to let us use, that would be amazing! We have a location but if anyone is willing to let us use theirs we would be eternally gratefull!

If you have any questions click the "send message" link at the top of the page. From all of us in The Call Center Artist family, Thank you for your support!

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