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Part of The Journey Pack. A Journey Inspired Design.
Project: Living Well
Chicago, Illinois
United States
5 membres de l'équipe

We Dit It!

Calabash Main Image

Why do you need funding?

$20,000 is the bare bones required to begin production of the PLW Calabash. This includes the cost to create the mold, minimum order quantities (Calabash bottles, fabric cases/straps, patches), journals, bracelets, packaging, shipping, insurance and IndieGoGo fee's. 

Once we reach $20,000, any additional funding allows us to build our website, tell the story of the epic dude who inspired the Calabash and to continue our mission of doing what we do best: creating gear designed to better your journey.


What's the Calabash?

Only one of the most eye catching/unique/remarkable/comfortable and rad water containers of all time! We discovered the inspiration for it while on a wanderlust abroad, being used by a 19 year old kid named Henry.

The PLW Calabash design is based upon the original Calabash, a wearable water container that has been used for hundreds (some reports suggest, even thousands!) of years to carry water. We loved the concept, the story, and the fact that it had been a part of one mans journey for years... so we set out to design an urban friendly version. After many sleepless nights, VOILA! The first PLW Calabash was born.


The specs.

Each 'Bash holds 28 fl. oz, and is made from BPA-free, eco-friendly & recyclable, high quality HDPE. Each has a custom screw on/off top and an adjustable and removable case & strap.

Here are some of the things people are saying...

"The Calabash is so sweet! I love it!" -Chris

"It's so comfortable and looks rad!" -Daniel

"I LOVE the way it looks." -Jill

"It has great feng shui!" - Jackie

"I love lamp." -Brick Tamland

Calabash Montage





Any plans of making the Calabash out of stainless steel, aluminum or other material?

Excellent question! We have searched high and low, and have spoken with dozens of expert bottle manufacturers. Due to the unique shape and our high standards to use a durable, non-leeching, eco-friendly (both pre-production AND post use) material, we arrived at the best choice: BPA-free, recyclable, high quality, HDPE. It maintains the perfect shape, preserves water to taste the way it should and keeps the harmful pollutants where they should be... out of your water and the environment.


Rad product. Tell me more about Project: Living Well. 

Project: Living Well is a lifestyle/retail brand designed to outfit, inspire and encourage the lifestyle of adventure. 


Any plans of selling these in stores?

Sure. We are in the process of establishing distribution outlets for the Journey Pack which the Calabash will be a part of. If you have a store or would like to recommend a store to carry the Journey Pack, email us at sales@projectlivingwell.com


How can I join Project: Living Well?

We're so happy you'd ask! We're so fortunate to get this question a lot! We hope to have a page up soon with our openings and internship opportunities, so stop by and visit us soon at www.projectlivingwell.com.




We owe so many people a big thank you for coming together to make this campaign happen:  

Startup America Partnership for partnering with us in this launch!

Ben Peters for making our pixels look pretty. Check his work out here.

Jacob Burrows for your amazing photography-- check out his site here! or check him out on twitter here.

Ali, Bethany, and Mike for being our excellent and beautiful models for the video. You're more than models, you're living proof of what it means to be a part of something bigger than yourselves. It's inspiring. 

Justin Reed at Clear Cut 3D for the epic rapid prototyping-- there is a huge need for more good people like you. Also thank you to Ted and Rachel Alvia at Avail Co. for taking the seemingly impossible and making it possible. And of course, Cindy Johnson for coming through in the clutch as she always does.

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  • $5USD
    SHARE Pack

    Share how you would like to begin your Living Well journey! Inspire others by having your story included in our beautifully designed, 1ST EDITION DIGITAL STORYBOOK. (We'll be in touch with you via email & updates to get your story)

    6 réclamées
  • $15USD

    *Exclusive to previous backers* You've got your Calabash. Now be an even deeper part of the PLW vision. Get a free 6-week web seminar about everyday world changing from Peace Corp vet/professional world changer, Travis Hellstrom, originally a $25 value. Plus, get an invitation to join the exclusive EWC community where you get to help design PLW's next products!

    6 réclamées
  • $35USD
    JOURNEY Pack

    Designed to Wear, Share and Inspire as you begin your Living Well journey! In addition to the SHARE PACK, you get the Calabash, a limited edition PLW bracelet & a limited edition PLW journal to capture and remember your journey. Free US shipping just for IndieGoGo! (Add $10 outside of the US)

    92 réclamées
  • $65USD

    Perfect for you and a friend to embark on changing the world together! In addition to the SHARE PACK, you get TWO Calabashes, TWO limited edition PLW journals & TWO PLW bracelets! Free US shipping just for IndieGoGo! (Add $12 outside of the US)

    55 réclamées
  • $300USD

    Do you have a family, club, church, group or organization that would like to set off on a journey together to begin Living Well? This pack is made for you. In addition to the SHARE PACK, you receive TEN Calabashes, TEN limited edition PLW journals & TEN PLW bracelets! Free US shipping just for IndieGoGo! (Add $15 outside of the US)

    6 réclamées
  • $600USD

    RETAILER PACK: ($600) Would you like to give your customers a platform to be a part of something bigger than themselves? Consider this package for you. You will receive a custom display along with TWENTY Calabashes, TWENTY limited edition PLW journals & TWENTY PLW bracelets! Free US shipping just for IndieGoGo! (Add $30 outside of the US)

    5 réclamées
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