The Bunny Alliance Gateway to Hell Tour

This holiday travel season, The Bunny Alliance is doing a demonstration tour as part of our campaign against Delta Air Lines' involvement in animal testing!

About the Bunny Alliance Gateway to Hell Tour this Winter:

The Bunny Alliance is expanding the reach of the Gateway to Hell campaign, which is strategically working towards an end to the use of animals in research by stopping the transport of animals to laboratories. The Gateway to Hell campaign has convinced airline after airline to enact permanent bans against the transport of animals to labs, and we now targeting Delta Air Lines and embarking on a nationwide tour to hold them accountable for their role in animal research.

Why Are We Targeting Delta?

We are targeting Delta Air Lines because it is in a strategic partnership with Air France and is its North America representative—and Air France is one of the last commercial airlines to continue the practice of shipping animals to labs. The campaign against Delta Air Lines is to demand that they force Air France to place a permanent ban on the transportation of all animals being shipped to vivisection labs across the world. It is vital that we stop these shipments of animals, and Delta Air Lines is in a position of authority to influence and enforce an Air France ban on shipments of animals to labs.

The weeks surrounding the winter holidays are the busiest air travel days of the year, so on December 26th, we will set out on The Bunny Alliance Gateway to Hell Tour and spend a few weeks traveling the U.S. to engage in demonstrations at every Delta hub airport and at Delta’s headquarters in Atlanta. We will use these demonstrations to call on Delta Air Lines to stop Air France’s transport of animals to labs, to garner media attention about the role of the airlines in vivisection, and to educate holiday travelers about the animal cruelty that Delta supports. Additionally, we will work with local activists in each city—they will join our demonstrations, and we will also conduct trainings to teach them about the campaign and how they can be involved. The trainings will also include “know your rights” and other activism tips, as well as information about how to act as a legal observer and how to handle police at demonstrations to help keep activists safe. In addition to being a significant part of the campaign against Delta Air Lines, the tour will help to create a network of activists all over the U.S.

We need YOU to help make The Bunny Alliance Gateway to Hell Tour happen!

The Bunny Alliance is coming to a city near you:

Tour Schedule

December 27: Demonstration at Salt Lake City International Airport and Activism Workshop

December 29: Demonstration at Denver International Airport and Activism Workshop

December 31: Demonstration at Lambert-St. Louis International Airport and Activism Workshop

January 1: Demonstration at O’Hare International Airport and Activism Workshop

January 2: Demonstration at Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky International Airport

January 3: Demonstration at Detroit Metropolitan Airport

January 5: Demonstrations at John F. Kennedy International Airport & LaGuardia Airport and Activism Workshop

January 6: Demonstration at the New York Stock Exchange

January 7: Demonstration at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport and Activism Workshop

January 8: Demonstration at Delta Headquarters

January 11: Demonstration at Los Angeles International Airport 

Where your donations will go:

Please, make whatever donation you can to help fund this tour. Your donations will go towards covering the cost of gas to travel to each location, food for the people on the tour, a few hotel stays (the people traveling will stay with activist hosts and friends wherever possible), and the printing of signs and literature that will be used and distributed at each demonstration. Please also help spread the word about this campaign and join us for a demonstration and training in your city!


The Bunny Alliance Gateway to Hell Tour is being organized and carried out by Jordan and Amanda, the co-founders of The Bunny Alliance, and they have the dedication and experience necessary to make this tour an amazing success for the animals.


Jordan has been involved in radical activism since 2008 and began working on animal rights issues in 2010. The focus of his activism has been anti-vivisection campaigns, and he quickly became involved in organizing positions. He worked with Shut Down HLS Los Angeles on the international campaign against Huntingdon Life Sciences, one of the most notorious animal testing facilities in the world. As part of the campaign against HLS, Jordan helped with campaigns against Fortress Investment Group (Fortress divested all loans from HLS), Black Rock Inc., AstraZeneca, Aptium Oncology, Beckman Coulter, Inc., and US Bank. After months of campaigning against Black Rock, and lengthy legal battles, Black Rock Inc. stopped supplying equipment to Huntingdon Life Sciences.

Jordan is a co-founder of Empty Cages Los Angeles (ECLA), another animal rights organization that works within the Gateway to Hell Network. As an organizer with ECLA, he helped organized campaigns against EL AL Airlines and China Eastern Airlines, both of which stopped transporting primates after global pressure was put on them. Jordan also organized campaigns against China Southern Airlines and Air France with ECLA.

During the summers of 2011 and 2012, Jordan toured across the U.S. on the Vans Warped Tour with an animal rights organization to engage in outreach to thousands of youth about animal rights issues. Jordan was also one of the co-organizers and a speaker for the annual Animal Liberation Forum at Cal State Long Beach last year. 

Jordan is dedicated to both animal liberation and the fight for social justice.


Amanda has been involved in animal rights activism since 2006. She has engaged in extensive vegan and animal rights educational activities throughout her time of being involved, including tabling and leafleting, writing articles, organizing speaker events, and touring. For several months, Amanda traveled to colleges throughout several states to leaflet to students about veganism and to work with local student groups. Amanda also toured on several summers of the Vans Warped Tour to run an animal rights booth. For Warped Tour, Amanda acted as the tour manager, which meant coordinating with Warped Tour staff, making travel plans, leading day-to-day outreach work, managing tour staff, and keeping tour going. Amanda has also planned a number of anti-vivisection and anti-fur protests and been involved in several long-term campaigns against the exploitation of animals.

Amanda is currently in law school and is actively involved in making legal resources and information more accessible to activists. She coordinates and teaches Know Your Rights and Legal Observer Trainings, acts as a legal observer and police liaison at protests, and does work to support political prisoners.

Amanda is the mom to an amazing little dog named Suzanna, who in her first couple years of life suffered abuse and then ended up on death row at an animal shelter. Suzanna is Amanda’s constant reminder that every animal deserves to be rescued from a life of hell, and Amanda is unshakeable in her commitment to fighting for the liberation of all.

Thank you for joining us in working to save animals from the nightmares inside labs!

For more information please visit TheBunnyAlliance.com

or contact us at TheBunnyAlliance@riseup.net

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