The Buckle Puffer

The Buckle Puffer is a precision machined tobacco pipe fully concealed within a belt buckle. The pipe utilizes patent pending magnetic closure technology.









We have come up with an innovative sylish and stealth way of carrying a tobacco pipe.

Through months of design, redesign, and testing we have developed our final prototype. The Buckle Puffer is machined from solid blocks of 6061 Aluminum, and then nickel plated in an FDA approved facility. The industrial hard Nickel plating gives the Buckle Puffer a bright shine, long lasting durability, and provides safety when smoking out of. The Buckle Puffer was designed with functionality and style in mind.  Two precisely offset Neodymium magnets (the strongest magnets on the market) are used to create a constant pull on the pipe producing a tight rattle free seal. In addition to the pull of these magnets, we've designed a latching system that utilizes the same magnetic field. The pipe can only be ejected when the magnetic powered release button is pressed. Unlike latches powered by unreliable springs, the magnetically powered latch can never wear out. 

Additional features include:

  • Instant put out technology
  • Prevents emission of any noticeable odor due to extremely precise fit.
  • Deep reservoir
  • Double barrel intake
  • 100% boilable for easy cleaning
  • Made in USA


The Buckle Puffer is precision cut from solid blocks of 6061 Aluminum. Not die cast. This method produces a stronger better quality more consistent product than casting Aluminum into various shapes. After precision machining, an industrial hard Nickel plating is applied using the electroless nickel plating process.  This process is performed by an FDA approved facility. The nickel plating gives the Buckle Puffer a smooth sliding feel, a bright cosmetic look, and superior corrosive protection that will last a lifetime.


Each Buckle Puffer is hand finished to ensure quality. It will not rust or corrode. Strategic areas are hand polished to a mirror finish, then secured to a quality genuine leather belt for a style that will make you smile.

How the Campaign Works

The Buckle Puffer's fate is in your hands. Buckle Puffer Ltd will need to raise enough funding to begin the first production run of Buckle Puffers. Through your support and the collective pledges from hundreds of others, we can make this first production run a reality.  If we raise enough funds during our 45 day campaign, those who pledged will receive a Buckle Puffer a few months thereafter, allowing time for manufacturing.  If we do not reach our minimum funding goal, our many supporters will be sad, and 100% of every supporter’s pledge will be refunded, and no one will get a Buckle Puffer. Let's work together to make this campaign successful...Please help spread the word!


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Rock the Suit

Fits with everything from an office suit to your birthday suit...,When it's on, it's on!!


Relaxation & Freedom

Let the experience unravel.


How To Order

We will contact you via your supplied email address about sizing and color.

Must be 18 years or older to pledge.  For Tobacco Use Only.



$5 = Buckle Puffer Sticker + Twitter Shout-out


$20 = Puffer Tee (American Apparel)


$75 = EARLY BIRD: Buckle Puffer Belt


$85 = EARLY BIRD: Buckle Puffer Belt + Puffer Tee (American Apparel)


$85 = Buckle Puffer Belt


$150 = BUDDY DEAL: TWO Buckle Puffers


$170 = BUDDY DEAL: TWO Buckle Puffer + TWO Puffer Tees (American Apparel)


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