The Brony Thank You Project

Let's run an ad on the Hub thanking all those involved in My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic for making such a great show!

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James Turner said 9 months ago

For anyone still monitoring this, I’ll be running a panel on Saturday at BronyCon entitled “Behind the Scenes at the Brony Thank You Ad.”

Logic Gate & Heart Felt said over 1 year ago

When will you know the date/time of the ad showing?

Meaghan Elliott said over 1 year ago

Wow! Great job on getting funded for this!

Please check out my campaign? One of the perks is a custom pony!

redwaluigi said over 1 year ago

Damnit, this has to stop.
We’re already a bloody laughing stock on the internet, let’s not be one in the real world.

ndude555 said almost 2 years ago

I’m sure this is clarified somewhere but how and when will we be contacted for address info?