The Brink of Us

Help bring to life a beautiful, dark and suspenseful comedy about what lies beneath a group of friends and the shocking secret that drives them to the brink...
New York, New York
United States
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What’s the Play About?

College friends reunite at their log cabin for a fun weekend of careless debauchery and boozy catch ups. Then it starts to snow and it doesn’t stop. Secrets are revealed. Gloves come off. And the sweet, brown eyed deer…are hungry. Very hungry.

Who Are We?



We are a coalition of artists who met at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst.  We have been working together in various contexts and on countless projects for upwards of four years. As recent college graduates, this play marks our first opportunity as theater professionals and our first production in New York. We ask for your help in making this collaboration, and our first step onto the New York stage, a reality. Thank you!

Love, Daniel Cuff, Thomas Kelsey, Starr Kirkland, Annelise Nielsen, Julia Piker, Linda Tardiff, Peter Staley and Zach Smith.

The Playwright!

I wrote The Brink of Us because I want to go to theater that is An Experience. I want to see jealousy, mayhem, dinner party chatter gone awry, hungry animals, snow, drugs, hunger, blood, blood, more blood, bad blood, good blood, angry animals, switched allegiances, more drugs, gut-punching jokes, drawn-out deceptions and unsettling dreamscapes. And, I want it to happen a foot away from all of us, The Participants.

- Delaney Britt Brewer

The Director!

Hi! My name is Kara-Lynn Vaeni and here’s why I think you should give money to this project:

  1. This play. This play is creepy and weird and funny and it makes you feel things. I like seeing theater like that, don’t you?
  2. These actors. Honestly, these actors are so good in these roles. Like SO. GOOD. It gives me joy to watch them, and it will bring you joy too. And they’re all fairly new to the city and they’re doing the things that actors do…day jobbing, auditioning, taking classes…
But the thing that is awesome, the thing that is amazing and deserving of your support is that they are making their own opportunities to do artistic work. They’re not “waiting” for their big break, they’re “making” their break.

So, To Sum Up:
This play is awesome. And these actors are awesome in it. (the directing ain’t bad either). If you like things that are awesome, and if you like the idea of being able to make a crucial difference in a person’s career, at a crucial time in their life, then this is the way to do it.

  • I’m in! How much do you need?


Wow, that seems like a lot. Is it?

Nope! It’s actually really bare bones production-wise. Look! We did research. Here’s where the money goes:

Rehearsal space:       $ 2,500
Performance space:   $ 3,500
Set:                             $ 2,500
Costumes:                  $ 2,000
Lights:                         $ 1,500
Video:                         $ 1,000

If we raise more, we’ll be able to pay some people. It’s great to pay people. Then they can eat and have homes!

  • I don’t have money, but I want to help. What can I do?
Help us get the word out! Forward this campaign to your friends! Come to the play!  Link to our page “The Brink of Us,” on Facebook! Mention us on twitter with #DEERPLAY!

  • Is this show actually happening, or…
YES! It’s actually happening. We have received production support from Obie award winning theatre company New Georges, and their support plus your support plus our toil and art= PRODUCTION!

We will run April 25th-May 17th of 2014, in a yet-undisclosed, BAM-adjacent location in Brooklyn. All we can tell you is that it's SUPER COOL. More on that soon!

  • SO:

·  On behalf of playwright Delaney Britt Brewer, whose last play, Wolves, got her noticed in the New York Times as “a player to watch.”

·  On behalf of eight recent theater school graduates who are taking the big plunge and creating their own opportunities to work.

· On behalf of a beautiful and talented director who is working so hard to bring this play to crazy, suspenseful, bloody life...

We are asking for you to help us make art.

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    Eternal Love

    A $10 donation will get you our eternal love, gratitude, and a thank you in our program.

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    Specialty Program

    A $15 donation will get you our eternal love, gratitude, and specialty copy of our program signed by the cast and creative team (valued at $16!). Frame it, keep it, love it.

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    Public Facebook Thank You

    For a donation of $20, you'll receive all of the above PLUS a public thank you on our Facebook page. If you have a website or picture you'd like us to share, we'll do that too!

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    10 Facebook Status Thank You's

    A generous donation of $25 gets you all of the above PLUS all eight cast members, the playwright and director will all give you a personal thank you in our Facebook statuses for a full 24 hours.

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  • $30USD
    Complimentary Lap Dance

    For the super low price of $30, you will get the **once-in-a-lifetime** experience of a public lap dance (for you OR for an easily-embarrassed friend) from the male cast member of our choice: Peter Staley (The Gyrating Ginger) Tom Kelsey (The British Butt-shaker) Daniel Cuff (The Cuddly Casanova)

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  • $50USD
    Wine & Watch

    A $50 donation will give you our undying love and respect, a thank you in our program, and a bottle of red or white wine to enjoy as you watch! Trust us, you're gonna want a glass of wine as the suspense mounts.

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    Champagne Toast and 4 Tickets

    For a donation of $200, you'll not only get FOUR (4) free tickets to the performance of your choosing, but you'll also receive a complimentary champagne toast! A member of our team will give you glasses and pop the cork. You get to keep the bottle to enjoy throughout the evening. Nothing like a lil' bubbly to keep the edge off, are we right?

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