The Breathing Room

Achieving our goal will allow us to provide additional scholarships and programs for those who need them in yoga, the expressive arts and holistic care.

Who are we?

We are the co-founders of The Breathing Room, Suzy McCalley and Emily Stewart, both performing artists, and healing arts practitioners with a passion for community building.

Suzy is an artist and healing practitioner, she teaches violin, yoga, writing and personal development. Started her own community arts non-profit, Art Tasting, in 2009. Currently oversees arts programming at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center.

Emily is a reiki practioner, provider of music-centered autism therapy and muscular dystrophy care services; lead singer/songwriter for bands Our Horse Jethro and Emily Stewart & The Baby Teeth (fun fact: her teeth are actually baby teeth!); and marketing consultant and graphic designer.

We're bringing all those skills together & are on the cusp of fulfilling our greatest dream—The Breathing Room!

What is The Breathing Room anyway?

The Breathing Room is a center for expressive arts and holistic wellness in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, dedicated to providing new opportunities for personal growth and transformation through creative exploration and mindful practice in the healing and expressive arts.

As an L3C, which is a hybrid structure between a business and a non-profit, we are committed to offering the most affordable classes and services, as well as creating an incubator environment for local entrepreneurs by renting affordable space and creating a hub where their services are in demand. 

Offering a variety of classes, workshops, individual services, performances and events, such as:

Classes: Yoga, Voice, Acting, Reiki, Partner Massage, Dance, Writing

Workshops: Chakra-Based Color Healing, Family-Centered Wellness, Songwriting, Personal Ecology, Alexander Technique
Individual Sessions: Massage, Reiki, Counseling, Life-Coaching, Nutrition Counseling, Belly Casting, Wellness Inventory
Events: Poetry Slams, Musical Dinner Parties, Flash Mob Meditations, Open Mics, Yoga Dance Parties and more!

What's it all about?

Whether you are a starving artist or the mayor of Winston-Salem, we want you to be able to enjoy classes and workshops at the Breathing Room. By contributing to our goal, you are making this community-wide access possible. When we use this $21,000, combined with funds from matching investors to refinance our largest loan, 25% of that loan will be forgiven, substantially reducing our monthly overhead, allowing us to provide additional scholarships and programs for those who need them in yoga, the expressive arts and holistic care.

Accessiblity! Let's make it happen together

Affordability and accessibility is what it’s about! Our personal dedication to providing education, services, and products of the highest quality is unyielding, and our commitment to accessibility for all.

Our differentiators are the 3 C's-

Through extensive experience both as customers and practitioners, we are highly connected in our fields. Our team of instructors and practitioners are handpicked from the best in the Triad. The artists and practitioners that we are inviting to teach are experts in their fields: passionate and talented, each with strong client-base.We are also receiving incredibly positive responses as we talk with national and international celebrities in these fields about teaching workshops in our space.

How Else Can You Help, You Ask?

Whether or not you donate to this campaign, a BIG way you can help us is to SHARE THIS LINK: http://igg.me/at/thebreathingroomws/x/3294347

Post it to your Facebook
wall, tweet about it, email your friends, talk about it at your office water cooler or out at a lovely Fall festival or whatever your thing is.

The more networks we can reach, the better we do! We can't wait to give Winston-Salem an affordable, high-quality expressive arts & holistic wellness for all ages, experience levels and socioeconomic classes.

WE LOVE YOU! Thank you!

Team on This Campaign: