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We are going to raise $6000 for the production and duplication of my album "The Boy and His Ship".
Matt Mason
Richmond, Virginia
United States
2 Team Members

What I've done.

I've been running.

I tried everything I could do to run from God. From consuming/dealing drugs, drinking, fighting, getting arrested...etc.  I wanted nothing to do with him.  I was convinced, that if I could consume my life with chasing after life's devils, that maybe God would let me go.

What I found, is that it is impossible to run from Him.  I found his love already rested on every spot I would place my foot, before I placed it there.  So, I stopped running. In one prayer, I asked: "God, take the gifts you've given me and use them for your purpose." Since that prayer, my life has taken an incredible, dynamic turn.

Writing "The Boy and His Ship" has been a journey of growth through agony. It's an album that tells the tale of a boy, and his transformation into a man.  It's an album that shares the intimate, honest truth about my life. The thoughts that purveyed my conscious, the handcuffs that have been around my wrists, and the torment I put my own soul through. But most importantly, how that voyage brought me to the shores of resolution. And it is because of that transparency, that this project will help people find their resolution.

What I'm doing.

I have had the unbelievable privilege of going on a prison ministry tour.  On May 5th, I will be leaving for my second tour of 2014.  

Going into the prisons, and sharing my experiences through music to the people there is something I truly cannot value enough.  They are the people who everyone else counts out. The scum of the earth. People who live inside barbed-wire fences for the rest of their lives. People who dont deserve forgiveness.

People like me.

In the short time I've had with them, I have seen hundreds of people connect with God. The gift God has given me to write music, as well as the experiences I have come through, have helped these prisoners see the freedom there is in God.

I will be touring in prisons for the rest of the summer with LifeOnTheVerge and Solid Rock ministries.

What I'm going to do.

With your generosity, I will begin production on the album immediately. $1500 will go towards production of "The Boy and His Ship".  Another $1500 will go towards duplication of the album: vinyls and CDs.  The remaining $3000 will go to the equipment, props, travel, and production costs for the "Black Lungs" music video - which will be produced by Dylan Hahn of RedTop Studios.  

I want the influence of this album to be as wide-reaching as possible. The more people who will buy into this dream equates to more people who will have a chance to listen.  The more people who have the opportunity to listen, the greater chance I have on using my God-given gift to impact their life.

After the album and video are finished in the fall, I will go on another self-funded tour.  Your donation goes solely to production. The goal is to have the album released in Spring 2015. 

None of this is possible without you. Thank you for your time, consideration, and donations.

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  • $1USD
    Thank you!

    Greatly appreciate your support! Thank you for joining this dream.

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  • $10USD
    Free Album

    For a $10.00 donation or more you will receive a free copy of "The Boy and His Ship" album.

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  • $25USD
    Twenty Five Dollar Package

    For donating $25.00 or more you will receive a free signed copy of "The Boy and His Ship".

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  • $50USD
    Fifty Dollar Package

    For a $50.00 donation or more you will receive a free signed copy of "The Boy and His Ship" and the "Black Lungs"(EP).

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  • $100USD
    One Hundred Dollar Package

    For donating $100.00 or more you will receive a free signed copy of "The Boy and His Ship", "Black Lungs"(EP) and early access to the "Black Lungs" music video.

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  • $250USD
    Two Hundred Dollar Package

    For donating $250.00 or more you will receive a free signed copy of "The Boy and His Ship", "Black Lungs"(EP), early access to the "Black Lungs" music video, and free admission to "The Boy and His Ship" release party.

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  • $1,000USD
    One Thousand Dollar Package

    For donating $1000.00 or more you will receive a free signed copy of "The Boy and His Ship", "Black Lungs"(EP), early access to the "Black Lungs" music video, free admission to "The Boy and His Ship" release party, and a private show for you and whomever you choose at the location that you choose.

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