The BONSAI: Smart Design for a Better Shave

The Bonsai is a precision device that easily cleans any razor for a better shave and longer blade life, using less water.


GOOD Magazine: "It addresses the full spectrum of shaving’s nagging realities, maximizes razor performance and life, and minimizes the impact of shaving on the environment."

TechCrunch says: "The Bonsai is a gadget with a soul... If you’re a slave to the shave, as most of us likely are, you could do worse than to back this project."

Fast Company says: "It saves a heck of a lot of water compared to the faucet that most of us leave running during a shave."

Refinery29 asks: "Is this little cup the most revolutionary beauty gizmo ever?"

Eco Arrivals says: "Aside from helping you save water and do your bit for the environment, the innovative device helps you save money as well."

Bonsai Hero



The Bonsai device performs a simple, yet critically needed function for men and women: it cleans your razor during a shave. It replaces the messy and inefficient process of cleaning hairs under a faucet or showerhead and reduces water usage during shaving by up to 99%.

"The Bonsai is sleek and sustainable design at its best - a total must-have." Lindsay Talbot, Editor at Vogue Magazine


Easily + with any razor. Fill the Bonsai with a few ounces of water and turn it on. Place it on the sink top, shower ledge, or hold it with your free hand:

  1. High-pressure spray churning within device flushes your razor clean.
  2. Water is re-circulated through device while a filter traps hairs and mess.
  3. Dump the mess when finished.

Bonsai Steps


save face

as you shave, the Bonsai blends your shaving cream with the water to create a slick rinse solution. Each rinse, the razor is constantly oiled and clean, giving a smoother shave with less irritation.

Benefits A & B

save money

oxidation (rust) is the primary cause of dull razor blades. Storing blades wet and clogged with hair speeds up rusting. The Bonsai extends the life of your blades by leaving them clean and oiled during and after each shave, slowing the oxidation process. Depending on your personal habits, the Bonsai could pay for itself in blade savings in under a year.

save water

the Bonsai uses just a few (about 2.5) ounces per shave, compared to an average of ten gallons. Each year, save thousands of gallons individually; save millions of gallons collectively.

Benefit C


for Men & Women

the Bonsai is great for all types of shaving. Women who have tested our prototypes love the smoother shave, the portability and convenience, and that the Bonsai can be used in the shower (it's water-resistant!) OR out (try it!).

Bonsai for Women

enhancing oils

we've developed a specially formulated essential oil for use with the Bonsai.  Just add a few drops to the water and enjoy added slickness and that fantastic, "shave at the barbershop" smell.

Essential Oils


"Using the Bonsai was as close to getting a hot shave at the barber shop without actually going to the barber...a great daily experience." Becker C., New York, NY

"I got a great shave and it was a joy to use.  It also looked fantastic on my bathroom counter." Andrew W., New York, NY

"My legs felt smoother than usual and I really liked how versatile it was..." Sarah S., Brooklyn, NY

"I have a very sensitive face, and usually have significant irritation...the Bonsai gave me the best shave I've had in a long time. I wanted to take the prototype home with me." Dan R., New York, NY


  • Simple, beautiful "tiled" exterior with bead blasted aluminum end caps looks great in any bathroom
  • Slender, ergonomic shape makes for easy hand-held use or storage on narrow sink/shower ledges
  • Water-resistant design allows for use in shower and easy cleaning
  • Replaceable filter: you may want to replace the filter every few months (it's a filter, so over time, things get stuck in it).  We'll sell replacements filters via our website
  • Simple ON/OFF button for ease of operation
  • Comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and charger


Four Main Perks


Q: Do I have to constantly replace the batteries?

A: NO! The Bonsai comes equipped with a rechargeable battery and barrel plug charger, so you only need to charge it up every week or two.

Q: Does the Bonsai work with any razor?

A: YES! The Bonsai works with any wet razor, including all safety razors, DE, and even straight blades.

Q: Do I need to use your oil with the Bonsai?

A: NO! You can use our shave oil, but it's totally up to you!

Q: How often will I need to replace the filter?

A: The filter is removable and rinsable, though you may want to replace it every few months.  It all depends on how often you shave, and how thick your hair is.


We've been grooming the Bonsai from concept for over a year, and together with the Tomorrow Lab team, have been shaping the Bonsai into the beautiful product that it is today. 

The product pictured and featured in the video is our fourth working prototype. Upon funding, we'll finalize the Bonsai's design details, and, with the help of Dragon Innovation, begin the Request for Quote (RFQ) process with potential manufacturing partners we've identified to select the right partner and begin gearing up for production.

With your support, we're aiming to have the first shipment of Bonsai's to supporters by July 2013.


We've taken the Bonsai from concept to final prototype with the support of our friends and family, as well as making significant personal sacrifices to bring the product to its current stage of development.  To make this product a reality, the funding from our campaign will be used for:

Factory Selection & Support: Once we've received funding, we'll begin in-depth conversations with factories we've identified as potential partners.  This phase involves travel to Hong Kong and China, and we'll also rely on a team of project managers for manufacturing support.

Tooling Costs: Based on detailed estimates from our manufacturing consultant, tooling costs to produce the Bonsai will add up to ~$60,000.

Minimum Order Requirements: The factories and component suppliers we'll partner with typically require a minimum 5,000 units per order.  In addition to producing the units to reward our backers, we'll also need enough funding to produce additional units to meet this minimum.

Final Bonsai Image with Oil


Team on This Campaign: