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Black Salt is a film project based on a critically acclaimed comic book franchise.
Owen Ratliff
1,487 Facebook Friends
Las Vegas, Nevada
United States
5 Team Members



Indiegogo contacted us to participate in their new pilot program entitled "InDemand". This program will allow us to continue to receive contributions to support our film from our page that shows our campaigns past funding success, making it easier to continue raising funds and growing our community. Secondly, there is no time limit on raising extra funding for our project stretch goals.

Thanks to the support of our fans the first Black Salt crowd funding campaign was a huge success, reaching our goal in 6 days.

With the money raised, Ratti Entertainment, LLC created three movie posters, shot the 30 minute short film, created the behind the scenes video, three movie trailers, and is presently in post-production.

The Company also developed a new Black Salt distribution website. This website is designed to monetize our short film by turning the entire internet into a movie marketplace. 

We are reaching out to our fans once again to help us with our stretch goals. Raising additional funds will allow us to market and promote the short film (like a feature film release) through the film and comic book festival circuit. Secondly, as we promote the short film, the Company will simultaneously push the digital comic book series/graphic novel and the apparel line to establish the project as a bankable intellectual property. Thirdly, we are producing a Soundtrack, music videos and tour to promote and sell through all music channels. The short film is a precursor to the Black Salt feature film.

Black Salt Stretch Goal                                    

Thanks so much for helping us reach our original goal. With your continued support, we can hit each stretch goal below:

+$3,500 -Put together all deliverable materials, film festival submission costs and some film festival travel. We plan to submit to about 60 major festivals.

+$1,500 - Internet marketing (Press Releases and development of Wikipedia page)

+$10,000 -Comic Con Convention (Booth, Promotional materials, Travel)

+$15,000 -Black Salt Music Soundtrack (Single, Music Video and Promotion)

+$10,000 -Purchase Apparel Inventory (Market and Promote)

+$10,000 -Black Salt Mobile 2D Video Game App

+$10,000 -Finish Graphic Novel (Market and Promote Comic Book Series and Graphic Novel)

+$4,500 - Toy Prototypes

+$15,000 -Pre-sale our 30 minute short film through (VOD) with our distribution system

+$15,000 - Further develop the Black Salt kids animation series entitled "The Legend of New Shaolin"

Total Stretch Goal = $91,000


Website: www.blacksaltfilm.com

IMDb: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt3374062/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Genre: Action / Thriller / Espionage / Martial Arts

Rating: PG-13 to capture a wider target market

Status: Post-Production

Delivery: 2015

Distributor: Distrify, iTunes

Log Line: With time winding down towards world-ending devastation, the fate of mankind rests in the hands of Interpol agent Samuel Tharpe.

Synopsis: With only four days left the clock ticks down towards a new world holocaust. The only thing standing in its path is Interpol’s deadliest black-ops agent, Samuel Tharpe. Sam hunts down the path of a game-changing weapon of mass destruction called the Exterminatus. He follows hot on its trail deep into the ancient land of China where he must seek aid from the Abbot at the Shaolin Temple.

An evil Yakuza master stole the Exterminatus and seeks to use it in the Far East. Sam must prove his worthiness by fighting one of the Temple’s most skilled monks. Prepared to lay down his own life in exchange for the lives of his family and the world, Sam steps forward and engages in combat. Only his long-past training by the Shaolin master, Yu Bai Shek will make him a worthy hero.

The Team



Ben Ramsey directed the 30 minute Black Salt proof-of-concept short film. He has also directed Love and Bullet, Blood and Bone and has written The Big Hit, Dragonball:Evolution and Luke Cage for Marvel Comics.

Kinyumba Mutakabbir is a rising star who started in small feature roles in Entourage, Iron Man 3 and The Bold and the Beautiful. In 2012 he landed the role of “Woody” in the Cinemax series “The Jump Off”, season 1 aired through 2013. He was also casted as the lead in the web series “Front Seat Chronicles” and played “Daniel” in the episode “Differences”. Kinyumba will play Samuel Lincoln Tharpe in the Black Salt short film. This dedicated African-American soldier leads a team of highly skilled agents, all exceptionally gifted in the arts of stealth, infiltration, assault, and martial arts. Sam obtained his phenomenal skills by the legendary Shaolin priest Yu Bai Shek when he and his mother moved to China.

Michelle Lee can be seen in various shows, such as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, CSI: NY and Numb3rs and in films, such as Pirates of the Caribbean 3 and 4, Blood and Bone, Pacific Rim, Olympus Has Fallen, The Hunted, and also starred in a Sci Fi Channel Movie. Michelle will play Horse Ripper in the Black Salt short film, a blind assassin inhumanly fast, silent, agile, extremely ruthless and willing to do anything and everything necessary to defeat an opponent.

James Lew has starred, performed stunts, and fight coordinated in more TV and features films than you can shake a stick at. Some of his films include Legacy of the Tengu, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Olympus Has Fallen, Battleship, Safe and Prince Vaali just to name a few. James will play Abbot Xiao in the Black Salt short film. He currently presides over the Shaolin Temple at Songshan Mountain. The scion of a long line of martial artists, the Abbot has lived among the Shaolin since childhood. Despite his advanced age, he’s also remarkably fit.

Ron Yuan finished the final season of “Sons of Anarchy” and will also be seen in Martin Scorsese’s “Revenge of the Green Dragons”. Yuan designed the fight sequences as well as going behind the camera as Action Director for Jason Statham’s “Wild Card”. He also had memorable turns on hit series and films (Prison Break, CSI: NY, 24, Burn Notice, NCIS: LA. Pushing Daisies, Entourage, Art of War, Fast and Furious, Cradle 2 the Grave, Blood and Bone, Red Dawn). Ron will play Mamori Shiga in the Black Salt short film. He hails from an ancient lineage of Samurai warriors. He serves as a senior field agent for the Japanese Intelligence Headquarters. Shiga's professional duties involve counter-intelligence operations against North Korean and Russian arms-smuggling networks that stretch from the Russian Far East down into Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa.

Panuvat Anthony Nanakornpanom is a top stunt performer appearing in over 50 films and TV shows. Some of his films include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Snake and Mongoose, The Hangover Part III, Iron Man 3, Argo, Olympus Has Fallen just to name a few. Panuvat will play Horse Ripper’s henchman Rain in the Black Salt short film. As a kid growing up in Japan to a black father and a Japanese mother made Rain an outcast. He was very bitter and was of obsessed in training in martial arts and weaponry. Rain became a deadly assassin and took his rightful place in the Yakuza organization.

Sheena Chou is an actress known for Wild Card, Meet the Spartans, Shanghai Hotel, Aces, The Last Ship and is filming a lead role in Unspoken: Diary of an Assassin. Sheena will play Li Jing in the Black Salt short film. Li Jing is affiliated with the Yakuza organization and betrays her set.

XJ Wang is a trained Shaolin martial artist. His credits include Spike TV’s “Deadliest Warrior: Shaolin vs. Maori”, a National Geographic Fight Science special in which scientists evaluated his body’s ability to withstand getting hit by baseball bat, a History Channel Art of War special and a Best Buy commercial for the Bravia TV. Xiaojun will play Monk Sing. He ranks as one of the highest skilled priest living in Songshan and a living embodiment of Shaolin values and ideals.

About Us

My partner, Aries Carmona, and I, Owen Ratliff, created Black Salt seven years ago because we wanted to see more minority role models on the big screen with roles that had real social value behind them. Secondly, we wanted to create a threat so great that all the races in the world would have to work together for their own survival. I then added a Shaolin Kung Fu back story because as a kid, I was always fascinated with the mystery of the Shaolin Temple. The Black Salt franchise includes, but is not limited to, the following: Black Salt collectible items, Apparel Line, Comic Books, Trading Cards, Toys, Animated Series, Video Games and Feature Film Trilogy.

The Black Salt story is an epic thriller merging the world of modern-day espionage and political intrigue with the ancient world of martial arts. The franchise includes, but is not limited to, the following; Black Salt collectible items, all with integrated branding opportunities: Apparel Line, Comic Books, Trading Cards, Toys, Animated Series, Video Games, Soundtrack/Music Tour, TV series and Feature Film Trilogy. The short film is a precursor to the Black Salt feature film and TV series.

Project Summary

Ratti Entertainment, LLC will market and distribute the short film as part of the next phase of the strategic multi-media marketing campaign to cross promote all products under the Black Salt brand. The short film will also be used to show potential investors, distributors, and studios how the actual film or TV pilot will look by showing the following characteristics:

1) Action sequences
2) Martial arts scenes
3) Plot devices that highlight the uniqueness of the story and its production value

The Company’s goal is to market and promote the short film as if it were a major feature film release, and more importantly, to implement the Distrify distribution platform and iTunes to monetize the Black Salt short film. The short film will be used as a proof of concept for the feature film and the pilot for the TV series.

We will accomplish our goal through internet and social media marketing, submission to 60 major film festivals, comic book conventions, video on demand distribution and setting up as many online affiliate distributors by embedding our film trailer (and shop) on multiple websites, blogs, forums and social networks. Secondly, as we promote the short film, the Company will simultaneously push the digital comic book series/graphic novel and the apparel line to establish the project as a bankable intellectual property. Thirdly, we are producing a Soundtrack, music videos and tours to promote and sell through all music channels.

Niche Target Audience

1) Audiences that seek Action/Adventure
2) Age range: 13 – 55
3) Martial Arts enthusiasts
4) There are over 50 million martial artists in the world today and growing because of the explosion of mixed martial arts

Why We Need Your Help

We need your help for two important reasons. First, the Black Salt film short will be distributed by Distrify. This new distribution model has found a way to monetize short films by turning the entire internet into a movie marketplace. This system could revolutionize the current distribution model and the major studios would no longer have control over filmmakers. We are trying to make history with the Black Salt short film by using this new distribution model.

Secondly, making a film is only half the battle. Without a marketing and promotional budget, and a well thought out game plan, your film will just collect dust in the closet. We are asking for your help with our stretch goals for a marketing budget to help build the brand through our merchandising product lines for the feature film.


Horse Ripper's Medallion

Perks & Rewards

One of our perks is to pre-sale the 30-minute short film for $5 through Video on Demand (VOD) with Distrify’s new distribution system. Consumer behavior and demand around the world are changing rapidly and Distrify provides a solution for the film industry to adapt to current trends. If the Black Salt short film is successful, then other independent filmmakers will be able to make and keep their own money from their films. Please help us try and make history by supporting this pre-order perk for $5. Our goal is 50,000 pre-orders!

We have a number of pledges and rewards listed to the right. Please review the options and consider extending your support. Anything you give is appreciated, - as every dollar pushes us toward our goal.

Here's a visual example of these product rewards:

Comic Books

Apparel Line


Ratti Entertainment LLC is presently putting together a Black Salt Soundtrack and Tour. The soundtrack will consist of 14 songs with up and coming artists and featuring big name artists. To add more value to the project, the company will contract a headlining DJ (e.g. DJ Drama) to host the soundtrack. We will also book some of the tour dates with the headlining DJ and the big name feature artist on the soundtrack. To help build the brand and push the project through the music scene, we will be releasing the lead music single off the Black Salt Soundtrack entitled “Black Salt”. The Company will feature a big name artist on the single, and shoot a music video for marketing and promotion.

Black Salt Mobile 2D Fighting Video Game

Ratti Entertainment LLC has developed a pitch for a Black Salt Mobile 2D fighting game. In the mobile title, you assume the role of Samuel Tharpe; Interpol’s deadliest black-ops agent. The backdrop for our title will focus on three different environments. Players will be challenged against three different opponents; one of the most skilled monks in Master Abbot’s Shaolin Temple, a female Yakuza skilled in the art of swordsmanship, and the rogue shaolin monk who leads the Yakuza. Black Salt is an intense 2D fighting game.

The first Black Salt character is a 12" action figure and will be featured in all promotions such as posters, trading cards, online flash media, websites, comic books and more. The Company’s goal is to build the action figures demand through the short film then negotiate and set price points with manufacturers to include discount store chains (i.e. Wal-Mart, Target, Kmart, etc.) and ensure wide distribution during the lead up to the release of the feature film.

Animated Series

Ethos Statement: With courage and Honor, anything can be accomplished

Analogy: Black Salt “The Legend of New Shaolin” is a high-powered action animation series that can be described as “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles” meets“Static Shock”


Black Salt - The Legend of New Shaolin is set in the near future and is the story of the adventures of Samuel Tharpe, America’s premier super-secret counter terrorist agent, and his four young sons who are learning the ancient secrets of the most powerful martial arts style which gives them superhuman like abilities.

This series is set on Chinese mythology, philosophy and anthropomorphism as the basis of the Black Salt Universe. We’ve developed a concept that introduces several of the most popular characters from Chinese Mythology, like the Jade Emperor, Lord Yama (god of death), The Monkey King, The 8 Immortals and The Shi Tien Lords. You will also find concepts surrounding the story such as The Wheel of Transmigration and The 10,000 Things.

In New Shaolin, the boys (Marcus, Deon, Malik and Sydney) are thrust into an unfamiliar culture and uncomfortable surroundings as they are trained in the ways of the ancient warriors by Sam’s very own teacher, the enigmatic Master Yu Bai Shek (Master Yu). They also learn to balance the ancient ways with the futuristic high tech environment that is also a part of New Shaolin’s evolution. Over time, the boys begin to gain power of their own as they prove to be excellent students, albeit still boys through and through. While Sam continues to battle Kali’s forces on the outside, the boys find their own adventures in New Shaolin dealing with new friends and enemies as well as the powerful mythical creatures that inhabit the deepest catacombs within the New Shaolin Mountain; some of which are protectors and some who are enemies even more dangerous than Master Kali himself.

Other Ways You Can Help

If you can't contribute to the campaign, there are other ways you can help. You can be a huge part of our success by spreading the word to friends and family. We believe that our project will exceed expectations but we need the support of the community. You can help us by doing any of the following:

  • Share this page on Facebook
  • Giving a 'like' on our Facebook page
  • Follow us on Twitter
  • Good old traditional word-of-mouth

Use the indiegogo.com share tools to let others know and visit our pages here:



Also please make sure you give us your proper address for whichever perk you redeem. Shipping within Canada and the US is included. If you live anywhere else, please add $20 for international shipping.

I wish to thank you again for taking the time to consider joining this campaign. We'll see you real soon on the other side!

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