The Big Plan - Short Film

This is an Animated Short Film about two robots which are on a mission!

Help Robo and Eye to make their movie!

About the Film

This is an Independent Animated Short Film from Greece about two robots which are on a mission!

  • Expected duration: about 8 min.
  • Release date: May 2014

The story

In the future in 2714 humanity has moved to a collony in space due to environmental polution on earth. After 500 year living period in space, humans elaborate the return back project. Before they start the big trip, they activate two old robots on earth to find out if the earth is ready to accept them back again...Something appeals not exactly as planned!

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Why are we making it?

This is a story that tell us how from the worst situations something good can emerge, and if you look from a different perspective you can gain something in the end. Living in Greece in 2013, in the midlle of an economic crisis we try to be optimist and '' The big plan'' is a story of optimism and questioning, through the eyes of two engaging robots.

This is the final visual style of the film, designed by Irina Khronyuk:

The Crew

Director, Writer, Animator: Yiannis Liolios

Illustrator Artist: Irina Khronyuk

Sound Designer: Panayiotis Ioannou

Music: YUAR

A few words about Director's work 

My name is Yiannis Liolios and I am a motion graphic designer and aspiring filmmaker from Greece. My goal is to create animations that best fit my clients' needs. Although I believe that my work so far has been satisfactorily creative, I have the desire to go a level beyond that and communicate my own story. My first animated short film is called "The Bug" and you can watch it online. It was funded on Indiegogo too.


We do not ask for your support in order to earn money.We just want to tell this nice story and unfortunately we do not have the required funds for turning this wish into a reality. All the money collected will be used solely on the film production expenses, i.e.:

  • Collaboration with a sound designer and a music compositor.
  • Collaboration with illustrator artists.
  • Cost of the Recording Studio.
  • Voice Actors' payment.
  • Postal services for participation in short film festivals.
  • Entry fees for participation in short film festivals.

Other Ways To Show Your Support

You can always tell your friends about my movie and share with them this campaign! That would be great too!

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