The Benski Show

Sometimes a game ISNT just a game... Sometimes it's an all-star music & comedy variety show that spans two worlds! It's 30 Rock meets TRON; it's THE BENSKI SHOW
Ben Caron
Sierra Vista, Arizona
United States
16 Team Members

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THE ABOVE VIDEO WAS 19,000 HOURS IN THE MAKING, AND APPARENTLY DIDN'T EVEN EXPORT RIGHT! Now imagine what I could do with a crew and new equipment...

You're Probably Wondering Why I Called You All Here Today!

Howdy!  I'm Ben, and I love the arts.  I've had a lifelong passion for music, theatre, dance, and most other art forms.  Now I want to share my vision with you; picture a television variety show on a major network, something like "Saturday Night Live", with comedy sketches and musical guests; now take it back a little further, something like "Laugh-In", with fast changes, silly skits, and corny jokes; then we'll take it back EVEN further to the Jackie Gleason show, with dancing chorus girls and live commercials which are entirely sung; now let's add a gaggle of EXTREMELY multi-talented folks who act, sing, AND dance, AND play instruments...  and then have it hosted by a couple of witty, charming, wise-cracking brothers, not entirely unlike like the Smothers Brothers, multiplied by Dean Martin, Dan Rowan, and Dick Martin.  Now imagine that the show I want to make is ABOUT all the people who make THAT show, their friends, relatives, and wacky neighbors, and you have "THE BENSKI SHOW".


There's a twist, though; these characters all live in a virtual reality world.  The family next door is a trio of knee-high koala bears who sporadically teleport in and out of the kitchen to steal a ham as big as a fridge; the audience is full of dragons, vampires, robots, slaves, vampire dragon slave robots, sexy anthropomorphized animals (kitties, foxes, cougars, etc.), and a scattered number of regular folks like you and me, except most of them are models, strippers, or DJs.   Some of the women are men.  Some of the men are children!


One of the cameramen is a zombie, the other is translucent, and the director of advertising has horns.  (Big surprise, right?)  Occasionally, the characters will have dinner on Mars, or go on a date, not from Hell, but IN Hell. (A very popular first-date spot, I might add!)


However, after the curtain falls and everyone goes home, one of the brothers lives in a virtual world of his own; he sits down at his laptop and logs into a program called "First Life", where you can't fly, can't teleport anywhere, and you actually die if you don't eat or if you jump off a hundred story building!  He's in a band, has a considerable number of talented friends there, and spends his time performing and going to concerts, plays and museums.


See where this is going?


It's fun.  It's entertaining.  It's artistic.  It's cutting edge.  It's a variety show.  It's a reality show.  It's a virtual reality show.  It's....  THE BENSKI SHOW


The Impact

You know how they say "They don't make shows like THAT anymore..."?  Well... this isn't one of those shows... it's ALL of them!  Or none of them... or something...

I mean, this show incorporates elements from so many other different shows, but puts them all together under ENTIRELY different circumstances.  Shows like Seinfeld, I Love Lucy, and Friends.  Or like Desperate Housewives, Jersey Shore, American Idol, and Laugh-In.


With this project, we hope to employ many many many talented performers, singers, actors, dancers, artists, musicians and  choreographers all over the world... and maybe we'll even let a couple of them be ON the show!


All jokes aside, the significance of this show and the scope of the aim it hopes to achieve is astronomical; not only will it shine a spotlight on so many talented and, heretofore undiscovered, up-and-comers, but it will expose a whole new audience (and a whole old audience!) to the kind of entertainment you rarely see on tv anymore; I'm talking about Dean Martin and Goldie Hawn, The Marx Brothers, Jackie Gleason, (by the way, the Frytown Toughs Variety Show-within-the show will have their own set of dancing virtual chorus girls!),  Rich Little, Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire (yes, and Ginger, too....) Bugs and DaffyFrank Sinatra and his lovely sister Nancy (with special guests Tommy and Dick Smothers), Jim Carrey and Larry Sanders Steve Martin and Dave Thomas (the actor and comedian, not the founder of Wendy's)  , Carol Burnette and Harvey Korman with Tim Conway, Tony Clifton, MooseKermit the Frog and Fozzie Bear (yes, and Gonzo too... and Piggy... and Charles Grodin), Chaz Bono (with Sonny and Cher) , rich folks that got picked up on a cocaine sting, Log Lady, a bunch of people...


Anyway, the point is, we intend to bring a LOT of culture to a lot of people, and maybe learn a thing or two about ourselves and life along the way.  We'll be writing a ton of new songs and, rights permitting, revamp a ton of your old favorites and forgotten gems by giving them the Frytown Toughs treatment, also known as "Toughing It Up".  You'll watch in awe and wonder as characters you've grown to know and love crawl into your heart and set up camp, maybe sing a few songs around the fire...


ONLY YOU can prevent this show from not getting made.  Imagine the joy and laughter it will provide to a global audience.  Now imagine their sadness if they never get to see it!


Really, it's gonna be good.  But we need your help.


What We Need & What You Get

Now, a show of this magnitude could easily wind up costing a million dollars per episode... (That's the average cost per episode of the final season of "That's My Bush", if anyone is interested. For example, for the episode "Eenie Meenie Miney Murder", Parker and Stone used a live bear, an animatronic bear, an actor in a bear suit, and a puppet bear, which ended up breaking their budget.[9] We won't be needing any of those things [that we know of], so that should bring our production costs down considerably.E! Online reports that a 30-minute reality show costs approximately $100,000-$500,000 per episode. And that's without any writers or talent! This is in comparison to many scripted shows, for which the budgets can rival major movie releases.

With that in mind, we shall attempt to make an hour-long mixed-media film with LIVE actors, singers, dancers, comedians, musicians, bands, orchestras and SLebrities, with a modest $127,000.

Your generous donation will help fund these necessary expenses to jump-start our journey:

  • Securing the right Production Company
  • Props and Costumes
  • Sets
  • Compensation for the Cast and Crew's Time and Talent
  • Film Equipment, Sound Equipment, Lights, Cameras, and Action
  • Transportation to Locations, On-set Craft Services, Incidentals
  • Editing/post-production
  • emergency fund (essential in order to cover any unforeseeable costs that may arise)
  • fundraising fees (credit card fees; 4% IndieGogo fee if we reach our goal - otherwise, 9%)


What will YOU get?  You'll get an hour-long roller coaster ride in and out of your computer screen with GAGS!  GIRLS!  GUESTS!  GUTS!  GREMLINS!  GUNFIGHTERS!  GHOSTS!  GOBLINS!  and a million dollars worth of GRINS and GIGGLES!!!

Musical numbers!  Sketch comedy!  Special (and not so special) guests! Variety!

YOU will get the satisfaction of having helped bring such a culturally significant and entertaining brainchild into existence, AND you will get the due recognition and respect such an accomplishment deserves.  You'll get a t-shirt.  And/or a thong.  Maybe an ad, or a product placement?  A personalized, one-of-a-kind custom song?  If you have any special requests that aren't in the list to the right, let us know!  For the right price... you'll get it.  (Heh, heh, heh...)


Other Ways You Can Help



  1. SHARE this IndieGogo page EVERYWHERE
  2. LIKE us on Facebook
  3. FOLLOW us on Twitter
  4. SUBSCRIBE to our Newsletter
  5. SPREAD the Word!
  6. STAY positive!
  7. STEAL us some fresh jam! (Okay, don't do that one.)
  8. SUGGEST plot twists! (All submissions become property of THE BENSKI SHOW)
  9. SEND us your tired, your poor, your huddled masses
  10. FIND us special guests (All special guests become property of THE BENSKI SHOW)
  11. ACTORS: SEND us headshots, resumés, and cheques ("submission fees") to the above addresses

Want to talk to us on the phone?  We'll CALL YOU or A FRIEND at your specified time (subject to availability) for $4.95 per minute, or FIVE MINUTES for $20!

BEST VALUE: A ten minute conversation for $30. (Some restrictions may apply)

ANY OF THE ABOVE also get their name on the website!  Any conversation more than two minutes long ALSO gets your name in the credits!

Want a singing telegram?  We'll CALL YOU or A FRIEND at your specified time (subject to availability) for $47 per song! AND a dedication on the website and in the credits! GREAT for Valentine's Day!

ANYBODY who refers to us a sponsor or donor of $100 or more will get a personalized VIDEO THANKS. AND your name on the website and in the credits! Just tell 'em to tell us you sent them.

ANYBODY who refers to us a sponsor or donor of $400 or more will get a personalized custom song of our thanks AND a t-shirt AND your name on the website and in the credits AND a phone call! 

ANYBODY who refers to us a sponsor of $1000 or more will get a personalized custom VIDEO SONG OF OUR THANKS AND a SIGNED t-shirt, a SIGNED thong, and a shot glass AND your name in the credits! AND a phone call!  AND a DVD of every episode of the ENTIRE SERIES, as they become available!


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    Your name (or that of a friend or loved one or your business or pet) will be casually mentioned by one of the characters sometime during the first episode AND your name will appear in the closing credits of the pilot, and appear on the website... FOREVER! (See above for stipulations about the term "forever".) AND you get your choice of the T-Shirt or the thong!

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    A character will say a line of dialogue that you wrote AND your name will appear in the credits as a contributor. (We reserve the right to edit your submission in any way we see fit, but we probably won't.) PLUS your name on the website FOREVER! (See above.) To record your own line of dialogue in your own (or a friend's) voice, please add $100. To be written into an entire scene as a character, please add $300, or $800 for the whole 1st season, guaranteed min. 3 episodes or half your money back

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    You get your very own personalized 30 second song by the composer of the titular theme-song from the award-winning film, SAKENARA! Send a name, 3 things you want mentioned, & a style of song; you'll get a high-quality mp3 of your song with piano and voice which you can put on your iPod, website, burn to a CD, etc. AND you get your name in the credits under the heading "Bought the Song" Please add $50 for each additional instrument per 30 secs. Contribute NOW to have your song by Chr

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    Your name/business/banner in the credits under SPONSORS and on our website SPONSORS page with a prominent link to your website (with DO FOLLOW anchor text, if desired!)... FOREVER! (Or, as stated above, until our website disintegrates or the internet collapses, whichever happens first.) First come, first served. To have your banner additionally displayed on the main website entry page for the duration of the first season, please add $500

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    Appear on camera in the project you helped make happen (with a line written/selected specially for you!) Transportation not included. PLUS name in the credits, on the webpage, and a signed DVD.

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  • $2,297USD

    We'll FLY YOU and a guest to Tucson, shuttle you Tombstone and put you up in lodging there or in Bisbee (your choice) for four days, three nights, show you the sights, sounds, let you watch the filming (heck, you can be in the background if you want), and provide an hour of live entertainment by THE FRYTOWN TOUGHS at a little private (OR big public!) party for you. (International backers will need to add additional fund for airfare)

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    You Da Boss

    Your name appears first in the pilot credits as "Executive Producer", you get to oversee the entire production in any (reasonable) way you see fit. We'll fly you+a guest here, put you up at the hotel/bed & breakfast of your choice in either Bisbee or Tombstone, Arizona (yes, OK Corral) for a weekend or any three consecutive days and nights, where we will entertain you with THREE HOURS of live music and comedy, and you can watch us do filming and stuff. We'll also get drunk with you, if you w

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