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I want to keep producing more of the videos that my fans seem to like, but I need some new equipment and a website.
Ben Lins
Video / Web
West Lafayette, Indiana
United States
2 Team Members


My campaign was funded in five days! I never expected the support and love from my friends and fans.  And thank you Indiegogo!  I appreciate the help from everyone!

For the three weeks left in the campaign, the funds received over and above the $3000 goal will help to purchase a better, faster editing system and will help to create a website where all of my work can be better seen. The website will let me do a better job connecting with all of my fans, new and old. 

The campaign ends on November 18 and I'm hoping that the weeks leading up to it will help me raise what's needed.  Thanks to everyone who's supported this!

Hi...I'm Ben!

Do you know who I am? I was the creator of the Batmanning phenomenon of 2011.  The video that launched Batmanning went viral, but long before that ever happened, there was linsbrothers. I've been producing my own music video versions of popular songs, releasing them to a large, growing fanbase on YouTube. Take a look at some of those videos at http://www.youtube.com/Linsbrothers

I've had a great time shooting and editing these videos, but the equipment I've been using has taken a beating.  It's time to upgrade and I need your help.  I don't make any money from these videos and the camera and editing equipment are expensive. On top of all of that, I'm a college student, so I don't have the cash for anything other than tuition and books. 

I want to keep making these videos for the fans, but now I need your help.

So Here's What I Need...

Pretty simple.  Right now I need better equipment to make this happen. The old camera is about to kick it and the editing system is slow.  I used to use my laptop when I started shooting these videos, which was tough.  I moved up to a used camera, but it has problems that I can't work around anymore. 

The pricetag on the camera is $3000, an editing system will run about $4000 and a professionally-designed website about $3000.  None of these funds will go directly into my pocket. Everything will go toward funding a video production system that will help bring a better product to my fans.

Other Ways You Can Help

There are other ways you can help me out, too.  Share the link to this page with all of your friends and followers.  All of the funds raised through this campaign, including anything over the amount I'm trying to raise, will help to make my videos, live chats, and web presence that much better.  I've gotten here because of all of you.  I want to bring you along for the ride.

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raised in 29 days
133% funded
No time left
$3,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on November 19, 2012
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Thanks for the support!

    Your 5 bucks might not seem like much to you, but it helps me get closer to my goal...especially if a lot of you give! I'll give you a special shoutout on one of my live chats for the donation.

    0 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2012
  • $10USD
    Really? I appreciate it!

    You'll get an autographed postcard of me...from me! There's a photo shoot coming up and one of the images from that will be used on this postcard.

    21 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $50USD
    You get the shirt off my back!

    I mean it! Fifty bucks is a big chunk of change! It'll go far! I'll send you a new, never-before-seen T-Shirt that I'm about to release.

    5 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $100USD
    You're amazing!

    What an amazing gift! I appreciate it. I'm going to send you a Ben Lins postcard, the new T-shirt that's being produced, and I'll drop a personal,handwritten note in the box. All because you're amazing!

    7 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $250USD
    I can't believe it!

    You have no idea how much this helps! I'll send you the autographed postcard, the T-shirt, and I'll give you a Skype call to tell you in person how much this means to me.

    2 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $500USD
    I don't know what to say...

    You really are a friend! I'm going to send you the postcard and the T-shirt. In addition, we're going out to lunch together at one of the nicest restaurants in the Milwaukee or Lafayette areas. You'll have to get yourself there, but lunch is on me.

    2 out of 20 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $1,000USD
    Give me a hug!

    You really are a fan! There's no way to really thank you for what you've done, but I'll try. You'll ge the postcard, the T-shirt, we'll do lunch in Milwaukee or Lafayette, and you'll make an appearance in one of my music videos. You'll have to get yourself here, but I'll definitely make the trip worth it!

    1 out of 10 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $2,500USD
    I'm All Yours!

    Not even sure how I thank you for this... I'll start by giving you all of the goods from the other perks, but at this level you get to spend the day with me. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, we'll shoot a music video and you'll co-host a live chat that night. The music video we shot will premiere during the live chat and you get to introduce it. This perk takes place in West Lafayette, IN, so you'll have to get yourself here. I'll take care of the meals and accomodations.

    0 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
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