'The Begun of Tigtone' - Finishing Funds for Animated Fantasy Parody

A fantasy parody film with a unique 2D motion capture art style and a crazy cast of geek heroes!
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"The Begun of Tigtone" is the inaugural installment of the "Tigtone", a planned series of fantasy shorts, episodes, tales, and so-forth-what-have-you-and-then-some. 

It's a parody of every fantasy convention there is, from movies to games. And the star character of this story is "Tigtone", a man whose personality is intentionally modeled after a two-dimnesional, anti-hero cliche. Along his journey, he is challenged by pointless puzzles, preposterously clad goddesses, and generic quest goals. Not even the dialog is safe from skewering, as the fantasy convention of convoluted language is parodied right down to the very title of the story. 

"The Begun of Tigtone" has been in production for a few years. The script was written, the principal cast was recorded, and then the project went through a ton of R&D to nail down the technology that would eventually be used for the final product. Initially, a successful Kickstarter fundraiser was held in 2011 to pay for the illustrations that would eventually be animated via the unique motion capture process.

Since that time (and all times honestly), "Tigtone" has utterly exploded in scope. Characters, actors, and even whole scenes were added to make it the best it can possibly be. Many expenses have arisen in addition to just the art, and they have been paid for out-of-pocket. But now the time has come to wrestle the whole project back down to earth and raise the funds necessary to finish it up at long last. This includes the hiring of some more effects animators/compositors, commissioning the original score, and mastering it in HD. And depending on the funds raised, there will even more special guest stars!




Is the cast amazing? Well, ask anyone or anything or any combination of the two, and they'll undoubtedly shout back with an annoyed "YES". So before you go bothering others with obvious questions, here be the list of actors!

Nils Frykdahl as Tigtone

Tigtone's somewhat aimless ferocity is brought to us courtesy of the formidable voice of Nils Frykdahl, known best as the magical barking madman at the forefront of the band Sleepytime Gorilla Museum

Bill Corbett as the Ghost Wizard

Bill Corbett! He's highly rated amongst the two people to have ever performed the puppet Crow on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and can be heard occassionally going crazy over at RiffTrax.com. He's providing the voice of the intriguingly boring "Ghost Wizard"!

Lucy Davis as the Captive Sun

The very sun itself has been captured and chained up deep underground, and as I'm sure it goes without saying, the obvious actress to bring this role to life is none other than Lucy Davis from The Office and Shaun of the Dead!

Mike Stoklasa as Beefankle the Blacksmith

Mike Stoklasa is the manly man behind the man behind Harry S. Plinkett's infamous feature-length Star Wars prequel reviews at Red Letter Media. Mike performs not only the voice of Beefankle the Blacksmith, he personally does the character's facial motion capture as well.

Melora Creager as the Queen Princess of the Geodon Serpents

Melora Creager, the mastermindful maestra of the band Rasputina, voices the 'Queen Princess of the Geodon Serpents' as well as some awfully sad villagers. Melora makes fantasy tales extra fantastic!

Stephen Lea Sheppard as the Wood Elf

Stephen Lea Sheppard is known as "Harris" on Freaks and Geeks and "Dudley" in The Royal Tenenbaums. His inclusion in this story infuses the taste of Tigtone with some authentic RPG spices! He'll be appearing as the Wood Elf, imparting words of wisdom to our hero. 

Gregg Turkington as the Cave Demon

When you need a Cave Demon to scream threats and insults at your hero, you should immediately go get Gregg Turkington, better known as his horrible creation, comedian Neil Hamburger


Additional voices include Jay Bauman and Rich Evans (from Red Letter Media), Dawn McCarthy (of Faun Fables), and Larry DiTillio and Rowby Goren (both writers of many television shows including He-Man and the Masters of the Universe)!

As mentioned earlier, even more outstanding outstanders may join the cast depending on the amount of funds raised! 


If there's one thing that makes a film successful (and there's not, but that would be convenient), it would have to be the soundtrack! Who outfits the mighty Tigtone with his bleeps and bloops? Well, let's take a look.

DAVE MURRAY: No! Not Iron Maiden! This is clearly the BETTER Dave Murray, the former drummer of the band Estradasphere and the man behind the utterly wonderful Deserts of Traun album. Metal and jazz go hand-in-hand and foot-in-ass with his music, and it's then lovingly mixed with mystery and adventure. You can't wait to hear his score, and I agree!

"THE FAT MAN": George "Fat Man" Sanger has been composing music for video games since music for video games existed! Dating back to almost 30 years, the Fatmeister has created music for such memorable soundtracks as The 7th Guest, Zombies At My Neighbors, and my personal favorite, Maniac Mansion. He supplies Tigtone with an 8-bit anthem as well as choirs of mystical nonsense words! 

THE RESIDENTS: The reigning champions of eyeball-headed, avant-garde anonymity have tipped their top hats toward Tigtone and supplied "The Begun" with music for its ending titles! Never before have scrolling credits felt so uncomfortable. 

NILS FRYKDAHL: Nils himself does a bit of method acting with his musical instruments! During one monumental scene, Tigtone awkwardly plays a harp and a flute at the same time, and Nils provides this music himself... played awkwardly at the same time during the recording!

MORE?! Much like the cast, more funds equals more incredible music! Roughly 10% of the movie is scored so far, so this is one of the areas that will benefit the most from this campaign!


Many of the original perks from the original "Tigtone" Kickstarter campaign are still available with a few exceptions (the village cameo perk can no longer be granted to new donors for instance), but the shirts and prints and DVDs are still going to be available. In addition, there's going to be TONS more Tigtone goodies available for this campaign. Images are coming soon, so keep checking back!

CONSUMABLES! Come get some "Tigtone Power Chew", a sealed pack of individually wrapped caramels with the Tigtone "Metal Logo" printed on them. In addition, there are bottles of "Ghost Wizard Ancient of the Sugar Grog" and "Beefankle's Brown Mana Fizz", with faux-old timey labels by Tigtone co-creator, co-writer, and cartoonist Zack Wallenfang

ART BOOK! A hardcover 9x6, color book containing images of the original art, the original script including deleted scenes, information about the artists, and some exclusive written content! Signed by the writers and creators! A PDF version of the art book will be available at lower tiers.

ORIGINAL CHARACTER SKETCHES! Comics mastermind Tim Seeley (who is illustrating the title card of "Tigtone") is contributing original character art! 

HANDSCULPTED TIGTONE 28mm MINIATURES! Ready to plop right into your favorite tabletop game! Death by plop!

EXTREMELY LIMITED VINYL SOUNDTRACK! The "Begun of Tigtone" soundtrack will only be available as a perk from this campaign! Each copy is hand made by lathe! 

PERSONAL ANIMATED 'THANK YOU' VIDEO - Created especially for YOU and starring Mike Stoklasa as Beefankle the Blacksmith, thanking you personally by name for your money!

SHIRTS! Both the "Ghost Wizard" shirt by Zack Wallenfang and "Tigtone Metal Logo" shirt designed by logo master Christophe Szpajdel are available!

CREDIT! All levels! All flavors! Taste the credit rainbow!




Upon completion of "The Begun of Tigtone" in early 2013, all these fundraising goodies will be sent out, and the entire short will be available streaming online (it will be roughly 15 minutes). Work will then immediately begin on future tales set in this universe of "Tigtone", featuring new central characters as well as more Tigtone adventures. The plan is to use this short as a pitch piece for the purposes of producing more and more episodes! Tigtone's fate is in the hands of the gods... And the gods are YOU! And you are GREAT!!!


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