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In the desert of Mauritania, a nomadic school for tuareg children thrives in a refugee camp. Against all odds, they all reaffirm their culture despite the war.
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The beetle School is a sponsored project of Sheffield Doc/Fest

A journey that I want to share:

Hello and thank you for your visit to the Beetle schools’ page, please can you just watch my video before reading this presentation, images always tell more than words when it's about cinema.

When I was 21 years old, I went to the desert for the first time of my life. I was the presenter of a music festival in the Moroccan desert, and this was a great opportunity for me to hear a mysterious and a magical music; it was the blues of the desert, coming from the north of Mali. I was so attracted and I wanted to know more about the people who make such beautiful music, and about where they come from.

Six months later, I went to the north of Mali, and I discovered the Tuareg to be an amazing ethnic minority. The Tuareg are nomadic people, who live in the desert between Mali, Algeria, and Niger. I went there three times since that first encounter, every year, I worked hard during my school year to be able to go again and to meet those fantastic people, and to learn about their lifestyle and he deep meaning of life as they understand it.

Unfortunately, this community suffered from three wars and three genocides since 1960. And, now, when you are reading this page, they are suffering from a new war. My film is not about war and genocides, but my purpose is to share with you the same human experience that I had during my travels, it's a film about life, about hope, about human value, and about love.

What my film is about:

The film is a school year we are going to spend with Dicko "the main character in the video abobe", Children and their families. We are going to follow them in an observational style.

This nomadic school thrives in a refugee camp where most of the refugees are Tuareg, nomadic people who moved from the north of Mali to escape the ongoing war. The school is initiated by Dicko, 37 years old illiterate man and a former rebel who try to reaffirm the Tuaregs’ culture and identity despite the ravage of war.

The school year is going to be interrupted several times due to different reasons: lack of money, materials, political instability… Dicko always struggles to keep the school alive. And if he succeeds, it doesn’t mean that all children will continue their education. They are nomadic children, and it’s a big deal to keep them around the school. Also by the end of this special year, the oldest children should leave the camp, and go to the city to continue studying. If it’s not the case, this project will just be useless.

About me:

I'm a filmmaker of 25 years old, I'm Moroccan, and I have just finished my studies. I have two degree: I graduated first from the High Institute of Drama as an actress and a director. Then I got the Diploma of High School of Visual Arts of Marrakech as cinematographer. I have been working in this project since 2009. The images you see above are from a shooting I made in 2011 by myself, with my own resource and material. I went to the north of Mali 3 times trying to make my film, but alone I couldn’t, this is why I'm seeking your generous contributions.

Why I want make this film now, and how your contributions could help me?

I really need to realize this film now that the war is going on, in this current situation; because this film is for peace, for the development and the education, and against war and genocides. I have been working years and years on this project, and finally because of the current situation some TV channels and producers are interested to provide financing for my documentary, but they need to see more images, especially of children as characters and of the school itself. Your contribution will help me to make this additional images, that can allow to me to have access to documentary funds and may be, if I can have enough money, make the film, why not? I'm invited to Sheffield Festival in June this year to present my project, and I don't want lose this chance to get the production for my film, and this is why it's too important to make my promo video before June.

The money you are going to give is for:

Rent a camera and a sound material.

Pay the travel cost and accommodation.

Pay the sound recorder, the translator...

Help the children in the school (furniture, clothes, food... And their families if possible)

Pay a hard drive and the cost to edit the material.

If I can’t collect all the money I am asking for, I'll be obliged to work with a cheap camera (a 7D that I can have for free), and try to make savings on my travel and accommodation expenses. Furthermore, I will be forced to make the shooting shorter. But I'll 100% use it for this project, as you can see, I already filmed with my own money, I worked hard when I was student to make it, so be sure that your money will be in good hands and for the best use possible. Of course, if I can get more money, I will spend it in the location, working and filming, until I finish the shooting. This film depends on your contribution, I can really make it true with your help.

Just trust in me, with your contribution, you are going to help me to tell a beautiful story:

To tell to people that despite of war, of genocides, of a whole situation, we can still build and make life around us. This is a philosophy of live that I learnt thanks to my travels to the North of Mali to get to know the Tuareg nomadic minority, and this is something I want to share with everybody. Also, this is my way to help my friends in a situation of war. Dicko is a very close friend of mine, making this film, would helpe his project and his community. If you help this project, be sure that you will give a smile to a beautiful nomadic child.

Even if I'm a young filmmaker, be sure that I can make this film, because I want it, I need it, as a cinematographer, I can convince you that I'm a good one please watch this short film that I made last year:

This me using the camera, and I'm going to be the cinematographer of this documentary.

Be sure that you are going to give your money to a talented, courageous and ambitious young women and filmmaker.

Please, share my project with those who can be interested.

Thank you very much.

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