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Help us transform a rundown warehouse into a space designed for worship and community to thrive. Its the Banks House for 400 friends.
United Pursuit
Knoxville, Tennessee
United States
2 Team Members

Help us transform a rundown warehouse into a space designed for worship and community to thrive.

It's simply a bigger space for us to invite you in to what God is doing in our family. 

$100,000+ is our goal. The money will go toward transforming this building into a music venue/community center. 



the beginning (how did we get here?)  

High school was over.
Time to take the next step.
All we knew is that we wanted to pursue Jesus with our whole lives, together. We needed a place to live, so in 2007, we bought a run down house on a street called Banks Ave.
Then it stuck.
The Banks House was born.

the living room

Every Tuesday night, we would gather in our living room to worship Jesus. No ticking clock, no planned set list…just a group of friends hungry for the presence of God in our lives. The living room is where we learned to worship. The living room is where United Pursuit was formed.


Soon, there were 75 of us, packed shoulder to shoulder in the living room. Jesus was moving in our lives, and Tuesday nights were the overflow. New songs were written out of those nights…songs capturing what the Holy Spirit was doing in our hearts. These simple choruses found their way on to an album called Live at the Banks House.
Then it spread all around the world.

walls come down

More people kept coming.
So we knocked a few walls down to make room for everyone. That wasn’t enough, so we moved to our friend’s bigger living room, filling up every square foot of that house with a 100+ each Tuesday night.

our dream

There are simply no more walls to knock down.
We have a dream of a bigger space.
A living room for 400 friends.
That’s why we’re calling this project the Banks House 2.0.
Everything we learned about worship and community in the Banks House days, we want to continue to happen. We just want more room for you to join us.

The Fifth Ave House

We believe we’ve found this bigger space. On Fifth Ave near downtown Knoxville is an abandoned 10,000 sq. ft warehouse. We don’t see a building though. We see the Fifth Ave House; a place for worship, community, and creativity to thrive. A music venue that we can call home. 

we need your help 

This building needs lots of work to be transformed into a house for 400 friends. 
Its been sitting empty for years, with its walls ripped down to the bare wooden studs.
It needs new plumbing, electrical, A/C, walls, sprinklers, etc. 
That's why we're shooting to raise $100,000...enough to get the building up to city code.

But that's just the beginning.

Beyond the music venue, we want to put in a coffee shop, recording and art studio, co-working creative space, and more. Every dollar beyond our goal of $100,000 will simply make the building more awesome. 

What's cool is that we have friends all around the world. If we join forces, and with the wind of the Spirit behind us, anything is possible. Together, we can blow past $100,000 to who knows what...the sky's the limit!

Every pledge counts. Don't right yourself off if you only have a few bucks to give. If we move together, the small suddenly becomes the big. $100,000+ big.

Moral of the story, the more we raise, the more awesome the building will be. Read on for more info for what we'll do with the building.

Spread the word

For this crazy dream to really happen, you've gotta share it with your friends. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram...blast the world.
Blog about it, text your friends about it.
Anything can happen happen when enough people rally behind a certain idea or cause. A movement can be born...a movement to take back an empty building and re-purpose it for the Kingdom of God.

…and the REWARDS! 

As a way of saying thanks, we've come up with tons of fun stuff to give in return. Every reward is unique to Indiegogo, meaning we've never before given or sold these items. All the more special to be a part. Oh, and rewards $5 through $125 all build off each other. So if you pledge $100, you also get everything below it too ($5 to $75).

Since the list is pretty long, here are some of the highlights.

$100 – When we finally get in the building, we’re throwing a party. A party only for you, our Indiegogo supporters. This reward will get you an exclusive ticket to the concert, with all the UP family there, plus some special guests. AND, we will be recording, so you’ll be the choir. Its gonna be a blast! Limit 450

$25 – We’re going to record our first worship night in the building, making a live album from the experience. It will be exclusive to only you, our Indiegogo supporters. AND, for additional fun, Will is coming out with a new studio worship album, and we’ll give you exclusive (and unlimited) streaming access 2 weeks before it's released. FYI, the two songs on this video are from his new album...so excited about streaming it! BUT WAIT, there’s more:) 
The oh-so-talented Michael Ketterer will include your name in a special art piece to be installed in the building. Its gonna be sweet. 

"So what's in the building for me?" 

Glad you asked. 

We need a bigger space for YOU to join us. 
The Live at the Banks House recording was one night with 75 friends. 
We're dreaming of a space where on any given night, 500 of us could gather to explore the presence of God with no time limit or agenda. 
But that's just the beginning.

From the Banks House days, we’ve learned that community overflows from the presence of God. So we’ve designed this building with community in mind, with tons of common space, places for relationship to spring up naturally around coffee, couches, art, music, and more.

When community thrives, so does creativity. 
We’ll design the building with that in mind, making sure creativity can be fully expressed. More details below.

What about those who live far away from Knoxville?

We haven't forgotten you. There's two really good things in your favor.

#1 - We will work towards streaming every worship event that happens in the building. Every Tuesday night or live concert, we'll make sure a high quality audio/video feed makes it seamlessly onto your computer.

#2 - Knoxville is within a day's drive of 75% of America. 
Yep, 75%. So odds are, that's you. We'll host multiple conferences every year, so you'll have plenty of opportunities to join us.

Building Transformation

Music Venue – the backbone of this building will be a 500 person music venue, inspired by the atmosphere and feel of a living room. Really. We’re not just saying that. That’s all we know, and we will be true to our roots, building out a venue that maintains the shared feel of our Tuesday nights. 

Shared Workspace – Ideas, creativity, art, dreams…its all part of a thriving community. So we're designing a space to help flesh this out. Basically, it’s a big open room with large hardwood tables (crafted by our awesomely talented carpenter friend), super fast internet, printer, scanner, and more. Its simply a welcoming space to gather, dream, and create together. (Way more room than Starbucks) Plus, we’ll eventually have a few iMac workstations loaded with the latest Adobe Creative suite, ready to help get your creative juices flowing.

Coffee Shop – Community and coffee go hand in hand. Thankfully, some of our friends are talented baristas and they will insure you’ll have some quality coffee for your refined tastes.

Recording Studio – The Banks House studio has been a blast. But with future little Reagan’s on the horizon, a home studio and kidos don’t really get along too well. But don’t worry, we’ll be moving the studio into the new building! Ironically, the building was originally a old advertising agency, and there’s the remnants of a broadcast studio, complete with a vocal overdub booth. Its primed and ready to be filled with tons of gear we already own, except this time around, we will be able to rent out the studio, sharing it with other artists and musicians.

Offices/Art Studios – Upstairs, you’ll find a hallway with eight offices side by side. They all have sliding glass doors, with the perfect mix of openness and quiet. We’ll be renting these out monthly to local entrepreneurs, freelance creatives, and artists.

Art Galleries – We’ll fill all the walls in our building with art from you. With lots of foot traffic, the art will get seen. (and hopefully bought:)

Common Space – Once you get your coffee, you’ll find couches and tables to kick back and hang with your friends. Or make new friends. Don’t worry, all our design oriented friends will have fun making this space a place you actually want to be in.

Study area – This building is big enough to have a separate area dedicated for studying and all around quiet space.

Photography Darkroom – The old advertising agency also left behind a darkroom with tons of supplies. If film is your thing, you’re in luck, because our talented photographer friend Brit Fray loves film, and she will be heading up the darkroom.

Multi-use Conference Room – This is our “chameleon space," adaptable to lots of different needs and purposes. But we’ll for sure have some creative workshops led by talented thought leaders in their respective fields.

How will the building be used? 

Lots of life will be happening in the Fifth Ave House. Here’s just an overview of all the going ons.

Lovewar – Every Tuesday night, we’ll gather to worship together just like the past 5 years. Except with a few more friends this time around.

Concerts – We’ll put our awesome music venue to use! We’re friends with many talented artists in Knoxville and beyond, and they will be making regular appearances in this space.

United Pursuit Conferences – We’ve been dreaming of hosting our own worship/community conferences for years. Finally, its gonna happen! We want to regularly invite people all over the US to come gather with us to pursue Jesus, worship together, and dive into God's heart. And of course, we’ll invite the mothers and fathers of the faith to help guide the way.

Creative/art workshops – We’re excited about inviting many of today’s talented creatives, artists, and entrepreneurs to share their insights, ideas, and perspectives with our community. These events will be designed to ignite more creativity in your life.

Renovation Timeline

Let’s talk practically. 
You’re probably asking, “so when is this all gonna happen?” 
Here is our best educated guess…

September 2012 – Raise $100,000+ for building renovations

January 31st, 2013 – Actual Building Purchase. We have a 6 month contract in place with the sellers. 

February 2013 through September 2013 – 8 months of renovation! 

October/November 2013 – Grand opening of the venue!!! The rest of the building may or may not be totally finished yet. All depends on how much money we earn from Indiegogo for renovations.

The Future

Our passion has always been to see our generation encounter the love of Jesus, and for us to run together, seeing His Kingdom come.
The Fifth Ave House is just a continuation of this dream. 

We want this space to be a gift and blessing to our generation. 
A place that cheers on your dreams and passions. 
A building that’s more like a house, not a place to attend, but a space to experience life.
A space for the people of God to be the family of God, inviting the lonely and orphaned home.

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$100,000 USD goal
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Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Live Streaming Access

    Live stream access to first ever concert in our renovated building, hosted by United Pursuit w/ special guests. + Private forum access for submitting YOUR ideas for the building. We want to hear your dreams! Who knows, maybe your idea will show up in the space?

    15 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $10USD
    1st month of "Lovewar Moments"

    Every Tuesday night we'll gather in the building to worship. We'll push record, and send you the 1st Edition of "Lovewar Moments", mp3 highlights from our first month in the new venue. + all of above

    61 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $25USD
    Live from the Fifth Ave House

    Exclusive "Live at the Fifth Ave House" digital album, a UP Family live recording from the very first worship gathering in the new venue! FYI, this limited edition album will never be available again. + Will Reagan has a new studio album coming out late Nov. 2012. We'll give you exclusive (unlimited) access to stream the entire album 2 weeks before its release. + AND we'll include your name in a art piece installed in the new building, designed by Michael Ketterer + all of above

    381 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $50USD
    Official Chord Chart ebook

    Official "Live at the Banks House" chord chart ebook, w/ instructional videos with Will. + Exclusive United Pursuit compilation EP (digital), featuring never-heard-before songs and recordings from the past 5 years. + all of above

    63 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $75USD
    Live at the Banks House DVD

    Live at the Banks House DVD + Live at the Fifth Ave House physical CD w/ your name in the credits + Official "In the Night Season" chord chart e-book w/ instructional videos with Will. (Shipping not included, since its complicated having friends all around the world:) + all of above

    83 claimed
    Estimated delivery: December 2013
  • $100USD

    Ticket to 1st ever United Pursuit Concert in the new building, open to Indiegogo supporters only! Will, Andrea, Michael, Brock, Jake, Nathan, and more...the whole crew will be there. And some special guests! We'll have a grand time together. And you'll be the live choir for the live album we'll record that night:) Timing subjected to building's completion date + all of above

    96 out of 450 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013


    Family dinner with United Pursuit before concert + premium reserved seats to 1st ever United Pursuit Concert in the new building, open to Indiegogo supporters only! + all of above

    50 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $150USD
    Will Reagan CD Release Show

    Ticket to Will Reagan's CD release concert at either Bijou in Knoxville on Nov. 29th, or the Tabernacle in Atlanta on Nov. 30th + signed CD + exclusive Indiegogo t-shirt + all rewards from $5 through $75

    16 out of 50 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2012
  • $250USD
    Songwriting/Musician Retreat

    Two day songwriter/musician retreat in our new building w/ United Pursuit and special guests. We'll also provide two dinners, but you're on your own for breakfast, lunch, and lodging. We'll hang out together, talk about songwriting, worship leading, community, individual instrument breakout sessions, music business, and more. And of course worship together:) Its gonna be a blast! + + all rewards from $5 through $75

    26 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: November 2013

    Music Lessons w/ UP

    1.5hr private music lesson of your choice, including guitar/drum/piano/songwriting (with Will, Andrea, Nathan in Knoxville, or Brock in LA) + all rewards from $5 through $75

    4 out of 4 claimed
    Estimated delivery: April 2013

    Record at the Banks House!

    One day in the Banks House Studio, and we'll help you produce, arrange, and record a single. (recording date must fit into our schedule) + all rewards from $5 through $75

    2 out of 2 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
  • $5,000USD
    We'll Come to YOU

    United Pursuit will come to you! House worship night, church event, youth camp, you name it, we'll show up and worship with you! And of course, we'll eat together too. (scheduling will be determined by us; between Fall 2012 and December 2013. Travel costs NOT included beyond 200 miles of Knoxville. With distances greater than 500 miles, we request to fly. US only. Band includes at least Will, Nathan, guitar, bass, and possibly more depending who is free) + all rewards from $5 through $75

    4 out of 5 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
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