The Ballerina

The Ballerina is the story of a desperate father struggling to rescue his daughter from tormenting apparitions.
Stephen Pullen
Norfolk, Virginia
United States
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What is The Ballerina? (Don't let the title fool you)

The Ballerina is a Psychological Thriller about a father, Glenn, who is determined to rescue his young daughter, Sophia, from frightening and tormenting apparitions. Reeling from a devastating personal tragedy, he struggles to stitch the pieces of their lives back together in a homeless tent-village deep in the Appalachian woods. For Sophia, this tragedy brings upon severe night terrors and hallucinations of ghostly figures and Glenn is at his wit's end as to how to help her. He turns in every possible direction: psychiatry, hypnosis, priests and seances, even mediums to help her. But it isn't until he is brought face to face with himself and his own catastrophic mistakes, that he finds the solution to his little girl's nightmares.

How Your Contributions Will Bring The Ballerina to LIFE

Making a feature film can be costly, but with your help, we can make The Ballerina movie happen. We will budget out our campaign funds to the specific areas below (please see our handy graph!)

Actors (Travel, Lodging and Wages)

We have an amazing casting director helping us select a unique group of actors to bring this story to life and we want to be as appreciative to them as we are to you, our generous backers, by making sure all their needs are met during all stages of production.

Professional Crew

The Ballerina is a collaboration between Old Dominion University and professional filmmakers from Hampton Roads and around the country. With professionals in all the key positions (Director, Cinematographer, Production Designer, Gaffer, 1st A.D., 1st A.C., Sound Mixer, Editor, Music Composer, etc.), students will have the rare opportunity of working side by side with, and being mentored by, the pros -- learning their craft by doing. 


To our huge advantage, we have a brand new, state-of-the-art soundstage in which to shoot most of our interior scenes (about 1/4 of the script). Our exterior scenes, however, will be shot on location in the forests of Suffolk, Virginia. We will be allocating a portion of the budget to the many expenses associated with wintertime shooting on location in the woods (crew tents, cooking facilities, makeup and wardrobe trailers, heaters, generators, etc.) Shooting on location, while challenging to say the least, will help us create a world that could hold the unimaginable, bringing the richness of the Appalachian woods and the tragedy of this story to life. As you can imagine, this can get costly and your funds will help us provide a safe yet imaginative location to make our production come off without a hitch!

Production Design

The world of The Ballerina calls for a unique design: dated, damaged but beautiful at the same time. Production Design artists are already hard at work researching the world of the backwoods homeless villages and shanty towns and recreating that world for The Ballerina. Costumes, hair and special effects makeup will also play pivotal parts in this film. The characters are destitute, having lived in the impoverished elements of the woods for years. Your backing will allow us to get every last detail right.


Craft Services and Catering!

The Ballerina will involve anywhere from 30 to 50 people on any given day, depending on the scene we're shooting. Working 12-hour days with no time to spare, on-set meals are a vital part of keeping the movie magic happening. Your backing will ensure that the cast and crew who are working tirelessly to make this story come to life are getting the energy and nutrition they need.

This Sounds Good But Everyone Is Trying To Make A Movie, Right? Well...

Sure. However, The Ballerina is different. The production of this film is NOT just that, it is the opportunity for students to get hands-on experience in feature film production, learning under the expert tutelage of professionals. This is an experience that just can't be achieved in a classroom setting. ODU is dedicated to training the filmmakers of tomorrow and there is no better way to learn how to make films than to do just that -- make them. The Ballerina project is a rare chance for students to do what most film students only dream of doing -- make a feature film that could wind up at Sundance, Cannes, Venice, in Redbox, on Netflix or showing at the local cineplex. Simply put, this project is unprecedented. With your help, this production will not only bring an exciting and moving story to life, it will help put ODU's brand new film program on the map, shining an international spotlight on the university.

Can't Contribute? ...We Understand, Here Are Other Ways You Can Help!

If you can't contribute monetarily, don't worry, you can still be a part of The Ballerina movie family -- simply by helping us spread the word!

Follow us on Facebook at and on Twitter at

Tell EVERYONE you know! Because The Ballerina would not be able to take her final bow, without your love and support!


The Ballerina Movie Family

Meet Writer/Director Steve Pullen

Steve Pullen is an award-winning writer/director whose script Absolution was optioned by actress Susan Sarandon and producer Hawk Koch, president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. As a screenwriter, he developed feature film projects at The Bob Evans Company, Alphaville, Paramount, Bel-Air, Warner Bros., Kopelson and Fox. He also wrote and directed TV projects for The Discovery Network. He joined the faculty at ODU in 2004.

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    Your Name in the Credits

    Go ahead, take a bow! You will be recognized in the end credits of the film as an “Indiegogo Backer”. That’s right, your name on the silver screen!

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    Personalized Director’s Thanks

    Steve Pullen, the writer and director, will sit down and type out an email personally thanking you for your contribution into helping fund the film. See, not all filmmakers are prima donnas. You'll get the groovy perk above, too!

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    Signed Copy of the Script

    Take a look at the work that goes into building the story that you see up on the screen. This PDF copy of the signed shooting script will be complete with director’s notes and breakdowns, giving you a peek inside the creative mind of the filmmaker. You'll get all the groovy perks above, too!

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    Digital Delivery of the Movie

    Can’t wait for the Theatrical release of "The Ballerina?" No problem. With your support of $50, you’ll have the opportunity to watch the film on your device of choice. You'll get all the groovy perks above, too!

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    "The Ballerina" Merchandise

    Don’t go to the mall. Their sales are scams. Spice up your closet with an official “The Ballerina” t-shirt, tote or hat. You'll get all the groovy perks above, too! (Add $15 USD to ship outside the US).

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    Autographed Poster

    You see that? That bare spot on your wall? Here’s a thought: what about an autographed 24"x36" poster signed by members of the cast and crew to fill that void? Oh really? That’s exactly what you wanted? We thought so. You'll get all the groovy perks above, too!

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    Autographed Blu-ray or DVD

    Want to watch the movie at home again after you see it on the big screen? We’ll send an autographed copy of the BlueRay (or DVD, your choice) straight to your door so you can enjoy “The Ballerina” 24/7, 365. You'll get all the groovy perks above, too! (Add $10 USD to ship outside the US.)

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    2 Tickets to a Test Screening

    Have an impact on the final cut of the film! Give us your feedback after you attend one of our test screenings held in Norfolk, Virginia. Here’s your chance to help decide what goes into the film and what ends up on the cutting room floor! You'll get all the groovy perks above, too! (Backer is responsible for all travel to and from test screening.)

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    Estimated delivery: October 2014
  • $1,000USD
    Red Carpet Cast & Crew Party

    You and a guest will get to strut down the red carpet at our Cast & Crew Screening and Party in Norfolk, Virginia. Don’t worry about those flashing cameras, they’ll only make your eyes sting for a second. Stick around afterwards for an exclusive Q&A with the filmmakers! (Limo not included). You'll get all the groovy perks above, too! (Backer is responsible for all travel to and from Cast and Crew Screening/Party.)

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  • $2,500USD
    Own a Piece of the Movie

    Have a tangible piece of the movie to hold and cherish forever and ever. A prop, a costume, an accessory. We’ll send you a collectable item featured in the film as our token of appreciation for your awesome generosity. You'll get all the groovy perks above, too! (Add $15 USD to ship outside the US)

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  • $5,000USD
    Indiegogo Associate Producer

    Be a part of the action! A chauffeur will pick you and a guest up in Norfolk, VA and bring you to the set where you’ll be a part of movie making history! Play a small role, call "Action!" on a shot, ride the camera dolly -- you decide what you want to do (within reason!) and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen! You’ll also receive an “Indiegogo Associate Producer Credit” in the film. You'll get all the groovy perks above, too! (Backer responsible for travel to and from Norfolk)

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    Indiegogo Executive Producer

    Picture your name in the Opening Credits (that’s right – BEFORE the film even starts!) as an Indigogo Executive Producer! At your next cocktail party, you can brag to that eye candy across the room that you are a real life Executive Producer! We don’t know about you, but that sounds like it would seal the deal! You'll get all the groovy perks above, too!

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