The Autobiography of Jane Eyre

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is a modern day transmedia adaptation of the gothic novel, Jane Eyre.

What's the Project?

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre is an interactive modern adaption of the gothic novel told through social media, produced for the web.

Adapting the novel for the modern era, the series introduces a Jane Eyre who grew up in the world of the internet and cell phones. Transmedia story telling is a relatively new format made popular by Hank Green and Bernie Su with their Lizzie Bennet Diaries.

Although YouTube is the main platform for the story (through Jane’s vlogging), fans can choose to dive further into this modern retelling by following the characters’ interactions on Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram, all of which keep the fictional world “alive” for the audience in-between episodes.

Who Are We?

The Autobiography of Jane Eyre was created by Nessa Aref and Alysson Hall. Together they gathered a team of young artists comprised of both post-secondary grads and current students of schools such as: UVic, UBC, Capilano University, SFU, CCPA, VCC, UBCO and the Art Institute of Vancouver.

What Do We Need?

As of now, our production has been operating on a $0 budget. That means anything we need for the show (actors, writers, editors, wardrobe, props, film equipment, etc) has to be begged, borrowed, or stolen. Well, we haven't stolen anything. Yet. 

We're about halfway through our projected amount of episodes and want to be able to keep going. $5000 will be enough to cover the costs of the show and keep it at the calibre we've set.

With $5000 we'll be able to:

-Pay back the designers and producers who spent their own money on wardrobe, props, film equipment and promotional material.

-Buy any future production necessities for the rest of the production

-Be able to supply some food for production days (roughly 2 writers meetings and 6 shoot days a month)

-Have a small safety net should we have any unexpected costs such as SD cards, lighting, or microphones. 

Once we've made our goal, we'll be able to give honorariums to the 30+ talented writers, actors, editors, composers, producers, and designers who've donated their time and efforts to making Jane possible and help to fund some our trip to Vid Con 2014 to further market the series and meet fans and viewers.

The Perks

We, at The Autobiography of Jane Eyre, understand that your money is precious to you and we're offering some lovely incentives to ease the parting. You could score yourself an exclusive portfolio of Jane's never before seen photography, an original piece of Adele artwork, show bookmarks and mugs, tea especially chosen by Jane for you, signed scripts and even the opportunity to skype with Jane Eyre herself! See the sidebar for the details of each exciting perk.

On top of all that, we wanted to celebrate the fandom community that has emerged through our show. So, we've created 7 special videos that can only be unlocked when we reach certain financial goals. Those videos will be posted the campaign site and our Production YouTube Account.

When we reach $500 you'll get to meet the production team as we answer some of your questions in a Q&A 

You'll also have the chance to see the characters in ways you never would otherwise

$1000Grace can't handle it anymore

$1500Jane confesses some true feelings

$2000 Suzanna shares the secrets she's learned keeping her mouth shut and ear to the pavement

$3000Rochester shows his true colours

$4000- Pilot the Dog does his very own Vlog

And, when we reach our $5000 goal, we'll release never before seen behind the scenes and bloopers from our filming so far!

$7500- Adam Wright (Rochester) will give a Backstreet Boys performance you won't forget.


$8,000 - Watch a sleep deprived showrunner play the role of Adele Rochester. Yep. That happened. 

$8,500 - More Bloopers! 

$9,000 - The finger puppet series begins! Video #1 will involve - a science fair with Adele… 

$9,500 - Finger puppet video #2 : A candle lit cooking class with Ricardo… with a special appearance from Grace Poole. 

$10,000 -  Finger puppet video #3: Eurotrip with Joanna and Liz!

$10,500 -  Finger puppet video #4: Catch up with Blanche and Warren

Your Impact

The medium of the webseries allows artists like us, with limited resources and connections, to share our work and tell stories in a way that simply wouldn't have been possible even a few years ago. Transmedia has opened up an entirely new world for story tellers of all kinds to explore. But we are only as strong as our community. 

Being a start-up, we understand if you if you aren't in a position to support us financially. But remember that subscribing, liking and sharing the show and our campaign is as equally as important! Every like, reblog and tweet counts and is appreciated.

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