The Ape Woman West Coast Premiere

Everyone's favorite sideshow rock opera is coming to San Francisco!

(Our video was recorded at the famous Hotel Utah Saloon open mic, where you will find Our Humble Composer haunting every Monday night.)
The Ape Woman, a new Rock Opera by San Francisco composer and performer May van Oskan, took the East Coast by storm in 2012. Now we're bringing it to the Bay, all we need is the silver platter to put it on.
We'll be performing at the indie theatre hub of downtown San Francisco, The Exit Theatre, for two weeks in June. Step into our after-hours circus tent and let us entertain and woo you.
This show moves like a freight train, as the harrowing true story of Victorian sideshow phenomenon Julia Pastrana is recounted by the four men who decided her sordid fate over 150 years ago. The backbone of the show are fourteen original songs, sung by one actress who portrays both Julia and her successor Marie Bartel. The pieces meander cleverly between sultry jazz ballad, classical requiem, and rock epic, supported by the complex vocal harmonies of three real-life sisters. Their voices, blended with their mother’s electric guitar and a band comprised of old hometown friends, creates a uniquely confident, almost telepathic fabric of sound.
Songwriter Jemima James remarked "DON'T MISS THIS SHOW - It's brilliant, captivating, ballbusting, heartbreaking. Bring your handerchiefs and go." The Ape Woman was featured in The Boston Globe last December, where we sold out Club Passim. Now we're bringing this ferocious tearjerker to the greatest city in the world.
We're reinventing our sound for our new space at the Exit Studio, but we still need to bring half our cast (at least five people) to San Francisco for two weeks! We need funding for airfare, theater rental, promotion, and supplies to keep our performers fed, happy, and looking fabulous for you.
We are ridiculously pleased to offer you sparkling rewards for your generosity! Original artwork by Hiller Goodspeed, Olivia Pattison, Alisa Javits, or Maury de Geofroy is yours for the asking, along with the original cast World Premiere recording from our very first run on Martha's Vineyard.
Even more famously, if you get your big wallet out (or team up with some friends with slightly smaller wallets), you can purchase the divine experience of a private house show, anywhere in the contiguous US, performed by Our Strange Diva May van Oskan and however many of her beloved costars she can drag along. Get out your fanciest pants and she'll compose and record a brand new song, just for you.
If we don't reach our goal, we're still going up-- it's up to you to decide how magnificent this show will be, and how broke we will go in producing it. It is our dream to create a sordid-yet-cozy Victorian living room in the snowglobe of your imagination, and only you will make this dream come true.
If we raise more than our target, we won't waste it! We're heading back to the East Coast in July to play a fabulously prestigious theatre festival, and the more we break even out here, the more terriffic (and possible) our next adventure will be. So feel free to be extra generous!
We're also recruiting our guerrilla publicity squadron. Got stilts? Wigs? Glitter-encrusted abandoned parade floats? The ability to distribute palm cards and adhere stickers in creative locales? Please like us and share us, and we'll share our stuff and like you right back. We love to make a scene, and would love if you would join us in full regalia.

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