The Amethyst Network-spread the word

The Amethyst Network is raising funds so that we can spread education and support our infrastructure.


Who are we?

Two years ago five women were each pondering miscarriage and loss and thinking there needed to be better education and support for those who experience it... Then Kimberlee left a comment on Jenni's Blog, Jenni left a comment on Molly's blog, Molly called Michelle, Jenni called Jena, we all started talking, and within weeks The Amethyst Network was born.

We all feel passionately that there is a lack of education about miscarriage in this country, and even worse there is a real lack of support for those who experience it. 1 in 4 pregnancies ends in miscarriage, and yet almost nobody talks about it. We challenge that taboo in the name of being able to help those who are grieving when they need it most.

Where does the money go?

Although all our board members and doulas are volunteers, we still need some money for basic operating costs.

  • Website hosting
  • Printing expenses for passalong cards, brochures, and posters to hang in waiting rooms
  • Items for Healing Boxes for bereaved parents
  • Expenses related to the loss doula certification and support programs
  • Expanding our nonprofit status to additional states (currently we are only registered for tax exemption in one state) and to get federal 501c3 status

Whether we reach our funding goal or not, the money we earn here will go toward these things.


Other Ways You Can Help

We appreciate that times are lean for many of you. If you are not able to donate, please at least share our link with others who may be able to do so.
Thank you!

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