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An unstable young woman graduates college and returns to her hometown to find everything has changed.
Emily Summerhayes
Boston, Massachusetts
United States
9 Team Members


Thank you for taking a moment to look at our page for:



You are probably wondering who the people working on this production are. Our Executive Producer, Writer and Director is Alex Fierro-Clarke; Samantha Gordon is Executive Producer and Writer; and Emily Summerhayes is the Producer. Our talented crew is comprised of our peers from all over the country who came together at Emerson College in Boston with the common interests of storytelling and art.



We are working to raise money for a Bachelor of Fine Arts final thesis: a TV pilot entitled The American Dream. The pilot follows Leslie, a twenty-one year-old who is desperately avoiding adulthood. After finding a way to graduate early, she suffers a mental breakdown and is forced to move back home. As she attempts to revert back to her old life, she faces the realization that the place she once called home has changed just as much a she has. 

This is a story everyone can connect to, no matter your age. It delves into what it’s like being a millennial - a group simultaneously called the most lazy and narcissistic generation in America that faces unprecedented credit card and student loan debt along with the ongoing pressure to succeed and be on top. Being a part of what is now titled the “Me, Me, Me Generation," we hope to explore why our generation feels that each one of us is the center of our own world, or why others see us that way. How do we deal differently with face to face interactions that aren’t with a computer screen than those older than us? We aren’t trying to make an unbelieveable production with unrealistic characters; Leslie is going through a transitional period that every college student is going through. She is the typical 20-something trying to find her place in this ever-changing world. We want to explore this character in order to better understand ourselves as well as to show others there’s a lot more to millenials than meets the eye.



Our film set will be 10 days of high activity as actors go over their characters with Alex, Joe sculpts the visuals, and Devynne dresses the set to match the themes of the episode. The amount of coffee, sandwiches and other groceries we’ll need to energize our hard working crew of 25 calculates to at least $1800 (dang!) over a necessary 10 days of shooting. After food, we have budgeted:

- equipment rentals,

-set dressing expenses,

-expendables like gaffer’s tape, clothespins and scripts

- transportation for our equipment, cast and crew

To shoot a 30-minute pilot, we will need to buy 15 rolls of 16mm Kodak film. While it’s not outright an expensive medium, the length of the project dictates such a large amount of film. In addition, we have budgeted for the processing and transferring of the film to a digital medium for post-production.



The medium of film is fuzzy and often hard to work with - kind of like Leslie! Film gives its images a kind of indescribable character. Alternatively, images captured on digital cameras are very “clean,” sterile and clear-cut. Our goal is to inspire nostalgia, study complicated characters, and explore the nature of what its like to be a young American. There’s nothing clear-cut about any of that, which is why it is so important we shoot on 16mm Kodak film. Film is a dying medium; it’s one that requires discipline, preparation and skilled lighting. While our main reason for using film is to compliment the look and feel of the script, this could be our last chance to practice on motion picture film. The closing down of film stock production companies and the resulting rise of film roll prices has led it to its almost exclusive use by those with extreme studio budgets. We want to be a part of the filmmaking process before it is too late. Now that Kodak has declared bankruptcy, who knows how long we have left. Just like Leslie, we want to go back to our roots and support film to the end. Additionally, the whole process is one that would give our crew incredible experience and really round out our college careers.



Your contributions are a necessity to helping us with our American Dream, so we want to give you something in return.


$1-5- Look out for a Facebook and Twitter shout out! Those are the best!

$10- Choose between a customized American Dream pencil or lollipop.

$25 and over- Receive a digital download of The American Dream poster with The American Dream pencil!

$50 or above- A digital document chronicling the American Dream set behind the scenes and a digital download of the poster.

$100 and up- The first three people to donate $100 gets a (drum roll) Emily Summerhayes...original dreamcatcher!!

$100 and up- Those after the first three who donate $100 will recieve a The American Dream postcard from our set to you and a private digital download of the film.

$250 and over- Receive a DVD of the final pilot. 

$500- Look forward to a DVD of the film and an 11''x17'' offical The American Dream poster.

$750 or more- We’ll sign an exclusive DVD complete with a behind-the-scenes look into the making of this independent student film, including interviews with us crazy kids.

$1000 and over- Gain the Associate Producer credit and receive a poster signed by the entire cast and crew.

$2000 and over- You will be credited as a Co-Producer on the pilot episode and recieve the look book we have been using all year to create the film.

$5000- See your name on screen as Executive Producer and we will give you the choice between visiting us on set in Boston or touring via Skype.

*Keep an eye out as we add more rewards and run contests throughout our campaign!*




As seasoned film students, we’ve tackled over 100 projects combined of all types and genres, working in every position imaginable that one can work on in film.  Individually, we have worked on our own projects. Samantha and Emily co-created and produced their own web series, Make It Work, a mockumentary focusing on the comedy and hardships of living with roommates starkly different from one another. With the help of their fifteen crewmembers, the pair filmed three episodes over three weekends in their tiny apartment building. They are no strangers to taking a screenplay and creating their own (mildly crooked) reality on screen. Additionally, Samantha  Executive Produced a BFA film last summer with a similar budget that just premiered a few weeks ago.  

Alex, along with his co-producer, led a filmmaking team of over 40 to create The Cleaning Crew, an eleven-minute dark comedy. They used the fundraising platform Kickstarter and ran a successful campaign. (We decided indiegogo is cooler. No hard feelings, right Kickstarter?)

Meanwhile, Devynne is in the midst of creating her own BFA project, Derailed, about the haunted trains of Pennsylvania, which she has written and will direct. Joe has a good eye and the technical ability to back it up; he is the director of photography for yet another BFA thesis film set in the 1960’s.




 With all our collective experience, we are confident in our talents, our abilities and our work ethic. Our aim is to share our perspective as college students on the precipice of graduating in the 21st century. With the promises of immense loans, unemployment and a not-so-stellar economy to look forward to, we are all wondering what our next steps will be. With your help, we can search for these answers within a TV pilot that we can all be proud of (and you can be too!)



We understand if you cannot contribute monetarily to our campaign. If so, and if our cause has reached you, you can help by sharing our campaign with your friends, family, co-workers and online contacts. We are sharing our perspective and now want to hear yours! Let us know, what is your American Dream? What does success or failure mean to you? You can email us, write on our facebook page, tweet at us or even send us your own video!

We love you all more than the ramen we stockpile in our college apartments (and that’s a lot coming from Alex). Help us make our American Dream come true. Please donate whatever you can! Any amount is wildly appreciated.



The American Dream Team

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Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    Online Shout Out

    Look out for a Facebook and Twitter shout out! Those are the best!

    7 claimed
  • $10USD
    Customized Goodie

    Choose between a customized The American Dream pencil or lollipop. With one of the following phrases: -I'm an American Dreamer -“Episode” makes it sound so serial -You had another episode, didn’t you? -This adult thing isn’t as easy as the TV shows make it look. -You matriculated. The word mature is in there...somewhere. -Can you cut me like a miniscule drop of slack?

    19 claimed
  • $25USD
    Digital Poster and Goodie

    Receive a digital download of The American Dream poster with The American Dream pencil!

    6 claimed
  • $50USD
    BTS Photos & Poster

    -A digital document chronicling the American Dream set with behind the scenes photos and stills from the pilot. -A digital download of the poster.

    3 claimed

    Handmade Dreamcatcher

    The first three people to donate $100 gets a (drum roll) Emily Summerhayes...original dreamcatcher!!

    3 out of 3 claimed
  • $100USD
    Postcard and Private Download

    -The American Dream postcard thank you sent from our set to you -A private digital download of the film

    2 claimed
  • $250USD
    DVD of Pilot

    A DVD of the final pilot.

    2 claimed
  • $500USD
    DVD and 11''x17'' Poster

    Look forward to a DVD of the film and an 11''x17'' offical The American Dream poster.

    1 claimed
  • $750USD
    Signed DVD

    The production team and stars will sign an exclusive DVD complete with a behind-the-scenes look into the making of this independent student film, including interviews with us crazy kids.

    0 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Associate Producer & More

    -Gain an Associate Producer credit -The final DVD -11''x17'' poster signed by the entire cast and crew

    1 claimed
  • $2,000USD
    Co-Producer Credit & More

    You will be credited as a Co-Producer on the pilot episode and recieve the look book we have been using all year to create the film. Additionally, you'll get an 18''x24'' official poster signed by the cast and crew

    0 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    Executive Producer

    Along with an Executive Producer credit on on The American Dream, receive a tour of the set, Q&A with the director, or a Skype tour. EP's will also receive: -An 18''x24'' poster signed by the cast & crew -Our film look book -A DVD of the film signed and with interviews from the cast & crew. -A personalized “thank you” postcard with picture of the film on the front.

    0 claimed
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