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enabled tracking device that helps keep your child safe from potential kidnappers like Ariel Castro.
Josh Beistle
Mesa, Arizona
United States
1 Team Member

The Amber Jewel

Our goal is to expedite the process of locating a missing child and to deter criminals and lowlifes from snatching kids in the first place.

Upon activation, the Amber Jewel will send you (the parent) an update every few minutes with the coordinates of your child.

You can also view you child's location anytime in real-time.

Or, using our simple App, you can quickly set up "Safe Zones" with times and locations and Amber Jewel will notify you if your child leaves the designated zone when they shouldn't.

The Amber Jewel and our App makes it easy for the police to quickly find your child and rescue them from possible harm or worse…

By joining this Indiegogo project at any pledge level, you could help save a child.

Who is it for?

Parents and Grandparents who want to significantly reduce the risk of their (grand)child being abducted.


According to the statistics, by the time you finish reading this Indiegogo, approximately 4 kids will be taken from their families...

...About now, a parent has discovered their child is missing and is going through an emotional roller coaster of terror, fear and worse…

Our goal is to make it next to impossible for people like Ariel Castro to get away with abducting, sexually assaulting and beating children, or worse. Had the technology existed just a decade ago, we’re confident those poor girls would have quickly and easily been rescued and Ariel sent to jail then.

How Amber Jewel Works

Amber Jewel is easy to use and set up. Disguised as a necklace or a watch, or even hidden in your child's clothing, the Amber Jewel can be triggered in a number of ways:

  1. If a perpetrator tries to pull the Amber Jewel off.
  2. If a kidnapper attempts to cut the Amber Jewel off.
  3. If the child activates the device via the special SOS button.
  4. If the battery dies (it warns you when the battery is low so you can recharge it).
  5. If you have remotely triggered the device.
  6. If a parent has logged into the secure website to report an abduction.
  7. If your child has left the “safe zone” you’ve created in the App.

Once the Amber Jewel has been activated, the device’s location is “pinged” and within a matter of minutes, your child’s coordinates will be relayed to you with ongoing updates in real time to give to your local police.

By radically speeding up the location process, an abducted child has a better chance of being returned unharmed thanks to the Amber Jewel device.

How the App Works to Help Keep Your Child Safe and Give You Peace of Mind

The Amber Jewel “Safe Zone” App offers you complete flexibility and control in setting up real-time alarms to inform you when your child leaves a safe zone (like school, the park or a friend's house) when they shouldn’t. You will also be able to set time-based rules for when your child should be inside or outside each zone.

The App also provides you with other valuable information and alerts such as low battery life alerts.

Example of setting up your child's safe zone using our App - It's easy!

My Story

A few months ago I was in a business meeting where I had turned my ringer off. After the meeting was over, I checked my messages as I normally do to discover a voice mail message from my 8-year-old daughter saying mom was sick so she was walking to school on her own.

I immediately jumped into my car and headed toward the school hoping and praying I’d find her walking to the school.

Fortunately this story has a happy ending and I found her a mile down the street from the house. She had still crossed a major six lane intersection before I could get to her. But the stress… the scary, horrific thoughts and scenarios wouldn’t stop running through my mind. And that’s what got me thinking:

“What if there was a way for me to keep track of my daughter’s location and if she went ‘out of bounds’ or left the “safe zones” I set up, I would get a text notification right away so I could check up and make sure everything was okay?”

Like every good parent, this would give me so much peace of mind in a world gone crazy.

But after scouring the Internet I couldn’t find anything that was remotely good enough. Everything I found was either outrageously expensive or worse, easily recognized and quickly removed by a kidnapper, thereby defeating the purpose of the device.

Enter the Amber Jewel.

We all know time is of the essence when it comes to rescuing kidnap victims.

I shared the idea with a few of my friends and they all agreed – it’s a brilliant idea, but if the Amber Jewel became popular; then would-be abductors would eventually figure out a way to remove it and get away with the child.

So I went back to the drawing board and came up with what I believe to be a brilliant solution:

What if the Amber Jewel was small enough to be put into a shoe?

Or hidden or sewn into a piece of clothing? Etc…

This would mean the only people who would know about it would be you – the parent!

Or better yet, what if the necklace or watch wasn’t easily removable by force? Or if it was removed, you immediately got a text alert along with GPS coordinates?

All my friends agreed that I’m on the right track with the Amber Jewel.

So I’ve turned to Indiegogo to help me realize this idea and bring it to market so we can help put an end to child abductions once and for all.

Where are we in development?

Once I got the idea, I sat down and drew some sketches of what I thought it should look like and how it would work. I also turned to several of my software programs that we've developed in-house for my business and looked at how we could re-purpose some of the code and technology for this project.

The great news is one of our past projects incorporates much of the code and technology we would want and need for the Amber Jewel App.

This has saved us months of App development time and allowed us to create a "bare bones" basic version of what will eventually be the final Amber Jewel App. We're now focused on the following:

  1. Finalizing the engineering schematics for the product.

  2. Refining the user experience in the App as well as the App itself.

With your help, we will soon begin the process of:

  • Designing the packaging.
  • Getting product certifications
  • Designing the supply chain process
  • Tooling
  • Materials procurement
  • Production

When will it be ready?

I estimate approximately 6-8 months to fully finish fleshing out and testing everything properly. This timeline includes programming the App for both Android and iPhone compatibility, building physical prototypes, making improvements as needed, testing, tooling and manufacturing along with negotiating with major phone carriers.

Production – Where?

I’m currently researching and talking to various manufacturers in China and Taiwan along with interviewing manufacturing experts to help avoid as many mistakes and delays as possible.

Perks for our Indiegogo Supporters

Here's a breakdown of the perks you can choose from when you support this campaign (select your perk from the sidebar at the top of this page). All perks include a shout out on our website as well as a Facebook Hero Avatar to show your support in our project.

*All pledges of $100 or more will get full access to the Beta version of our "Safe Zones" App.

*Digital rewards will be given to backers immediately. Physical rewards (except Amber Jewels) will be shipped out 1-3 months after the campaign is over.

**Final physical perks may not be exactly as pictured.

***Picture of Amber Jewel is NOT of final product and is only shown to demonstrate it as a physical product.

****All pledges of $100 or more will also get full access to the Beta version of our "Safe Zones" App.

Why we need your support

We've come a long way in very short period of time but now we need your help. Your support will allow us to initiate tooling and manufacturing so we can make the Amber Jewel available to you and the millions of kids out there who are in danger. Together, we can make the world a safer, better place to live in, one child at a time. 

Please share this Indiegogo with your friends, co-workers, neighbors and people you know with children – you may in fact be responsible for saving their child from horrors no one should ever go through.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us and ask.


Q. Can you have multiple safe zones at once?
A. Yes.

Q. When the Amber Jewel is activated, who is notified first?
A. You have the ability to set multiple people as first to be notified. This way both parents can be notified at the same time in case one is running errands or is unavailable like I was during my business meeting.

Q. Is the Amber Jewel an actual jewel or piece of jewelry?
A. No. The Amber Jewel is actually an electronic device. The name came from the "Amber Alert" system and we thought if we can make the device small enough, we will be able to fit it into a necklace or some other piece of jewelry or other commonly worn item.

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