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Since Indiegogo gives us a list of people YOU refer to our campaign we've decided that if someone you refer contributes at a higher level than you do we will bump YOU up to their contribution level for referring them to help us out! 

The Absence Unedited - Part 1


This campaign is designed to get new music in the hands of fans and The Absence on the road touring again. In some ways the magnitude of what contributors will help us achieve cannot be understated and in other ways is hard to describe. Reaching this goal is a necessary milestone for The Absence to achieve to get the ball rolling toward fully producing a new record and consistently touring the US, Canada, and Europe in support of the new recording.

What We Need & What You Get

Here’s how it works; by donating and selecting a perk, you directly contribute to our goal. We'll use the money to record, mix, master and press the record, plus cover expenses for all of the artwork and administrative costs for registrations and distribution; the remainder will be put towards touring so The Absence can keep out on the road playing live for fans.

We have taken a great deal of time and care coming up with a lot of unique, personal, and overall killer items to offer you in return for contributing to our goal, which is recording new music and touring. How about music lessons from the band, personal member items like handwritten lyric sheets, or even coming to Tampa for a big BBQ with some of your favorite metal alumni or to help produce a track and receive production credits on a song? Maybe you'd rather have dinner with the guys before a show and kick it backstage with VIP treatment afterwards… Check out everything we are offering!

Other Ways You Can Help

PLEASE help get the word out and make some noise about our campaign. Use the Indiegogo share tools right here on this page to share with your social pages like Facebook & Twitter and then shoot the link out to your address book! Thank you in advance for doing your part to help us reach this goal so we can have the opportunity to continue bringing our music to the world.




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