The 22 Magazine: VOLUME 2-II SIGN & SYMBOL.

The 22 is an online magazine that focuses on music, arts, literature and the intersections between.

Our Story

The 22 is an online magazine that focuses on the fusion of art, music and literature as a symphonic whole. Whether the din is delightfully in tune or charmingly askew, this project is about giving artists, writers and musicians a voice through careful curation of contributors whose work speaks to the many and the few. We thrive on sparking new dialogue. On mixing strange brews. On the abundant, the heady, the experimental, the unknown and the razor's edge. The 22 features professional and emerging artists, writers and musicians from around the world and the first volume culminated in a group show comprised of music, art and readings, with a salon dynamic. The positive response to our first volume was overwhelming and Vol II promises to bring some of the boldest work yet.


The Impact

ABOUT VOLUME 2/II: For this volume we've gone theme. Sign & Symbol that is. Inspired by the amazing ability we have as human beings to create mythologies, campaigns, definitions and icons, Volume II explores the crevices of what makes up sign and symbols. Rather than define the meaning ourselves (wouldn't that belittle the point really?) we asked 22 contributors to come together and create a mythology of mythologies. And create they did. These works are brash, beautiful and poignant interpretations of our ever redefined world and pairing poet along artists or musician begs the question, can we ever really define ourselves or is it always open to interpretation?

What You Get

This is our first fundraising campaign and as it is, we're asking for only a minimal amount to fund a portion of Vol II. Most of these funds will go towards a celebratory event and printing costs for the Spring 2012 release of The 22 Review. Any additional fund raised go towards developing projects like the Clamor in the Streets and to help with production and future printing costs. Although we've only asked for a little, it's no lie, we need a lot. So feel free to treat that goal like a rough estimate and fire away!




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