Teressa Withers

Teressa, 30, rediscovers her passion for rapping and hip-hop music.
RC (Rachel) Scott
New York City, New York
United States
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"I have a belief that everybody is an artist. Not all people can write, draw or sing. Some can make fabulous meals, others are mechanics, athletes, or scientists. Everyone has a living, breathing creative core that leads them to their deepest passions." - RC Scott

Short Summary

Rachel (RC) Scott is a Film Student at School of Visual Arts in New York City. Teressa Withers is Rachel's thesis film. She moved to New York City in 2008 in pursuit of acting. After a year at an acting conservatory, Rachel decided to pursue writing and directing, and transferred to SVA in 2009. She spent the summer of 2012 working on the script, and finished it in October. The final film will premiere in May of 2013.

Teressa Withers explores the idea of the artist (your inner creative core) being the inner child. This cerebral dramedy is about Teressa, 30, whom once dreamed of being a rapper, but instead now carries on an unhappy, mundane life. Teressa's imagination begins to manifest her child-like self in order to help save her from this fate, and encourages her to pursue her dreams.

"Many times I have interacted with people who are incredibly unhappy with their lives. After reading Julia Cameron's book, The Artists' Way, I started thinking about different reasons why people block themselves off from their dreams and creativity." - RC Scott

The Age of Aquarius is upon us; a time for great change. Rachel made this film in hopes of inspiring people to take another look at their lives, and to ask "am I truly happy? Am I doing what I want to do? What is it that I really want to spend my time doing?" 

"Invisible to the naked eye,
The things that matter
only the heart can decide.
The next great renaissance has arrived;
A new time for all the artists to thrive.
So come on everybody,
lets revolutionize
all of our hearts, 
and all of our minds.
We can all be Michealangelo's inside.
~If only, if only,
the woodpecker sighed~"
RC Scott

By helping Rachel complete this film, you could potentially help contribute to the inner workings of word wide change. Rachel will start to put this on the festival circuit this summer, where she believes it will gather lots of attention. As more people watch this film, and begin to understand the deep well of their creative core, the spark will ignite a flame of passionate change. 

What We Need & What You Get

We're looking to raise $850. Some of the funds will go towards completion funds. The film is currently in post-production. We still need to do some after effects work, and sound post-sound work. More importantly, we needs some funds to help us get started on the festival circuit. It is our hope to send the film to at least 2 festivals a month starting in June.

We're offering an assortment of cool perks for donations. Each level of donation has an exciting addition to the "bag o' swag." At the very low end, we're offering a Facebook Shout out to anybody who's available to help out; the whole word will know about "John Doe's" excitement of the film! Other prizes include a poster, a limited time DVD, a credit in the film, and maybe even a ticket to the NYC premiere! Can someone say "MOVIE PARTY!!!"

If we can't get the whole $850, it's totally cool! We will sail on our quest to enter this film into festivals all around the country (and potentially the world), so we can get as many people to see it as possible. The main goal is to reach audiences with the best quality possible!

If we can exceed our goal, then we can give paychecks to the many talented and passionate people we had working on this film! Who likes getting paid?

The Impact

"I really feel like this movie has the power to help change lives. If people walk out of the theatre asking themselves, "what am I not doing that I could be doing to make my life happier?" then I feel like I've done my job as a filmmaker. One thing that I've always wanted to do is inspire people. I can do that with movies." - RC Scott

There are endless possibilities to the impact of this film. It has so many elements that make it a whole: romance, comedy, drama, music, art; it's a kid's movie, and adult movie; a movie for the dreamers and the sleepers, for the happy and the depressed; it's a film that everyone can enjoy and be inspired by. 

Change begins with ourselves. As the age of Aquarius dawns on our time, Rachel and the team believes that we are in the beginnings of a new renaissance. This film is a foundation block to help inspire this change in each and every heart on the planet; a calling card to those who feel empty inside to rediscover their passions, and to reignite the light of creativity."

"I am an artist
Human photosynthesis.
Instead of chlorophyl,
I convert my experiences"
RC Scott

Other Ways You Can Help

Can't donate? Totally understandable! Please just help us build support by "Liking" our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TeressaWithersFilm

Please also help us share! Post the trailer, and/or this promo page on your wall! Email it to people who need to be inspired. Tweet it! Please just help us spread the word about this amazing film, that could be a building block to the progression of the human race!

"Cool, yo. Thanks!" - RC Scott

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    Special Thanks in the Credits

    Along with a Facebook shout out, for $5 we'll put your name in the credits as a special thank you!

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    An Awesome Postcard

    For $10 we'll send you a postcard along with the shout outs

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    Digital Screener

    Want to watch the film whenever you want? Donate $20, and we'll give you access to the digital screener along with everything else!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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    Limited time DVD

    Want to start building a "bag o' swag?" Donate $50, and we'll send you a limited time DVD along with everything else!

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    Donate $100, and we'll add an awesome poster to your "bag o' swag"!

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    Associate Title + Party

    Getting serious? Donate $200, and along with all the shout outs, and the "bag o' swag", we'll also give you an Associate Producer Credit, and you can come hang out with the cast and crew at the premiere party!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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    Executive Title + NY Screening

    Going all out? COOL! For $300, on top of everything else, we'll give you the title of Executive Producer, and a ticket to an NYC Screening!

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    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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