Tentacle Grape Soda

Tentacle Grape has become a staple beverage at fan conventions, but we need your help to re-formulate and expand to more markets.

Tentacle Grape is a sweet purple concoction that has become well-known in the anime convention circuit in the past few years due to its clever theming and fan-favorite flavor. Bottles have been known sell out regularly in dealers rooms and at retail locations whenever they have been made available.

With your help we can bring Tentacle Grape to more markets, by lowering costs and increasing distribution. To reach these goals we need your help so we can:

  • Reformulate Tentacle Grape to be made with natural ingredients such as cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup. This will also open up more international markets for us such as the UK and Japan who have strict import laws. 
  • Create lighter, stronger, and safer packaging, so that shipping to both retailers, and customers can be lowered. 
  • Bring Tentacle Grape soda to more conventions and stock more retail locations. 

How Indiegogo works: 

To meet our goals based on the research we have done, we need to raise $20,000 or more by November 30th. Of course to thank you, the fans, for your support we have put together some awesome rewards for our backers. This is all or nothing; the project moves forward only if the goal is met. If not, you as a supporter will be not be charged a penny. 

We have been attending fan conventions for over a decade and know how amazing this community is, and what kind of difference it can make. We can't do this without you!

Tentacle Grape soda was created in 2009 and was met with a rush of popularity and demand that staggered its original owners. In 2010, the company was purchased by Cosplay Deviants, LLC who immediately went to work securing distribution, and re-imagining the brand, including creating the friendlier and more welcoming mascots, Murasaki and Budou (the tentacle). 

In 2012, Tentacle Grape sponsored the now popular Lounge-21 at Anime Expo in Los Angeles and handed out over 1500 limited edition bottles featuring the Tentacle Grape mascot, Murasaki, and Anime Expo mascot, Max, celebrating Anime Expo's 21st Birthday. That same weekend, one lucky attendee even won an entire year's worth of Tentacle Grape soda!

Since then, demand has been through the roof; due to high production costs, it has been nearly impossible to keep our smaller retailers stocked, and our local fans pleased. 

That's when we went to work

  • Researching better ingredients, such as cane sugar and recycled materials for bottling.
  • Spending long nights doing the painstaking work of building pricing, distribution, retail and marketing plans
  • Talking with customs agencies in several international markets in order to develop a formula that can be easily imported. 

The best part is that the major hurdles are complete, AND the demand has never been higher.

 Here's the Game Plan:

With your support, we will be able to put Tentacle Grape in more retail locations, like your local comic and anime shops, and at more conventions at an even lower price. We are ready to begin development on reformulating this already proven popular product.

The main portion of funds raised from Indiegogo will be used to modify our current Tentacle Grape soda formula to include ingredients that will allow for easier import, and on stronger more durable bottling materials, along with an initial first run of Tentacle Grape. The goal of this project is $20,000.

  • Reformulating will cost roughly $11,000 including purchasing raw ingredients and testing packaging.
  • The initial run of Tentacle Grape will cost about $4000.00 for 450 cases to be sent to retailers and distributors.
  • Rewards and fulfillment costs are roughly $1500.00
  • Indiegogo and Paypal fees are reasonable at 8-10% of the total. (roughly $2000.00) in order to make reward fulfillment easy. They work hard to make this all easy for you.    

With the funds raised from Indiegogo we will be able to cut costs by an estimated 62%. Once in hand, a very aggressive sales campaign will begin to make sure the first run is sold quickly and a second, larger batch can be ordered and distributed. In exchange for your generous support, there are a number of rewards to enjoy. We realize this is a group effort and thank you profusely for the outstanding support.

$1 - Digital Package - This reward level will get you an exclusive digital download pack that contains HD Wallpapers (multiple resolutions included), Facebook timeline covers, and a personalized thank you on the TentacleGrape.com website. 

$5 - Keepin' it Close -
 You will be sent a sweet dye-sublimated Tentacle Grape lanyard to wear around your favorite conventions, or to use in your daily routine. Show your love for Tentacle Grape by literally wearing it around your neck! We'll also throw in the digital package for you, since you're that awesome. 

$10 - You really love us -
 In addition to all of the succulent swag listed above, you will receive a limited edition Tentacle Grape sticker available only to the backers of this project. This exclusive sticker featuring Tentacle Grape mascots Murasaki and Budou will be hand crafted by a soulless machine, for that extra level of love. Plus, we'll send you all previous rewards!

$25 - Get Graped -
 We all know why you're here and what you really want... Delicious Tentacle Grape soda! Be the envy of all your friends when you show off your very own limited edition Tentacle Grape bottle featuring an exclusive label only available to Indiegogo backers. Plus, because you're awesome, we'll throw in all of the previous rewards too.

$50 - Tentacle Apparel -
 Wanna look awesome while you're sipping away at your Tentacle Grape? Get yourself a comfy t-shirt featuring the exclusive Tentacle Grape Indiegogo art by Studio Cutepet, plus all of the awesome rewards above when you back at this level!

$50 - Feeling Creative -
 Some people enjoy the finer things in life, and you're one of them! Backers at this level will not only get everything up to and including the $25 tier, you will also be sent an 11 x 17 print of the exclusive Tentacle Grape Indiegogo label art.

$50 - Alternative Artist -
Some like it simple, you like it out of the ordinary.  Backers at this level will not only get everything up to and including the $25 tier, you will also be sent an alternative version of our popular 11 x 17 poster featureing the exclusive Tentacle Grape Indiegogo label art.

$75 - On Display - You just can't get enough of that tempting Tentacle Grape merch. Well, backers at this level get it all! You will be sent an 11 x 17 print of the exclusive Tentacle Grape Indiegogo label art, plus a comfy t-shirt featuring the exclusive Tentacle Grape Indiegogo label art by Studio Cutepet. Comes with all rewards up to and including the $25 tier.

$100 - The Artist -
 You want something a little more special, something that makes you one of the elite. Backers at this level will be sent a numbered limited Edition 11 x 17 print of the exclusive Tentacle Grape Indiegogo art signed by the artist. Includes all previous rewards up to and including Your choice of either $50 tier. Only 50 available

$125 - The Collector -
 Gotta have 'em all! Backers at this level are the true aficionados of the Tentacle and are not afraid to show it. You will be sent 4 bottles of Tentacle Grape each with one of the labels used through it's featured through its current run including; Original Label (discontinued in 2011), Re-design label featuring Murasaki, Anime Expo 2012 exclusive label, and the Indiegogo Exclusive label. And since you are so awesome we're also going to send you all rewards up to and including Your choice of either $50 tier. Only 24 available

$150- Now it's a party -
 Want to be the envy of all your friends? Want to see them beg for your acceptance? Well now you can with this awesome six-pack of Tentacle Grape soda with the exclusive Indiegogo label to share, or to keep all to yourself. Comes with all previous rewards up to and including your choice of either $50 tier.

$200- Your very own Budou! -
 Have you ever wanted a tentacle of your own? Well backers of this tier will get that wish granted with their very own 18" stuffed Budou plushie, hand crafted here in the Tentacle Grape office, and a bottle of Tentacle Grape featuring the limited edition Indiegogo label. Comes with all previous rewards up to and including your choice of either $50 tier.

$200- All Set! -
 Do you wish Murasaki and Budou would come to life? Well your wish has been granted in this exclusive photo set featuring CosplayDeviants.com model Freckle. Featuring 60 images as your favorite Tentacle Grape mascot and her loving Tentacle Companion this set is exclusive only to backers of the Indiegogo. You also get a personalized 8x10 print signed by the model and all previous rewards up to and including your choice of either $50 tier.

$250- A case of Grape - For the fans who want more than just a few, you want it all! We will send you a full case of Tentacle Grape soda featuring the limited edition Kickstarter label. That's 24 bottles to make you the envy of all your friends. Comes with all previous rewards up to and including your choice of either $50 tier.

$500- The Original -
 You're the type who wants a one-of-a-kind item aren't you? Then you're going to want to grab fast because this backer tier is limited to ONE and contains the original pencil line work for the limited edition Tentacle Grape Indiegogo label drawn by Studio Cutepet. Plus, we'll throw in everything up to and including your choice of either $50 tier, 'cause you're awesome!

$500- The Original II: Anime Expo - You will be sent the original pencil line work for the now out of production Anime Expo exclusive Tentacle Grape label drawn by Studio Cutepet. Comes with all previous rewards up to and including your choice of either $50 tier. This is the ONLY one in existence

$500- The Original III: The Current -
 You will be sent the original pencil line work for the current Tentacle Grape label drawn by Studio Cutepet. Comes with all previous rewards up to and including your choice of either $50 tier. This is the ONLY one in existence. 

$500- The Alternative Art - This backer tier is limited to ONE and contains the original pencil line work for the alternative limited edition Tentacle Grape Indiegogo poster & label drawn by Studio Cutepet. Plus, we'll throw in everything up to and including your choice of either $50 tier, 'cause you're awesome! 

$1000- Retailers - Do you have an awesome geek hangout or nerdy novelty company that wants to carry Tentacle Grape? Backers at this level will receive Five cases (120 bottles) of Tentacle Grape soda in awesome ready to display packaging along with a set of fully customized marketing materials. You get 5 T-shirts, 5 lanyards and a pack of stickers PLUS You will also be placed on our exclusive retailer list and will have first option on the purchase of Tentacle Grape at a locked-in distributor rate and will get 50% off your first complete order of the reformulated Tentacle Grape Soda.

$2000- It's all about you! -
 This backer level is reserved for those who are ready to be top Tentacle and get featured on their VERY OWN bottle of Tentacle Grape Soda. We will have our artist from Studio Cutepet draw YOU (or someone you choose) with Murasaki and Budou, and will send you your very own bottle of Tentacle Grape with your custom label. You will also receive a digital high-resolution copy, the original pencil line-art of your label and two cases of Tentacle Grape Soda featuring the Indiegogo exclusive art. You'll also take home BOTH $50 reward tiers and everything above them. Like a boss!

$5000- Get Graped VIP style! -
 Want to party with Budou Murasaki and the rest of the Tentacle Grape team? We will fly you to the official Tentacle Grape re-launch party in Orlando, Florida where you will be the VIP of the party! Flights and hotels provided You will also take home a prize pack including your own custom made stuffed Budou, a case of Tentacle Grape soda, and more! *Only available to backers within the 48 contiguous US states

$6000- A TON OF GRAPE! -
 You will receive a pallet of Tentacle Grape soda, a literal TON of awesome. Use it to host a party, to build a fort or to fill a small swimming pool because you will have more than 1600 bottles to showcase. This perk also comes with everything up to and including BOTH $50 tiers.

Backer Add-Ons:
Want to add something to your backer level? Want to build your own unique set of rewards? Use this chart to help you do so:

Simply add the extra items you would like into your contribution. If you're outside of the US, add in the shipping cost from the highest priced item and we will combine your rewards into one shipment. 

Tentacle Grape is a delicious purple beverage that slides down your throat and quenches your thirst in a way that would make schoolgirls squeal.
Beyond a simple grape soda, Tentacle Grape has also been discovered to be the perfect mixer for fans over the age of 21. An entire drink menu was created based on Tentacle Grape for the Lounge 21 at Anime Expo including such popular choices as the Naughty Schoolgirl, the Tentacle Twist, and the Fisherman's Wife.

Tentacle Grape has appeared all over the web, listen to what some of our fans have to say:

  • “The Official Soda of the Internet.” -Cracked.com
  • “It is also perhaps the best name I’ve ever seen for a product you actually ingest.” -Kotaku.com
  • “Are you a cosplayer? Do you know someone who cosplays? Do you think what they really need in life is yet another dose of caffeine?” -Rich Johnston, Lying in the Gutters, Comic Book Resources
  • I am enjoying the sweet purple nectar crafted from American sugar water and Japanese pornographic animation. My mind has been opened to the splendorous bliss and wonderment the world has to offer, in the form of a novelty soft drink. -Jericho Christenson, Satisfied customer

    Let's add to that list; help us put a bottle of Tentacle Grape into the hand of every fan!

Please click the “Contribute” button and help us bring Tentacle Grape soda to more fans around the world. 

Credits: For press inquiries and high resolution images, please contactTroy@TentacleGrape.com
Video shot and edited by: Ionus Photography 
Music: "Successful Business Venture" by Tim McMorris
"Murasaki" and "Budou" designed and illustrated by: Studio Cutepet

Share this project with your friends and family, word of mouth goes a long way.

Risks and challenges

Completion of this project will start the process of formulation and generally, this process may take up to 30 days to complete. There have been instances where it can take shorter or longer depending on additional federal requirements and our position in their queue. We have retained consultants that have secured these approvals for dozens of brands and they are managing this process. We also will be reviewing prototypes of our final production bottle, forwarding specifications to our bottler and determining that existing equipment will accommodate our fill line. As with any product going into full scale production there is still the possibility of unforeseen issues which may cause delays. We have seasoned production consultants on board to preempt and mitigate any known risks.

Tentacle Grape Soda relies on third party manufacturers to produce our branded rewards. Minor changes in design may occur based on our manufacturers limitations. While we've received assurances on delivery of our designs within the time frames specified, other clients may place larger orders with these manufacturers before we submit our orders at the completion of our Indiegogo campaign. Should this happen, it may extend our delivery times on our products.

Luckily the Tentacle Grape brand is already established and the demand is higher than ever. This gives us a great level of confidence that this next step will give us the edge to put Tentacle Grape in the hands of fans around the globe.

Tentacle Grape Soda does not support rape

Rape is a serious subject. The makers of Tentacle Grape (Cosplay Deviants, LLC) do not, in any way, shape, or form condone the despicable act of violence towards women. While we are open minded about the nature of sexual relationships and respect the variety of ways that people choose to express these things, we do not (and never have) supported the idea of unwilling participation… the difference between fantasy and flagrant violence.

That said, Tentacle Grape is a play on the phrase “tentacle rape” – a staple in popular Japanese animated pornography aka “hentai.” The facts are these:

  • The drink is a parody of a parody. (A play on words based on a fictional animated sexual cliché.)
  • The drink doesn’t promote an act of violence – it mainstreams a phrase that already exists in a popular adult subculture.
  • It’s a cartoon image. No actual schoolgirls were assaulted, hurt or violated in the creation of the soft drink. In fact our Mascot Murasaki is quite happy in ALL images of her and her tentacle companion.
  • There have not been, to date, any reported cases of tentacles raping women that we know of. *

While we respect (and agree with) the firm stance opposing sexual violence, we feel strongly that Tentacle Grape soda does not condone this unspeakable act. 

*We reserve the right to revoke this bullet point in the event of an impending alien invasion… just in case

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