Ten Count Smart Heavy Bag

We've developed a punching bag that will track your punch power as well as how many strikes you can throw.


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My name is Michael Williamson and I'm looking for your support.  

I started boxing roughly 27 years ago and have stayed active through other martial arts and coaching ever since.  

I've developed and patented a product that brings technology to a sport that hasn't evolved since the use of velcro.  

This punching bag will communicate with your computer, tablet or cell phone via a bluetooth connection and will track your work out.  It will keep count of how many strikes you throw as well as how hard they are.  This information has never been available for athletes.  You will be able to compete online or compare your workout results with anyone else in the country or hopefully the world.  

I have put together an experienced and motivated team, with your help we can bring this one of a kind product to market and change the way people train.


What We Need & What You Get

Selling a wireless product in Canada and/or the U.S. requires government testing.  The money raised will cover testing with both governments, we will redesign the circuit board to lower our cost per unit and of course manufacture our first production run.  



This will change the way people train... not just competitors who want to know how much power or stamina they lose with a weight cut... but for beginners who want to learn but cannot afford a monthly membership, have no way to the gym or just simply are too shy to try an individual sport.  

With this product complete it will give us the opportunity to launch our second product that will allow people to monitor and even prevent concussions before they happen.  This is already designed and will be useful for not just boxing but any contact sport, making kids safer.

Having an impact on the sport is not our only goal, having worked in the IBEW I know how important local jobs and manufacturing can be.  All of our research and development has been, and will continue to be sourced in North America.  Assembly of the product will be handled locally and if at all possible, parts will be made here as well.  

Boxing and martial arts changed my life.  My coach was like a second father to me and I can't imagine my youth without his influence.  Small clubs have a hard time surviving and we will always be looking to assist those clubs.  Focusing on this full time will give us the ability to do that.  At the end of the day, I've been involved in boxing and martial arts my entire life and my goal is to make a difference in the sport and the community.


Other Ways You Can Help

Please pass this on to any friends that may be interested and help us get the word out about our product.  

If you are looking for a new hobby, form of exercise or discipline... contact your provincial boxing association or the CABA, they will put you in touch with a local club where you can try the sport, challenge yourself and help the sport grow.

If you are interested in investing or know somebody who is... please do not hesitate to contact me.

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