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Dial up the perfect shower temperature.
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You turn on the shower, it's always the wrong temperature. Either a family member or you, yourself left it too hot or too cold. Now you have to wait and fiddle around trying to find that sweet spot to just enjoy your shower. Sometimes you overcompensate and it gets icy cold, sometimes you get it fairly close. Temperat changes that.

The Temperat is a shower dial that lets you save water and save time by letting you instantly find the perfect temperature. It's easy to put on and use. Never fiddle again trying to find the right temperature after a family member has adjusted it for themselves.


Help make this a reality and get a Temperat of your own!

Your contributions will help create an environmentally friendly shower time saver.  We can cut down on water and energy wasted in the shower and save some time in the process! Manufacturing with 100% Silicone leaves a minimal carbon impact with the excess and scrap material recycled for other uses. This way, you can save water without changing your shower routine and use a green product.

We are close to the goal of the manufacturing process in China. $1,350 will help us to cover costs in manufacturing (molds) and shipping and import of the Temperat. This is an all or nothing campaign, so if the $1350 dollar goal isn't reached, no money will be donated and I will be very sad. :(

I appreciate your support!  If you like my idea and project, please spread the word on twitter and facebook (tools under the video).

Setting up is a breeze. Just fit the ruler around the flange (this is its name, I thought it was called a shaft) and the dial around the knob. From there it's easy to figure out just where on the ruler your perfect temperature is after using the shower.

Works for multiple people. Do people you live with have a different idea of what the right temperature is? They can ignore whatever number you prefer and see what number lines up with their preference.

Works on multiple knob designs. Have a spherical or facet cut knob? No problem. Simply separate the bands to be on seperate sides, this creates a large space to grip the handle without moving the marker. Have a lever or cylinder knob? Just put the band on like you would on your wrist (nothing fancy) and you're set. The ruler measures 7 inches in circumference and can size to fit as low as 3.5 inches (although such flanges are rare at that scale). The dial is 6.5 inches in circumference and stretches considerably to accommodate up to 9 inches in circumference.  Please note: that this product is not designed to work with very thin dual shower taps (old British and Australian style- about 1 cm diameter). That is fulfilled by the Temji.

Save water and save energy by saving time. With the Temperat you don't waste any time in finding the right temperature, you don't have to stand outside the shower fiddling with the knob because the water isn't the right temperature. You just know that it's the right temperature.

High Quality Materials and Design. No skimping on materials. Using silicone rubber lets the product have a great feel and look. We could have made them cheaper using vulcanized rubber or plastic but the end result would have looked and felt cheap. The vulcanized silicone rubber is both very stretchy and strong and lets us fit the product across a wide range of sizes without risk of breakage. It also gives off a rich and vibrant color and if we reach $2000 in funding then I'll be able to offer a survey selected color as well.

Gratuitous Photos. All the successful Indiegogo projects have them. You want to see at least 8 good looking pictures before you want to shell out some cash? We deliver.

A series of knobs with the temperat fitted:

Multiple angles? You got it.

White Backgrounds? Sure.

Impossibly clean and unlikely to be found in the real world settings? Why not?

A finish with the product logo? Yes.

Special thanks to:

My parents and sister: For everything really

Michael Spranger: For helping shoot and edit a fantastic video in a short amount of time. His website can be found at michaelspranger.com (Michael Spranger Photography)

Iaroslav Lazunov: For creating a great guide on how to achieve a watercolor effect in adobe illustrator (although technically its supposed to reference tempera paint as that is what the product was going to be called, but that's neither here nor there.) Link to the guide here: http://vector.tutsplus.com/tutorials/tools-tips/quick-tip-how-to-create-a-watercolor-background-using-adobe-illustrator/

Myukiori: For providing free to use hand-drawn arrow assets I could incorporate into a demonstration photo. Link to her page: http://myukiori.deviantart.com/

Elizabeth Crosthwaite: For editing my grammar-especially my punctuation. As well as general feedback on the idea. :3

Digitallygeeking (Reddit): For coming up with a better tagline than "Get the shower temperature right where you want it everytime" 


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  • $8USD
    One Temperat set

    Very durable and flexible set of vulcanized silicone rubber dial and ruler. Your pledge goes towards the cost of molds to produce the Temperat. Shipping is free in the US, International backers please add $3 shipping.

    0 claimed

    Estimated delivery: September 2012
  • $15USD
    Two Temperat sets

    For the refined individual who owns several showers. Congratulations. Shipping is free in the US, International backers please add $3 shipping.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2012
  • $20USD
    Three Temperat Sets

    Give a couple away to your friends! Bask in the warm glow of camaraderie and enjoy the precise comfort of a temperat shower. Shipping is free in the US, International backers please add $3 shipping.

    0 claimed

    Estimated delivery: September 2012
  • $25USD
    Can't wait!

    One self-produced temperat and one manufactured Temperat. Can't wait? As soon as funding ends, I will immediately produce a temperat set (quality will be comparable to finished product) myself and mail it immediately, then you'll receive the final professional quality product with everybody else. Shipping is free in the US, International backers please add $3 shipping.

    2 claimed

    Estimated delivery: September 2012
  • $50USD

    Two temperat sets plus prototype and design materials. These prototypes are at different stages of the development process, so some of them will be similar to the final product some won't. Design materials comprise sketches and concepts of the product. Included will also be a description of the stage in the process these materials and designs were at, as well as a description of what the thought process was at this time. Shipping is free in the US, International backers please add $3 shipping.

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    Estimated delivery: September 2012
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