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Tempdrop™ offers hassle-free nightly tracking of TRUE BBT for the most accurate predictions
Michael Vardi
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"This is not the end, my friend" 

We are moving forward with Tempdrop, and Pre-orders are available at

Please join our mailing list if you wish to be informed

Quit Charting, Live ON !

Tempdrop™ is the first  Smart sensor that makes fertility tracking simple, safe, accurate, and available for everyone.

Important notice: Although this is a flexible funding campaign. If we will not reach our goal, WE WILL REFUND anyone who has ordered a Tempdrop™ device and will want his/her money back. 

This campaign is not for making money, it's for making a change. (M.V)

Coverage on Tempdrop™:


  • Put the sensor on before you go to sleep.  It will continuously monitor your sleep and accurate body temperature. 
  • Take it off when you wake up. It will automatically integrate its readings into your favorite fertility app.
  • No charging or battery replacement required.
  • Use our adhesive patches for the most accurate readings. You can also use our dedicated armband for a "lighter" feel, or you may even tuck the sensor under your bra strap (under the armpit). Just make sure you stick to one method.


  • No wireless transmission when you wear the device - Although we use Low Energy Bluetooth for communicating with your smartphone, we think it is important that you feel comfortable wearing Tempdrop™ every night. Therefore, we've made extra efforts to ensure that wireless transmission occurs only when you turn on the device before wearing it, and when you remove the device when you wake up.

It's For Everyone!

Yes, everyone!, We are "open" at heart and believe you should be free to pick your preferred app, switch apps, and switch phones while your data is always YOURS! 

    Do you like apps with a simplistic pink UI? Or packed with physiological information and Fertility Awareness methods applied by the app? Either way we will be happy to integrate with as many apps as possible. 
    In fact we have already collaborated with top fertility apps - the first of many.

    Works with Bluetooth 4.0 supported devices only
    Download links at the bottom of the page

    Fertility app developers, join in!!!



    • High-end electronic components - Minute fluctuations of a woman's Basal temperature during her cycle require accurate readings. Achieving such accuracy when measured on the skin requires more than just a temperature sensor. Therefore, we've carefully selected our electronic components and sensors to get an accurate, standardized, temperature reading.

    • Genuine Basal Body Temperature - Basal Body Temperature (or BBT) is defined as the lowest temperature our body reaches over a 24 hour day which usually occurs in deep sleep. Nowadays, women who wish to measure their BBT are required to wake-up every day at the same time and take their temperature while still lying in bed, without moving or even sitting up due the fact that body temperature rises when we move.

      BBT plays a major role in predicting ovulation using the Sympto-Thermal method and it is also the only quantified and objective parameter women should track. However, women find it very hard to follow this demanding routine, which forces the app to rely on less quantified data. 

      Furthermore, wake-up temping is only an approximation of your true BBT and is affected by overall sleep quality and more specifically events of waking up at night and inconsistent sleeping hours. 

    And here comes the great thing about Tempdrop™:  

    It will monitor your sleep quality to distinguish events or interrupted sleep, and also learn your personal temperature pattern during sleep (circadian rhythm). By doing that (and more) we are focusing on seamlessly integrating a definitive and standardized parameter into fertility apps to enable the most accurate predictions. 

    What are you supporting?

    At some point, any couple could find themselves facing fertility issues and the constant preoccupation of logging and charting puts a nerve-wracking pressure on the woman, which makes conception even harder. 

    Fertility apps offer an affordable and advanced platform for an accurate and effective fertility prediction solution. Recently, fertility apps that use big data for adaptive analysis of your personal data reported amazing numbers (See "Google News" results for searching "Fertility app") and are replacing expensive fertility monitors who implement similar analysis on inputted data.

    PRE-ORDER Tempdrop™ now, and be among the first to experience Smart fertility tracking with your favorite fertility app.
     Quit charting, Live On. 

    What have we been up to?

    We started about 18 months ago, with a vision of providing every women with seamless integration of essential data into the fertility app she's using - ANY FERTILITY APP! 

    Then, we decided how we wanted it to look:

    And we 3D printed it

    Then, we started touching base with leading fertility app developers. Straightforward integration for app developers has been a key feature all along, so we see it as our mission to simplify the integration process down to a couple of code lines. 

    We've directed the seed funding we were able to secure to the development of our first batch of working prototypes. 
    We've tested them on ourselves (if we reach $50K I will share with all supporters a private video of the first time I put on the sensor ;-))
    and we are now ready for our big leap to market - WITH YOUR HELP !


    What next?

    Finalizing the improved electronic design, updated mechanical design, injection molding, production line, app integration, quality assurance, FCC/CE regulations, tests, validation, and much much more...... 

    We are all very experienced at what we do (you can check out each member's Linkedin profile). We know what needs to be done, and we know how to make it happen.

    So Pre-order your Tempdrop™ sensor today!  Quit charting, Live on!

    Links to Fertility apps

    OvuView: Ovulation & Fertility
    Kindara Fertility Tracker
    MyDays - Period & Ovulation
    Menstrual Calendar
    LadyTimer - Ovulation & Period Calendar

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      Spread the word

      Help us spread the word and get a unique share link that will let us know how many people you shared our campaign with. The more you share, the more we'll cherish you ;-)

      21 claimed
    • $25USD
      Support everyone

      Whether you know someone who has trouble conceiving, or a couple practicing natural contraception methods. Your support will help us help them. YOU'LL RECEIVE : A beautifully designed Menstrual Cycle paper Wheel, based on Temp-drop's logo for yourself or for the ones you care about. (Please provide a shipping address if you care to receive the perk).You will also receive our newsletter with updates along the journey of making Temp-drop come to life.

      7 claimed
      Estimated delivery: August 2014
    • $50USD
      Temp-drop for Early-birds

      You're pioneering the land of smart fertility tracking. YOU'LL RECEIVE : 1XTemp-drop smart sensor already compatible with top rated fertility apps. + starter pack of 10 hypoallergenic patches. (please add 15$ for shipping outside US) You will also receive our newsletter with updates along the journey of making Temp-drop come to life.

      47 out of 100 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • SOLD OUT

      Armband for Early-birds

      You're pioneering the land of smart fertility tracking. YOU'll RECEIVE : Same as the 50$ Perk + Our beautifully designed and comfortable armband. (please add 15$ for shipping outside US) You will also receive our newsletter with updates along the journey of making Temp-drop come to life.

      100 out of 100 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $70USD
      Temp-drop + Armband

      You're pioneering the land of smart fertility tracking. YOU'll RECEIVE : 1 X Temp-drop smart sensor already compatible with top rated fertility apps + starter pack of 10 hypoallergenic patches. 1X Our beautifully designed and comfortable armband. (please add 15$ for shipping outside US) You will also receive our newsletter with updates along the journey of making Temp-drop come to life.

      111 out of 500 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $480USD
      Group Purchase

      A Group of 10 wonderful women, either practicing NFP, TTC, FAM......... it doesn't really matter - Temp-drop will empower Y'all ! YOU'LL RECEIVE: 10 Temp-drop devices + 10 Armbands (You each save over 30$ estimated retail price) Please assign a Group leader to provide 1 shipping address. (please add 20$ for shipping outside US) You will also receive our newsletter with updates on the journey of making Temp-drop come to life.

      2 out of 20 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
    • $2,500USD
      Distributor pack

      Be among the first retailers of Temp-drop. YOU'LL RECEIVE: 50 Temp-drop devices + 50 Armbands / 50 Packs of 30 adhesive patches (you can choose any combination) (Please add 100$ for shipping outside US)

      1 out of 10 claimed
      Estimated delivery: October 2014
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