Teddy Sitter

Teddy Sitter is a fun and interactive educational plush toy for kids. Parents can check their child's well-being and surroundings via a mobile application.

The Bear Facts

Teddy Sitter is a fun and interactive educational plush toy for children aged four to eight.  He knows jokes, stories, games, plays music and a lot more !

He enables parents to check on their children’s well-being and surroundings remotely using a mobile application. Teddy comes with basic content and gives parents the option of purchasing supplementary content, through his mobile application.

 Our Prototype :

Teddy Sitter plays with children

  • Teddy Sitter calls your child by name
  • Teddy Sitter is a nightlight
  • Teddy Sitter tells bedtime stories
  • Teddy Sitter tells jokes
  • Teddy Sitter sings songs
  • Teddy Sitter can play MP3s (via "airplay-like" or via it's own library)
  • Teddy Sitter knows educational songs
  • Teddy Sitter knows educational games
  • Teddy Sitter passes on messages from parents to kids
  • Teddy Sitter can set his alarm clock
  • Teddy Sitter whispers in the dark
  • Teddy Sitter likes to be hugged and says so
  • Teddy Sitter like to be treated right


Teddy Sitter talks to parents

Teddy Sitter is linked to a mobile application that enables him to facilitate communication between a child and his parents:

  • Teddy Sitter can take a room temperature reading
  • Teddy Sitter can measure the room humidity
  • Teddy Sitter can take pictures and send them to parents
  • Teddy Sitter has pre-programmed reminders for the child (time to shower, have a snack, bundle up, take medication, etc.)
  • Teddy Sitter monitors the child’s sleeping patterns and informs parents
  • Teddy Sitter can send messages to the parents and to the children via the mobile application


Delivery date: December 2013

Approximate size: 30 cm (the prototype is around 50cm)

 Languages : French and English

Teddy Sitter understands, for real

Teddy Sitter understands multiple ways of saying things:

  • At bedtime, if the child says, “I don’t want to go to sleep, I’m scared,” Teddy switches on his night-light and sings a nursery rhyme
  • If the child says, “I want my Mommy,” the mobile app tells the mother, “Your child needs you”
  • The mother can ask Teddy to relay the message “Mommy will be home soon” with an approximate time
  • If the child says “I’m bored,” Teddy suggests a game to play
  • If the child says, “Play music,” Teddy can play him a song he knows or an MP3 downloaded by the parents
  • If the child wants to hear a bedtime story, Teddy tells one from his catalog


Teddy understands 50 common phrases and their related variants and we're still adding some.

Teddy will come delivered with a basic package of:

  • 10 children's short stories
  • 10 full-length stories
  • 20 jokes
  • 5 types of educational games
  • 5 bedtime nursery rhymes
  • 5 educational nursery rhymes



Teddy Sitter Store: content and functionalities

Teddy’s functionality can be enriched. The mobile application lets parents buy:

Content like games, songs, stories, educational songs, jokes, etc.
The price will be comparable to pricing on stores like iTunes.

Applications to be released via an SDK that will be made available to developers
The price will be comparable to pricing on stores like iTunes.


What we need

For the moment, Teddy Sitter is merely a prototype. We need funding to create a manufacturable prototype and order the first units.

The funds will be used to:
- Perform an architectural study
       Build a microcontroller card
       Draft a functional model and 3D rendering

- Prepare for commercial manufacturing
       Acquire certification

- Market and sell
       Produce the packaging
       User manuals
       Design the final mobile application
       Build the website
       Create/buy content

Impact: give your child the best friend we all dreamed of as kids and the nanny all parents dream of
Give your child a special friend and monitor his or her well-being at all times. Teddy Sitter is not just a plush toy. He’s the best friend of kids and parents. He can undergo unlimited updates to improve his comprehension and speaking skills. He can receive unlimited upgrades with the purchase of content and applications.

Everything he needs to receive upgrades is already built in.

This is the “living” plush toy we all dreamed of as kids, and the one we’re dreaming of for our own kids.


find out more on Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/teddysitter


The Team

Thierry Verrecchia
The Computer Science Engineer
Thierry is the founder of the web agency he’s overseen for the last 10 years. He brings product ideas to W4C, as well as technical solutions on a daily basis.

Nicolas Sosnowiez
The Communicator
Journalist, blogger and marketing pro for close to 10 years, Nicolas brings to W4C his product ideas and expertise in marketing communication.

Alain Maucourt
The Electronics Engineer
Formerly head of production at LaCie, Alain brings to W4C his expertise in electronics, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering. He brings ideas to life by creating the first prototypes.

Nicolas Simier
The Tech Guru
A developer who has worked for Thierry’s web agency for the last six years, Nicolas enables objects to be configured and communicate with the web, nothing is impossible for him !

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