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"Students become innovators rather than imitators: the creators, inventors, entrepreneurs and leaders of tomorrow" - The New Zealand Herald

“Pitching learning to children as a fun, interactive experience could be the difference between fostering creativity and stifling it” – Online Educa

“A radical new approach to teaching kids innovation skills” – Hack&Craft NEWS

“Gives children a framework in which they can express themselves creatively and develop new skills” – Gruenderszene

"If you have a gifted child that wants to create, TechSpaghetti looks like a great tool that you can use to hone your child’s craft" - The Wired Homeschool

My name is Leah and I’m a Music and Digital Arts teacher.  For the past nine years I have been working around the world to inspire creativity in children.

Our children will come to age in a world that we can barely yet conceive of. The lives and careers we are trying to prepare our children for do not yet exist.

I have developed a unique method that works using creative software programs already available free on every Apple computer. My goal is to bring a productive way of learning to children everywhere to give them a practical, outcome-driven process to help them explore and focus their ideas. These skills will pave the way for tomorrow's entrepreneurs, creative strategists and innovative minds.

The way that I teach scaffolds children through creative concepts and processes while they make their own 21st century digital media showpieces, such as soundtracks and films. What children can create independently is truly amazing. Here’s a film made by David and Linus, both aged eight:

Creativity and innovation are not only a joy for kids, but a necessary tool for 21st Century creative careers.

I've started an Indiegogo campaign because I need your help to bring this concept to the world.

Where am I at right now?

Aside from teaching in multiple classrooms in Berlin, I've designed a prototype video version of my lessons. Classroom testing has already begun, and I’m excited to see that it’s taking off.

As successful as I've been teaching existing software programs, I want to create something truly customized for the young creative entrepreneur. I am working on developing an interactive children’s app to bring this learning style to children at home, across the globe. This involves taking the program online and requires funding for IT development and design. Along with my co-founder Elliot, I’m asking for your help to bring this dream to life.

In the meantime we are actively spreading this program to schools around the world for FREE. We've signed up more than 20+ schools to implement my way of teaching starting this August. They’ll use the video prototype that I've designed and classroom-tested. Some of the schools already on board:

  • The Takapuna Normal Intermediate School in Auckland, New Zealand

  • The Berlin Metropolitan School in Germany

  • The Dresden International School in Germany

  • The British International School in Kiev, the Ukraine

  • The International School of London in Qatar

  • The Canadian International School in Singapore

  • The Pathways World School in India

Let's give children a way to learn practical, forward-thinking 21st century skills that will ignite a lifelong-passion for creative entrepreneurship.

Do you want to focus your child’s natural creativity, putting them on the path to future innovation and entrepreneurship? If you can’t wait for the home program, write to me at to get the prototype version in your child’s classroom for August.

How Else Can You Help?

We know that when you share something, people pay attention. It’s easy to support TechSpaghetti and you can make a huge difference – please spread our message far and wide!

And sharing pays off!!! If we exceed our funding target, we will make free module extensions and other great rewards available to our Indiegogo backers. Help us get there!

You can use the Facebook, Google Plus or Twitter icons at the top of our campaign page, just underneath the first video, to share through your social media networks.

You can also share this campaign link by pasting it into an email or social media update: 

Need Some Twitter Ideas?  Use one that’s ready to go!

  • Thrilled to be part of the #techspaghetti revolution, empowering children to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs. Join the movement at
  • Looking to inspire your child’s #creativity with the latest #edtech innovation? Give them a head start at #techspaghetti -
  • Let your kids realise their full potential with the latest #edtech from the #techspaghetti project
  • Calling all #parents who want to give their #kids a head start! Check out the #techspaghetti project
  • Empower your #kids to be entreprenuers by the age of 12!  Get behind the #techspaghetti project #parenting

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More Information About Leah's Way of Teaching:

Dramatic soundtrack made by Abigail, aged eight.

Story-boarded, filmed and edited by David and Linus, aged seven and eight.

Future modules

Ready in early 2015

  • My Documentary
  • My Radio Jingle
  • My Slide Show (6-8 year olds)

Ready in mid 2015

  • My Animation
  • My Blog
  • My TV Ad
  • My Radio Show

Ready in late 2015

  • My Website
  • My TV News Broadcast
  • TechSpaghetti Space Station (WhizKid Project)
  • TechSpaghetti Pop-star (WhizKid Project)
  • TechSpaghetti Young Inventor (WhizKid Project)
  • TechSpaghetti Change the World (WhizKid Project)             

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TechSpaghetti was started in 2013 by teacher Leah Hinton and entrepreneur Elliot Tabachnik. The TechSpaghetti team is based in Berlin, Germany.

Thank You!!!

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