Tatiana Speed's Debut Album

Raising funds to create my debut album and a music video!! Join me in bringing this dream to life! xoxox
Tatiana Speed
Vancouver, British Columbia
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Hi beautiful people! My name is Tatiana Speed and I'm a singer/songwriter from Vancouver BC. I'm finally beginning my first album!

My short-term music vision is very simply to inspire people to dance and celebrate life, as well as to share in a poetic and lyric reverence for the human experience, which I find incredibly beautiful and poignant. Defining moments in my life have imprinted within me a sincere and heartfelt desire to create music that somehow touches the glorious and clumsy beauty of our shared humanity. 

Long-term, I am interested in the role that music and culture can play in world issues such as climate change, sustainability and women's rights.  I am currently at university pursuing an integrative degree in Political Science and Ethnomusicology with the aim of merging these two disciplines.  I want to explore how my music can be used as a tool for strengthening communities, bridging differences and generating awareness of specific issues. Creating this album is my first step in beginning this journey.

I've always loved and played music, but I became profoundly aware of its power during my father's battle with brain cancer. There were so many moments when my words failed me. Yet, it was in these moments that I could take my guitar and sing my heart out to him. Other times, my family would join me and we would gather around his bed and sing together. It was stunning. Humans in their raw vulnerability is the most beautifully sad thing I have ever seen.  Ever since, I have had the deepest gratitude to music and its power to bring peace to the saddest of times, to give meaning to our joys and our struggles, and to connect, heal and bring people together in love and celebration. 

Since then I've taken music into hospice centre's and started to volunteer weekly at the Vancouver Cancer Agency. Sharing my music in that environment is immensely rewarding and heart opening. The result of these experiences has been an increase in my sense of purpose and commitment to create and share music.  When so much remains uncertain, music helps me dance and sing through the challenges and triumphs of life with a lightness of heart and being.   This album is my attempt to share this with you.  

The sound of the album is a fusion of folk, funk and R&B with rhythms from Africa and Latin America. Playing on the album with me are my incredibly talented musician friends who come from around the world and with whom I have learned, performed and matured as a musician. I am so thrilled and honoured to feature them on this album!!

Where will the money go?
My indiegogo mission is to raise $10,000. These funds will cover the cost of making the album as well as a music video to support the album.

--- funds cover album cost of: an engineer, a producer, recording, musicians, mixing, and mastering at a professional studio where I will be working with Adam Popowitz (see bio below).  It will also cover the cost of art/ design, replication and packaging. 
---  funds cover music video cost of: production, sound equipment, a small professional film crew and also provide post production editing, music and necessary technical work.  I will be working with Artino Ahmadi (see bio below).  

As a full time student at university I simply don't have the resources at this moment in my life to bring this project to life.  I’m at that stage when I need just a little push to get off the ground and airborne.  Anything you can contribute is so so so appreciated!!! If money is an issue, it would be so so helpful and appreciated if you could pass this message along.

There is a list of perks on the side, which are my gifts of appreciation.  Your contributions and support are deeply valued and I can’t wait to share with you all my creation!!!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this and so so much love to all of you!!!
xoxoxo to infinity!

More Details:

Who is the album producer?
My producer’s name is Adam Popowitz who is a well-known Canadian performing and recording artist with years of industry experience. He is also a successful producer, mixer and engineer. He co-created the Juno nominated band Pacifica,  signed to Six Degree Records.  They were recently nominated for Best World Album of the Year in the 2011 Juno Awards and were named Best World Album of the Year in 2010 by Itunes.

Who is the director of the music video?
Artino Ahmadi is a very talented and creative up and coming filmmaker from Vancouver and founder of Fresh Ninja Films.  He has ten years of experience in the motion picture industry working on several feature films and TV series. He is now focused primarily on working with musicians from different genres and creating music videos.

Links to videos:
see gallery for videos and photos!

youtube channel:

facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Tatiana-Speed-Music/262879997116805?fref=ts


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    electronic copy of my album before its release!

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    YOU ARE AN AMAZING HUMAN! YOU WILL RECEIVE: a signed physical copy of my album BEFORE its release, a hand written letter of thanks and a rock out and fun djembe lesson!

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    YOU ARE AN EXCEPTIONAL AND AMAZING HUMAN!! YOU WILL RECEIVE: a signed physical copy of my album BEFORE its release, a skype call of thanks and a handwritten copy of one of my poem's, which I will choose based one what I feel resonates with you.

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    YOU ARE BLOWING MY MIND YOU WONDERFUL HUMAN!!! YOU WILL RECEIVE: a signed physical copy of my album BEFORE its release, personal thank you on my facebook and twitter pages, a handwritten copy of one of my poems and a Skype call where I'll sing you your favourite song from the album!

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    YOU ARE A SAINT OF EPIC PROPORTION!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL RECEIVE: a signed physical copy of the album before its release, and a personal thank you on facebook and twitter pages, your name in the album credits and an original SONG (about anything or anyone you like), which I will record and send to you OR play to you over skype!

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    I LOVE YOU FOREVER!!! YOU BEAUTIFUL HUMAN! YOU WILL RECEIVE: TWO signed physical copies of my album BEFORE its release, a personal thank you on facebook and twitter pages, your name listed in my album credits, an original personalized song which I will play to you over skype and an exclusive sneak peak of the book of poetry I'm currently working on!

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    I'M SPEECHLESS WITH GRATITUDE!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU WILL RECEIVE: everything you saw in previous perks PLUS your choice of a skype concert or a house concert within the Vancouver or LA area. You will also be listed as a sponsor in my album credits and are welcome as my guest at all future concerts!

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    VIP YOU ARE MY HOMIE FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!!! Consider all the above perks yours! And I would like to offer you three music services, here are some ideas: * play at an event * play a house concert * play at your dinner party * play at your child's birthday party or fundraiser! * make a drum circle for you and your friends! * picnic at the beach entertainment! * music lesson in your choice of piano, guitar, voice or djembe * or any other ideas you may have!

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