Tatiana Moroz Tour 2013!

Tatiana Moroz is going on tour this summer/fall and needs you! Contribute to her Indiegogo and you'll be helping to spread the word of love, liberty, and peace!

Tatiana Moroz, singer-songwriter from New Jersey, is going out on tour this summer in support of her album, "Love and Liberty"! 

What We Need & What You Get

Singer-songwriter and independent musician, Tatiana Moroz, is going on tour this summer. You can catch her tentatively at: Libertopia, Porcfest, United We Stand Festival, Spirits of ‘76 and and a date in August, TBD plus many more! That of course, takes many dollar bills. The bulk of the money raised will go to travel costs including airfare, fuel, car rentals, a place to sleep, and anything else that will get her to these amazing events! This will also cover the costs of hotel and food!

Anything over this amount will go directly into funding for her new album!!! It’s been a while and Tatiana has been writing her heart out.

Tatiana is excited to continue reaching out to people through music and keeping alive the discussion about what we can do as a united front against the injustices going on in our country. Your help is very much appreciated. Take a look at our perks. We think they’re a lot of fun!

The Impact

Tatiana is proud to represent Peace, Love and Liberty in her music. It’s a message that everyone can get behind and support. The more opportunities that she has to sing and perform around the United States, the more people we can reach out to who feel disenfranchised and dismissed by their government. Tatiana aims to connect with these people and empower those that feel defeated.

This is a campaign you can feel good about contributing to!

Support the Campaign

Again, your financial support is much appreciated! However, we understand that some might not be able to contribute as much as they like. Help us spread the word! Are you on Facebook? Twitter? Instagram? Do you have a newsletter? A website? A radio program? You can help us reach out to your family and friends!

We have lots of cool updates up ahead so make sure you’re following us on Twitter, Facebook, and sign up for Tatiana’s newsletter by going to www.tatianamoroz.com and entering your email address in the bottom right corner that says, “Join Mailing List”!

Let’s do this!

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