Help a young choreographer and dancer make it to the first ever SMASH-BERLIN Experimental Physical Performance Intensive

HELP Tarren make it to Smash Berlin!!

My name is Tarren Johnson and I want to participate in the first ever Smash Berlin- three month program of experimental physical performance.  

My interests in participating in Smash are centered around my commitment to an investigative approach to movement and a persistent attention to honesty and

sincerity in the way I express experience through movement. I am a recent gradate of the  California Institute of the Arts in California and I am moving to Berlin to get

involved in the dance community. Smash would give me the means to produce work out of Berlin with its amazing facilities and vibrant community of dancers. I feel

that Smash fits well with what I want in my next step in dance education, particularly in it's unconventionality. I am interested in both pushing myself as a choreographer

and performer to question the nature of conventional concert dance, while still in

some way existing among it. I feel that this experience will help me expand my artistic practices to help my work come out of more meaningful processes.

I would like to spend time cultivating methods for how I guide and teach other

dancers material but most importantly I want to gain awareness through movement and how I develop work. 

 How you can Help

I would like to raise $1500 for my tuition to Smash. The money would go to three months of studio space and guided experimentation. 

I am grateful for anything and all that people are willing to help

If you give $5 I will be sending a postcard upon my arrive to Berlin with a big thank you for your support.

If you give $10-$20 you will also be added to my special people list and given access to my weekly movement dairies, to follow the transformative experiences of the Smash program.

If you give $50 I will also give all the above and also credit for all work made during my time at Smash!!


Other Ways You Can Help

If you would like to help me but not with money,please just spread the word and cross your fingers. 

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