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An advanced transistor-free instrument designed to magnify, accentuate, and modulate thought energy.
Paris Tosen
Vancouver, British Columbia
1 Team Member

People want a better future. People want devices that don't emit toxic EM radiation. People want to enjoy the benefits of free energy.

Here is the future... it's not what you expected... it's a paradigm shift... are you game?

Early comments from Tarc users:

"A very magical device Paris! I am starting to get used to using it! It really does seem to have a great mind focusing quality about it! I am using it to do some Astral travel during the night and some creative writing and I can feel how grounded I am to Mother Earth as well as to the Akashic. I am very grateful to have it to enhance my intentions as I always believe in the idea that natural magic can be a wonderful tool for positive and personal transformations and I always avoid its misuse. It truly does have lots of magical properties and gives much in the way of protection from Physic attack! Looking forward to hearing all your future updates and developments!”

~ Dave from California

“I would say all the power and goodness that's always been inside magnifies into reality swiftly & beautifully. I've never been happier. U can definitely feel the energy.”

~ from Tammi


I have spent 5 years of my life developing a thought-based instrument that harnesses free energy, and now with your support I will finally be able to bring this device to the market.

I have been refining the TARC, a thought energy magnifier and modulator, and require additional funding to take it the next level. The TARC is a reflection of advanced crystalline science. It is a paradigm shift in the world of electronics. And it works.

Are you game?

What is the TARC?

The TARC is a thought magnifier.

The Tarc communicator

The TARC is not another electronic device. It has no operating system. It has no transistors. There’s no battery to install. It works on crystalline science and it is perfect for the generation of humans that welcomes the dynamics of the multidimensional world.

How does it Work?

Tarc in hand

The TARC amplifies and focuses thought waves. Hold between your fingers and your thoughts become amplified. A little practice is required.

  • It stores thought energy.
  • The TARC amplifies thought energy.
  • The TARC helps in the transmission of thought energy.
  • The quality of your thought communications is a reflection of the user.
  • It is only limited by your imagination.

Things it can be used for:

  • Sending messages of love to friends and family
  • Increasing focus and attention
  • Reducing anxiety-related issues
  • Mind shielding against psychic attacks
  • Magnifying intention
  • Connecting to higher dimensions
  • Interacting with the reality architecture
  • Learning more about who you are
  • Useful for brainstorming ideas and reflection
  • And much more!

Summary of TARC

The TARC is a transistor-free thought-based instrument—fits in your palm—developed over 5 years by myself, Paris Tosen, for the kind of person who knows that they came here for a reason. It contains no electronics or integrated circuitry, able to amplify and redirect thought energy, based on crystalline science, also the basis for modern electronics (eg quartz).

The TARC stands for “Thought Attenuated Resonance Communicator” and is powered by the electromagnetic fields surrounding the human body and is activated by bioelectrical effects.

Simple in Design

There are no components. Everything is built in. There are no transistors. It requires no battery. There are no screws and no software, as the device interacts with the native reality architecture. Think of it as a modem between dimensions. With zero components and a straight-forward technology, the TARC won’t fail you. Using my all-on-one design, there’s no charging cable and no monthly subscriber fee.

It’s my development. It’s my design. And having spent years on it, I can say that with a little practice it can do amazing things.

Why I Need Your Help

The TARC is a functional prototype. It’s handmade. It works. I have tested it under many conditions. And I currently have a score of volunteer testers. It’s a first-generation thought instrument.

I would like to get this technology out to a larger user base so that others can take advantage of this advanced technology, either in limited handmade batches using the prototype design, or, alternatively through an industrial partner (more expensive route).

I am seeking $15,000 for a limited production run, including set up costs and either available moulds or improvised ones. These TARCs will be made available to the public on a select basis.

Beyond the First Phase

The TARC platform provides an opportunity to turn it into a niche communications device, not for everyone, but for those who know that we live in a multidimensional world.

As things grow...

$100,000 improving production capacity and design of device. Create professional packaging materials and logos.

$250,000 research and development for a more advanced second-generation device with limited distribution and support.

The TARC is currently available in black only. White might be a second option. The shape and size may differ slightly depending on crowd-funding campaign.

About the Inventor

The TARC was invented by Canadian Paris Tosen after deciding that the nineteenth century telephone technology would no longer serve the genetically-advanced generation growing up today. The next generation of humans looks vastly different than their parents, and for good reason. He saw the end of the current electronics age and the need to put away the transistor.

He wanted to use an advanced science to build a simple yet useful device that did not rely on the integrated circuit. He wanted a simple device that used a powerful science and not a powerful processor. The result is the TARC. Originally designed and presented as a thought phone, the TARC has been demonstrated to work effectively as a thought energy magnifier and modulator.

“The TARC is not designed for the conventional thinker or the orthodox mind. This is an advanced device for those whose genetics resonate with a multidimensional world. This is an introductory model with more ideas in the pipeline. If you want a better future you have to think better and the TARC is the best idea I could come up with, for now,” said Paris Tosen.

Get the word out. Let’s shift out of the age of primitive electronics.



The device can store and utilize human energy (eg bioelectricity), a function of the individual. There is no battery. You charge it.


Thought communications and messaging comes more naturally to some than to others. For those that are familiar with thought communications, the Tarc could assist in that process. For those who have no ability in this respect, it will have little to no effect.


As long as thought energy is involved, the device can amplify those actions.


Yes. It may chip if dropped on a hard surface. This will not diminish its function.


The TARC is a connective interface between the individual mind and other minds. With a little practice, you can improve your thought-related communications.


The TARC is designed with a crystalline architecture, advanced ideas that have been adapted to suit human needs. Human DNA is also crystalline based.


Please add shipping costs on top of contribution so that the devices can be mailed out. For example, if you selected the PIONEERING THINKER ($30) and you live in the USA, then please add $10 for shipping, total contribution: $40. 

visit our website, www.tosen.ca/tarc.html



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    Paradigm Supporter

    You will get access to video updates on the TARC and you'll also be the first to receive news.

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  • $30CAD
    Pioneering Thinker

    Get your own TARC. (Free shipping in Canada, $10 for USA, $15 for International)

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    Group Think Tank

    You get 10 TARCs. (Free shipping in Canada, $10 for USA, $15 for International)

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  • $1,500CAD
    Collective Consciousness

    You get 50 TARCs plus a private online Q & A with the inventor and his device. (Free shipping in Canada, $25 for USA, $50 for International)

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    Estimated delivery: December 2013
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