Tanks & Kinis - For lovers of the sun, sea and beach

Bring our dream website to life so you can discover unique island lifestyle brands made in South East Asia!

A little bit about us?

Launched in the summer of 2013, Tanks & Kinis is the brainchild of three summer lovers with distinct personalities (Nadzirah Hashim, Rachel Lai & Diyana Hashim).

As lovers of the sun, sea and beach, the average attire for a wanderlust soul like ours would have to be beachwear and swimwear. And here at Tanks & Kinis, we carefully source and handpick our collection so each of these pieces can showcase an individuals personal style.

So what do we need?

To build our dream online shop. But it’s not just going to be another normal online shop. In fact, our shop aims to engage anyone who loves basking in the sun, or chilling at the beach or swim in the ocean. 

If you love any (or all!) of these activities then you’re going to love our website. :)

But hang on, what will our site have that makes it different from others?

Well, aside from making our website layout look aesthetically awesome, we’ve got a couple of unique features we wish to add in order to grow our Tanks & Kinis community to a larger scale by having:

1.  T&K Forum - for you to chat to lovers of sun, sea and beach featuring our in-house Tanks & Kinis island moderator at your service every day.

2.  T&K mix and match - swimwear and beachwear tool for you to get outfit inspiration on your next travels.

What’s the cost?

The cost of the site will be $3000 (which includes building our customized front end and back end system and maintaining the site) and we need an additional $1000 to travel & source for more amazing brands in Thailand and Philippines. 

While we currently commute between Kuala Lumpur and Bali, we’ve found other interesting brands located in other parts of South East Asia that we believe you will love too. And as we always prefer to view and feel the quality of the products we deliver beforehand, we would require this additional amount to head there to pick the beachwear & swimwear brands that our customers will love.  

What's the impact?

Aside from making our dreams come true, the kind of impact you will create includes:

1.  Helping us show the world the amazing craftsmanship of swimwear and beachwear made in South East Asia! 

That’s something we will eternally be grateful for as there’s so many beautiful things out here and the online world can become an avenue for us to share it with you.

2.  You will have given our current customers a more awesome platform to shop for our swimwear and beachwear

Right now we’re using Facebook and online transfer, which for most of our international customers, becomes inconvenient. So with your help, we can make our payment gateway more safe and secure!

3.  You will have given us the key to speaking to more lovers of sun, sea and beach at our T&K Island Life forum. 

We always wanted to bring like-minded island lovers together to talk about anything and everything under the sun so we thought, why not create a cool forum for us to share their ideas?

4.  You will help us gain credibility as a brand that really wants to spread the love for island life to the world. 

Rule of thumb for being a growing business is to have a good website. And while we have a vision of what it should be we were lacking funds on making it happen, but if you help us out, you would have made us a more legitimate business. How can we stop saying thank you for that?  

Want to help us in another way?

We understand that you may not be able contribute financially but guess what? There are other ways you can help! Here’s how:

1.  Share this link with your friends and family who you think will love this site via email, social media or word of mouth.

2.  Have a blog? Or a member of a media? Why not write about this cool campaign? In return we’ll share the link to your post with our community on our Facebook and Instagram.

3.  Like our Facebook page or follow us on Twitter/Instagram @tanksandkinis. That for us is great support for us and we would be super grateful for it.

Thank you so much for your support! We look forward to having you make our dream website come to life. :)

Team on This Campaign: