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Help us start a co-operative design and fabrication space in downtown Los Angeles!
Lindsey Mysse
Small Business
Los Angeles, California
United States
3 Team Members

Hello. We are Talkoot Studio.

We are having a barn-raising to build a friendly, professional co-operative design and fabrication space in Downtown Los Angeles.  We want to bring aspiring artists, engineers and industrial designers cutting edge tools (laser cutters, 3d printers, CNC machines) as well as traditional ones (kilns, saws and soldering irons). But we also want to house a vibrant community of people making cool things. 

With creative manufacturing industries dominated by large corporations and institutions, our goal is to level the playing field for independent creators who want to get their ideas to stores, galleries and museums. 

We love hacker-spaces, and have modeled ourselves after what we like about them. But we also want to add to that model what artists and designers need: great light and a professional, creative atmosphere to meet with clients, buyers and do in-studio visits.

About Us: 

Talkoot was started by Adam Patrick Easter Cottingham and Lindsey Mysse. We are designer/artists who have been working together for about a year. As we were building our studio, we realized 2 things about having a fully equipped studio: 1. It's expensive. 2. It's lonely. We didn't want to have all these cool tools and not share them with others. That's when we started talking about how we could open our studio up and bring in other people to our space.

By supporting us, you're helping us build a great studio that gives access to people (and maybe yourself), not only to the tools and space we use, but to a supportive community of working, professional artists and designers. 

What We Need & What You Get

Our first prioirty is to form the non-profit to administer our studio and pay for the insurance to bring people into our space. 

Once we have taken care of that we will purchase our Laser Cutter, then our 3d Printer, and-- if this barnraising is really successful-- a CNC machine. The more you can contribute, the cooler tools you'll get to use!  

We are offering you the opportunity, through this fund-raising, to jump to the head of our waiting list for memberships. We do have limited space for memberships--  so contributing to our campaign now ensures you will be the first person given a space. 

Break it down for folks in more detail: 

We are aiming to raise $10,000 to get going on the space. This will cover our initial expenses of equipment (mostly the laser cutter and the 3d printer), and give us a a runway of insurance and rent to get the space going. 

We've done an estimate of our expenses here if you want to go over our numbers. 

Suggestions for our numbers? email us at talkootstudio@gmail.com. We'd love your feedback!  

We plan on throwing one hell of a bash for our contributors at the end of May. So contribute now!  

Other Ways You Can Help

Do you have some cool equipment just gathering dust in your garage? We're looking for woodworking and metal-working tools in the Los Angeles Area. Also, if you can't contribute, maybe you know some friends or family that can. Even in far away places, people can transfer their membership ticket to the front of the line. 

Share this indiegogo campaign with your friends! Stop by Talkoot Studio now to say "hi" -- find our address on our webpage

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raised in 1 month
29% funded
No time left
$10,000 USD goal
Flexible Funding This campaign has ended and will receive all funds raised.
Campaign Closed
This campaign ended on May 12, 2013
Select a Perk
  • $5USD
    Our gratitudes

    We'll send you a postcard with our thanks and warm wishes for helping us create something amazing.

    1 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $25USD
    Day Worker

    You'll get an invite to our first big party, where we'll have beverages, exciting new pieces of furniture and art for sale. You'll also get a day of studio time when we get things rolling. You can transfer this to a friend or family member, also. Please note that our memberships and workshops are limited to ages 18 and up.

    3 out of 200 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $50USD
    Hacker Level

    This level of membership gives you a 1 month membership at the hacker level of our studio when we get rolling, or to a free workshop when our educational programming starts, as well as a postcard and an invite to our opening party. You can transfer this to a friend or family member, also. Please note that our memberships and workshops are limited to ages 18 and up.

    2 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $100USD
    Talkoot LED Lamp nº 1

    you will get a Talkoot LED Lamp Nº1, designed by our own Adam Patrick Easter Cottingham! Easily powered by a 9-volt battery, you can put the lamp anywhere. Laser cut and flat packed Aircraft Ply and Baltic Birch, the lamp is easy to assemble and a delightful addition to any modern home.

    1 out of 30 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $250USD
    Maker Level

    This level gives you a month of maker level membership, as well as a post card and an invite to our party. You can transfer this to a friend or family member, also. Please note that our memberships and workshops are limited to ages 18 and up.

    1 out of 40 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $500USD

    This level of support will get you early access to our Professional Level of Membership. We are extremely limited with how many pro-users we will accept, so sponsor us at this level now and jump a head of the crowd! You, or your studio, will also be listed on our website as a professional member of Talkoot Studio.

    0 out of 6 claimed
    Estimated delivery: June 2013
  • $1,000USD

    You will have our eternal gratitude, and 3 months of professional level membership in our space. You will be featured in our snazzy animated gifs, with a full profile written about you.

    2 out of 3 claimed
    Estimated delivery: May 2013
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