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Talkitt Makes it Possible for People With Speech Disabilities to Communicate Using Their Own Voice.
Danny Weissberg
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Yad Mordechay
10 Team Members

Talkitt is an innovative solution that enables people who have motor, speech, and language disorders to easily communicate using their own voice.

Talkitt translates unintelligible pronunciation from any language

into understandable speech, 

This is an amazing video created by one of our supporters,
describing the problem and the solution:

Approximately 1.5% of the world’s population live with speech disabilities caused by a variety of medical conditions. These include, but are not limited to, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS/Lou Gehrig's), Cerebral Palsy, Stroke, Brain Injury, Autism, Parkinson’s Disease and more.

Talkitt will change the lives of people with speech disabilities, as well as their:

who communicate with them on a daily basis.

Talkitt recognizes the user’s vocal patterns and “speaks” their words in an understandable language, allowing them to communicate clearly and easily with anyone, anywhere and in any language. It doesn't matter if you speak French, Chinese, Klingon, or anything in between--with Talkitt, you can communicate.

In the immediate future, Talkitt will run on any smartphone or tablet. Later, Talkitt will run on PCs, laptops and wearable devices allowing the person to speak freely with anyone, anywhere and anytime. 

"The ability to speak and be understood is basic for most people, yet for me it is a daily struggle. Talkitt opens up the ability enjoy a broad range social activities and have a better life."
- Orit Kelner (living with Cerebral Palsy)

Because Talkitt recognizes patterns within the voice, Talkitt works with any language! It doesn't matter if you speak French, Chinese, Klingon, or anything in between--with Talkitt, you can communicate!

More than 20 Israeli and European partners.  Work with hospitals, universities, NGOs, and technology companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Prize4Life, Don Guanella FamilyBeit Ekstein, Beit Issi Shapiro, Alyn Hospital, and many more.

"Talkitt enables successful communication between people whose speech is unclear to their family, friends and other communication partners. For years we have dreamed of such a possibility and the application Talkitt is the answer to our dreams."  

-Estelle Slevin, Speech Therapist, Coordinator of Health Professionals Beit Issie Shapira School

"We at Alyn Hospital believe Talkitt will change the lives of speech impaired children, empowering them to do things they never could before. We are dedicated to helping bring this solution to the lives of the disabled, enabling them to communicate in the most natural way possible and enjoy social interaction between friends and family." 

-Dr. Morit Beeri, CEO of Alyn Pediatric Hospital for children and youth

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This campaign ended on October 17, 2014
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  • $10USD
    Talkitt Supporter

    Your name will be featured on our website. You will also join our newsletter and get a special thank you email.

    45 claimed
  • $25USD
    Sweet Talkitt Supporter

    We will send you a sweet gift from Cameron's Chocolates, where chocolates are made by a group of volunteers born with genetic disorders and undefined cognitive or physical disabilities.

    28 out of 300 claimed
  • $35USD
    Talkitt Ambassador

    You get an awesome T shirt that shows everyone you helped give millions of people their voice back.

    14 claimed
  • $42USD
    Talkitt Friend

    A 3 month subscription to Talkitt for you, someone you know, or as a gift to a person with a speech disability. This person will receive a note in your name. By pre ordering this perk now - you save $18.

    10 out of 700 claimed
  • $66USD
    Talkitt Best Friend

    A 6 month subscription to Talkitt. A life changing gift, in your name, for you, for a friend who needs it, or for a person with a speech disability. By pre ordering this perk now - you save $54.

    19 out of 650 claimed
  • $108USD
    Talkitt BFF

    Being a Best Friend Forever means getting a special price for our bestie – you get a 1 year subscription to TalkItt in your name for you, someone you know, or someone you don’t know who needs it. By pre ordering this perk now - you save $132.

    22 out of 500 claimed
  • $200USD
    Awesome Beta Tester

    You are awesome for helping out millions of people. You will be among the first to test our beta version and receive access to our commercial product 1-2 months before anyone else does. In addition you will get Talkitt for 1 year. Thank you for helping us get our solution to the market as fast as possible. And thanks again for being awesome!

    29 claimed
  • $252USD

    Being the superhero you are, you get a 3 year subscription to Talkitt for you, someone you know, or as a donation to a person with a speech disability. We will include a note with your name, lauding your heroism. By pre ordering this perk now - you save $468.

    5 out of 400 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Medical Sponsor

    Become the sponsor for a hospital, a daycare center, a doctor or a person with a speech disability of your choice. Your pledge will be used to provide a tablet with a 1 year subscription to Talkitt. The recipient will receive a letter mentioning your generous help.

    6 claimed
  • $2,500USD
    Visionary for Associations

    Become the sponsor of a disability association’s chapter of your choice. Under your name, we will donate 3 tablets with a 1 year subscription to TalkItt. The association will receive a letter describing your generous help. Thanks to your generosity, your name will be on our website with ‘Silver Medal Recognition’

    0 claimed
  • $3,500USD
    Visionary for Education

    Make Talkitt a reality for children with speech disabilities. Your contribution will be applied as a gift of 5 Tablets with a year's subscription to TalkItt for students in need at a school of your choice. Thanks to your generosity, your name will be on our website with ‘Gold Medal Recognition’

    0 claimed
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