TALK! is an anthology of short graphic stories with the defining premise that each story will focus solely on a conversation between two or more people.

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TALK! is an anthology of short graphic stories with the defining premise that each story will focus solely on a conversation between two people.  It attempts to break the 'fourth wall' by directing portions of the conversation directly at the reader.  The intention is to make the reader feel like they are  eavesdropping on a conversation between characters they are seated beside. TALK! is the product of eight months of toiling away in a basement and countless cups of coffee.  I am extremely proud of this book and excited for you to read it!

TALK! will be printed as a 52-page hard-cover.  Every copy of TALK! purchased through Indiegogo will come signed and numbered.  I have sourced an excellent printer and have personally inspected the quality of their books.  The above image is a 'mock-up' of the finished product.

They are generally "real-life" conversations.  They all include exaggerated comedic elements but are all based on or adapted from actual conversations.

100% of the funds that are raised will go towards printing costs.  Based on the format and quality of the book, printing simply isn't cheap!  Your support will go directly towards making sure this book is printed and in the highest of quality.   

I've always been an avid comic book fan but as I grow older and more decrepit, I've tended towards non-hero style comics.  I have always found that creating a story through the non-verbal elements of a conversation to be just as critical as the dialogue itself.  TALK! attempts to highlight the changing facial expressions and body language to convey the conversation visually as much as through the text.

The idea of a comic entirely of conversation appealed to me and I believe well suits my artistic style. 

I wrote TALK! with the hope of having it appeal to traditional comic fans as well as readers skeptical of comics generally.  

Every page in TALK! is drawn and inked by hand in pen & ink.  Not that I have anything against digital art, I just don't know how to do it!  TALK! is predominantly in black and white but utilizes bold colour contrasts in certain panels/stories.  This is a stylistic choice and not due to printing costs, which are equivalent.  Check out the gallery for more examples of artwork including a step by step detail of a panel from pencil to ink.

My name is Stephen Burger and I am an independent writer and artist working out of Toronto, Canada.  TALK! represents my first solo comic project.  More examples of my artwork can be found at -> http://stephenburger.deviantart.com

The book is done.  Let me stress this again.  It's DONE.  The artwork is complete and I have the printer all lined up and I'm ready to go.  The only pieces left to complete are any original commissions that are purchased as rewards.  Also, the 'Thank you' page will be completed after the campaign has finished.  I anticipate that the finished product will be sent to the printers 1 week after the end of the campaign.

Absolutely.  The "note from the author" above are pages from the book (the text has been modified to fit the campaign page).  Two of the incentives feature interior artwork (see below) and more can be seen in the Gallery section of this page.

* ALL prices include shipping to anywhere in Canada and the continental United States.  For international orders (including Hawaii... sorry, Hawaii), please add the amount as noted in each individual perk.

* Want an additional copy of TALK! for yourself or as a gift?  Add a second book to any perk for $20.  NO additional shipping required.

* EVERY copy of TALK! comes SIGNED and NUMBERED (except digital copies, of course!)

* EVERY supporter of $50 or more will have their name featured in the Thank You section of the book. 

"THE GENTLEMAN" Limited Print!

While "The Gentleman" only makes a cameo appearance in TALK! He has become the book's mascot and will surely have a recurring role in a follow-up to TALK!  This print will only be available through Indiegogo and will be limited to the number of rewards sold.  

This print is included in the "PREMIUM SUPPORTER" reward level but can be added to any reward level by including an additional $10.  Please make a note when making payment.

 The Gentleman

PENCIL SKETCHES AND INK PERKS - What should I expect? 

Having difficulty deciding between a pencil and an ink illustration?  The pencil sketch is a great way to get some original artwork at a very affordable price while the the ink illustrations have much more detail.  Each illustration, both pencil or ink, will be of a character in the style of TALK!


Want some original pen & ink artwork of your choosing?   This is the perk for you!  Send me your request and I will custom illustrate your request.  I take on a small number of private commissions so you will be among the very few to own custom original art.     I have included a few examples in the 'Gallery' section as well.  Please send your commission request before purchasing as there are a few things that I won't draw.  

The "Zombie Marilyn Monroe" image to the left is an example of a commission I have done in the past to give you an idea of the quality you can expect. 






More examples of my artwork can be found by clicking the button below.


This is your chance to be immortalized in a comic book illustration!  Your likeness will in the style of TALK!  Just send me a few reference photos and we're all set (please send to stephen_burger@yahoo.ca).  Be as fun and quirky in the reference shots as you like!  (Almost) Anything goes!  PLUS, you get to keep the original pen & ink illustrations and get a signed and numbered copy of the book to show off to your friends.  


Do you have a script but have been struggling to find an artist to pair it with? With this perk, you can have your script professionally illustrated in pen & ink.  PLUS, you get to keep all of the original artwork.  The script can be a maximum of 5 pages long.  Please send the script BEFORE purchasing this perk so I can give the OK.  This is necessary as I will not illustrate certain things, for example anything hateful/racist.

** All other perk information is contained within the individual perk in the right panel.  Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


Funding TALK! isn't the only way you can help this project succeed!  Help us spread the word through Facebook, Twitter and other social media networks.  The direct link to this page is http://www.indiegogo.com/TALK 



I am honestly and truly grateful to everyone who supports TALK!  Creating this book will help fulfil a dream.  I am very proud of this book and cannot wait for you to read it!

A special thanks goes out to Michael Meehan, who directed the TALK! pitch video above.  Please check out his website at http://michaelmeehan.tumblr.com 

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