Talia Castellano in New Zealand

Talia Castellano's dream is to go to New Zealand, but standing in her way is two types of cancers. She doesn't have much time. please help her dream come true.

My best friend Talia Castellano is 13 years old and has been battling neuroblastoma for 6 years. She just found out that her cancer has spread into her bones and that she now has pre-mature leukemia too. The docters say that she could do a risky, painful treatment that has a very low chance of survival or live life as much as she can untill time runs out. She has decided not to do the treatment and just live. Talia has been featured in OK and people magizine and has also been on fox news. She does make-up turtorals on youtube as well. She loves to be her self, and one way she does that is by using make-up as her wig. One of her dreams is to go to New Zealand. I would love to fly her there very shortly before things start to go down hill. If you can not donate please just get the word out and help my brave little friend's dream come true.

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