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Save time for what really matters. A better quality of life!

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Time is precious!

We always want to be able to stay with family, focus on our jobs, have time for a date, hang out with friends or even just take a nap. But do you really think you have enough time to make everything possible in an organized way? Now, with our invention “Tag*it” you can save time for what really matters to you.


We lose time unconsciously!

Researchers have discovered that an individual spends at least 10 days a year just “LOOKING FOR SOMETHING”. Whether they find it or not, they still lose precious time in the end. Sometimes unpleasant arguments and fights even occur between them and the people they love most!


Tag*it promises a less complicated life!


It can prevent you from having to “look for something” or from replacing IDs and licenses.

With Tag*It, nothing will disappear again, and all you need to do is live your life to the fullest focusing on what really matters.

Tag*it will track your smartphone and other valuables in real-time.

With Tag*it you won’t have to face those unexpected realizations of having lost something important.

Tag*it is also a great gift to your spouse, parents, friends, and anyone you care about.

Have a more carefree way of life

Ever lost your passport or been super paranoid about losing it while in a foreign country?

Stressed out about forgetting your wallet, keys or phone in the mornings when you’re already running late?

Even if you don’t usually lose things, how often do you look for your phone or keys in your purse, buried in the sofa, or under a pile of stuff?

Tag*it is the solution. Tag*it will increase your peace of mind so that you are in control of your most valuable things anywhere, anytime. No more searching, losing, or replacing.



We have been developing smartphone applications focused on tracking technology for years. Creating a user-friendly product that addresses unmet daily needs is not an easy task. However, the perfect idea finally popped up into our heads – tracking technology by MOTION.


Key functions:

1. Tracking mode: never leave your valuables behind when you go. Tag*it senses motion between your smartphone and tagged item and alerts before you actually lose something.

2. Walking mode: Tag*it offers an advanced technology capable of sensing pocket picking.

3. Free fall mode: Tag*it detects free-falling motion and alerts you when you accidentally drop your passport, keys, etc.

4. Locked mode: Alerts you to any movement.

5. Find me: simply locate the item that’s buried in your purse by pressing on the “Findme” button on the app.


Whats more exciting?

Real time tracking

Motion detection is not a mysterious technology, but what is innovative is the seamless integration between Tag*it and your smartphone. Tag*it is smart enough to sense differences in motion, so it isn’t going to buzz unexpectedly and embarrass you in public.



Tag*it actively informs you of the current status of your valuables and smartphone. 


Intelligent function-one click.

Tag*it offers a user-friendly app combining all these functions seamlessly. 


You never need about switching on and off. Tag*it stays dormant when not needed, and easily wakes up with a shake. 

Auto-on/off in APP UI

Set it like an alarm turn on in the daytime and automatically turn off at night. 

Custom APP: We keep it as simple as possible, all you need is to click!



  • Aluminum with plating coppery and grey
  • Volume: 30 x 40 x 4.2 mm3
  • Weight: less than 20 gram


Technology Specs

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0. (Bluetooth Low Energy)
  • Range: Approximate 100 Feet with line of sight.
  • Inertial sensor
  • Buzzer
  • LED
  • Lifetime: 120hours.
  • Full charge: Two hours.
  • Charging type: Micro-USB cable (free)



iOS devices with Bluetooth 4.0. (iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, new iPad, New Touch, mini iPad) 

Android system will be ready after the API of BLE is released.


How to use it?

1. Download free APP.

2. Put Tag*it in you pocket, keychain, wallet, and handbag.

3. Your smartphone only need to Sync with Tag*it the first time, and enjoy it.


Its our honor to make it happen with you!

Launch date: We set a goal at 2013.09.15



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