Syria Deeply

A group of journalists and technology experts are building an innovative platform of story-telling to help you understand the Syrian conflict.

The Syrian conflict has killed nearly 40,000 people, practically destroyed a country, and spread dangerous ripple effects throughout the Middle East.

Along the way, it’s become one of the most complicated stories of our time. The crisis in Syria has spurred a crisis in how we cover it: there isn’t enough news coverage, enough of the right news coverage, to help people understand the story. News consumers struggle to comprehend what’s happening, why it matters, and how it connects to their world. We don’t have the context we need to make sense of it all.

The user experience of the Syria story is abysmal. But we can create something better. We can redesign the user experience of a complex global issue.

We brought together of journalists and technologists to do just that.

Using all the latest digital tools of the day, we’re building Syria Deeply, a platform that explains the story in an innovative light. It fuses professional journalism, user generated content, social media, and news aggregation. Most importantly, it highlights stories that are crucial to understanding the full picture: civilian stories of everyday life, key angles to understanding what’s in the headlines, background pieces that make the most important issues make sense.

We need news for a new generation – fusing the best reporting with the best digital tools of the day. That’s what we’re building in Syria Deeply. And we need your help.

Nope. Syria Deeply is a creative media project led by journalists and technologists, building a new model of storytelling around complex global issues. We believe that you deserve to truly understand what’s happening in the world; we’re working passionately to figure out how to deliver that insight, using the best digital tools of the day.

Our mission is to engage, inform, and delight you, a little bit better each day.

That mission comes from a very pure place in our hearts – we want to spread knowledge. To that effect, all of our content is Creative Commons licensed, to be shared as and when users see fit. We’re also working with the National Council for the Social Studies, offering open lesson plans on the Syria crisis to middle schools and high schools across the US.


We need your help to build Syria Deeply. We’ve developed the first version of the site with our personal savings, but to see it as we dreamed it we need your support.

Our goal of $20,000 will help us take Syria Deeply to the next level. It will help us pay our Syrian journalists, translators, and graphic designers for their work. It will help us maintain the website for three months and cover expenses for the army of volunteers graciously providing their time and talent to make Syria Deeply a success – simply because they believe it’s so critically needed.

We are deeply grateful for your support, as we work night and day to build an awesome new way to engage your world.

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