Sword and Mythos Anthology

Fund the development of a new anthology titled 'Sword and Mythos' which will combine sword and sorcery with Lovecraft's Mythos.


Update: Funded!

Sword and Mythos is now funded! We are jumping with joy like happy little jelly beans. We do have a stretch goal and it might be possible to make it. If we reach $6,500, the extra money will help fund our new line of novelettes and novellas titled Innsmouth Presents. The first title would be Innsmouth Presents: Jazz Age Cthulhu. Everyone funding us would get a free e-book copy of this title when it is released.

A gigantic thanks to everyone who made this possible! More to come. :)

Update: New Reward Level

Get a Cthulhulele. This is a handcrafted, hand-painted one-of-a-kind ukulele specially made by Mexican artist Karina Melendez. As you can guess by the name it features our favourite tentacled monstrosity, Cthulhu. Learn more about it here: http://bit.ly/RvoX4F

If you want to own this very special instrument go to IndieGoGo and select the Follower of Erich Zann reward level. You’ll get this very special ukulele, along with the print and e-book versions of Sword and Mythos, a digital book package containing all of our current titles, and a one-year subscription to Innsmouth Magazine. Plus, a bonus hardcover edition of the upcoming Fungi anthology.

Innsmouth Free Press: Sword and Mythos

Sword and sorcery: the realm of daring assassins, crafty thieves and talented wizards. Lovecraft’s Mythos: a place where the weird, the horrifying and the strange coalesce. Both sub-genres should come together and you can make it happen.

Sword and Mythos is an anthology to be edited by Silvia Moreno-Garcia and Paula R. Stiles, published through Innsmouth Free Press. Since 2009, Innsmouth Free Press has been publishing many fine authors in its magazine and anthologies, including W. H. Pugmire, Nick Mamatas, Ekaterina Sedia, Ann K. Schwader, Jeff VanderMeer, Laird Barron, Molly Tanzer, Jesse Bullington and many others. It has produced the anthologies Historical Lovecraft and Future Lovecraft (which was reprinted by Prime Books), and is releasing the Fungi anthology at the end of 2012.

Why do we need the money?

Innsmouth MagazineInnsmouth Free Press is a well-established Canadian micro-press. However, it has never been able to afford professional rates for the writers in its books. This is where, dear friend, you come in. We want to give Sword and Mythos the treatment it deserves, but, in order to do so, we need an injection of cash. Your money will go into the production of an awesome sword and sorcery book.

What will the anthology be like?

What kind of anthology will Sword and Mythos be? Well, it’ll have the sword and sorcery flavor you are looking for, but it will also thread further into unexplored reaches. Why should the worlds of wizards and heroes be limited to faux-European shores? We plan to look for international writers who can provide unusual backdrops and points of view. We want to feature tales of daring female warriors. We will look for kick-ass female writers, established authors and new voices. In short, we want to excite and inspire. We want to take you from cold mountains where icy palaces hide dark terrors, to distant deserts where ghouls roam in the sand dunes, and beautiful pagodas which shadow wizards of might and magic.

Sword and Mythos would be released in October 2013.


Some of our rewards include our books out in print. Titles we have currently released in paperback and e-book format include Historical Lovecraft, Future Lovecraft, Candle in the Attic Window, Fraterfamilia. Innsmouth Magazine issues are available only for e-readers. Our upcoming anthology Fungi will be available as a paperback, special hardcover edition and for e-readers.

Please note that if you are choosing a reward which includes the Fungi anthology, the anthology will be released in December 2012. You can therefore expect your shipment to go out that month. All other books can be shipped sooner.

Stretch goals

  • If we make $6,500, the extra money will help fund our new line of novelettes and novellas titled Innsmouth Presents. The first title, Jazz Age Cthulhu, is scheduled for December 2013. All backers will receive an e-book version of this title.
  • If we make $8,500, all backers will receive the paperback version of Jazz Age Cthulhu.
  • If we make $10,500, we will raise short fiction rates at Innsmouth Magazine to professional rates.


Do you ship outside the USA or Canada?

Yes! Please add $10 to cover all shipments outside the USA and Canada.

What format are the e-books in?

All e-books will be released in ePub and Mobi format. The ebooks will be DRM-free.

Do you have any information about your currently available titles?

Yes! Click on each title for more information: Future Lovecraft, Historical Lovecraft, Candle in the Attic Window and Fraterfamilias.

Fungi will be released December 2012.

Innsmouth Magazine is published three times a year.

Can I pick any titles as my reward?

You absolutely can! All our books are published in paperback format, including the forthcoming Fungi anthology.

Please note that if you want the special hardcover edition of Fungi you have to pick a donation level of $85 or higher:

  • If selecting Acolyte of Nyarlathotep level the hardcover edition will be automatically included.
  • If selecting Acolyte of Yog-Sothoth level you can substitute one of the paperbacks for one hardcover edition of Fungi. Or you can get it as a paperback, if you'd prefer it.
  • If selecting Acolyte of Shub-Niggurath the hardcover edition will be automatically included, though you can select the paperback if you'd prefer it.

Our magazine is available only in electronic format.

When will I get my rewards?

If you picked a reward level which includes one or more of our current titles, we will send you an e-mail asking what books you'd like to receive. We will e-mail you in October to get the proper information and ship your books within 4 weeks.

Please note that if you select Fungi as one of your rewards your shipment will not be mailed until December 2012, as it will be released at this time.

Other ways you can help

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