SweetCheeks Cellulite Massage Mat

Visibly Reduce the Appearance of Cellulite and Increase Local Circulation. Sit 30 Minutes a Day!
Ali Gallagher
Austin, Texas
United States
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Introducing The Latest Anti-Cellulite, 'thigh-tech' Design ...

You’ve tried creams and procedures, yo-yo diets and fad exercises to work on your backside, buttocks or bottom ... or as we like to call it, your 'B-Half.


have you settled for just hiding your hyde? 

Cellulite affects over 90% percent of women and 10% of men in the US alone.  It's genetic. 

You're invited - try our SweetCheeks on yours. 

Who We Are and What We're About:

At SweetCheeks Products, Inc., we are committed to developing anti-cellulite products that are effective and complement your daily routine.  If a product requires you to take time out of your day, or spend money again and again, it wasn't invented here.  And if it doesn't help your back shelf, you won't find it on our front shelf!

We've launched our Company in Austin, TX, the Silicon Hills of Technology.  We are changing the landscape from "software" to "thigh-tech" as our contribution toward Keeping Austin Weird!

The SweetCheeks advantages:

  • Results you'll see about one hour.
  • No recurring costs ... just buy one!
  • Convenient to use; sit on this!
  • No messy creams to apply

So What is it and How Does it Work?

SweetCheeks™ is a patent-pending portable and flexible mat that: 

  • Provides temporary reduction in the appearance of cellulite 
  • Provides a temporary increase in local circulation
  • Provides temporary relief of minor muscle aches and pains
  • Provides temporary relief of minor muscle spasms

SweetCheeks achieves these results by leveraging your body weight against the textured surface of the mat - creating a therapeutic massage.  Just sit on it!  You'll feel the tingling sensation that lets you know the mat is working.  After 30 minutes, remove the mat.  Notice the impressions of the textured surface, which will begin to fade after 1 hour.

This resulting massage improves local circulation, while reducing the appearance of cellulite for hours and even into the next day. Wake up, sit again!  Nothing to plug in, no batteries.  This is thigh tech business ... just the power of your body working on your B-Half. 

Photos unretouched and our photographer willing to testify to what she saw, too!

We take what works (massage) and make the impractical, practical!   No time out of your routine and no recurring costs.  

You'll watch the impression from the textured surface fade over the next hour into results as seen above in our After photo.  Results may vary.  

Don't just take our word for it! Check out the testimonials from our happy Users:

“So exciting … great results. I really started struggling with cellulite on the backs of my legs and bottom over the past four years. I like being able to feel the pressure points and increased blood flow. I could feel the warmth in fifteen minutes and some tingling when I stood up. I look forward to continued use and improvement of the appearance of my unwanted cellulite! Thank you! " - Cyndy E., Age 37

 “I want to now put this on my stomach, the front of my legs, arms … I want it everywhere!  It was comfortable to sit on and I could see a big change.  It would make me more comfortable at the beach, even in the gym, and definitely in the bedroom!  Can you make them in leopard?  If I start using this now (age 20) … imagine how my thighs will look in a year?“ - Alice D.  

"I’ve been using SweetCheeks­­ seve­­ral times a week for about two months now and notice that my ‘Before’ photos today look better than my ‘Before’ photos of two months ago.  I can’t say enough about SweetCheeks.  PS:  I use it, too, for my neck and back when my shoulders feel tight.  I don’t go a day now without using it for some part of my ENTIRE B-Half.” - Allison G.,  Age 59

“I have been taking before and after photos with my cellphone for a month now after sitting on SweetCheeks a half hour a day.  I can see the difference.  It’s amazing!  My husband wants to write a testimonial, is that ok?  He noticed the change!” - Nancy A.

“I have tried other products like the creams, roller and suction med spa visits.  But SweetCheeks is the one that works best for me.  Because my job is sitting at a desk all day, I feel like I’m doing something for myself when I’m sitting on SweetCheeks.  It definitely helps me feel good about having to work so hard.  I like that at the end of thirty minutes, I can feel it working.  Then it reminds me to get up and walk around.  It’s a whole healthier routine for me.  I have one for my car, my office and my home.” - Ann F.  Age 40 something.



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