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Have fun developing a golf or tennis swing with our Swing Away Mobile Game App!
Ryan McManus
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Santa Barbara, California
United States
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Swing Away is a fun, interactive game for beginners designed to help anyone develop a basic Golf or Tennis swing.  Grip, stance, form, and balance put you in the right position to develop your swing.  

Sweet Spot Training Games

We worked with pros and beginners to create a 9 hole game for golf and a 9 level game for tennis that develops each part of your swing. Sweet Spot's app will provide endless fun and activity for you, your family and friends.

    Connect Sweet Spot to Facebook

Challenge your friends, compete to earn badges and rewards as you develop your golf or tennis game.

"For the first time in this nation's history, our children have a predicted shorter life span than their parents.  Why?  Childhood obesity and the rise of premature diabetes.  Exercise is crucial to change this pattern.  Encourage active video games instead of sedentary ones.”    Dr. Mary Bourland M.D.      

Too many young people are spending too much time on video games.  Sweet Spot shows good potential to get more young people to play fun and wholesome sports games that require outdoor activity.  Activity leads to better fitness and health.”   Carol Harnett, leading expert in population health, disability rehabilitation, and supporter of wounded warriors  

“As a family doctor, I’m seeing how lack of exercise in young people can lead to more obesity and generally poorer fitness.  Anything that will help youngsters do more physical activities outdoors is a winner. Sweet Spot sports technology is promising,”  Dr. Joe O’Connell.

We've made it simple & fun!

Each Sweet Spot comes with one sensor, a clip that attaches to the grip of a golf club, a sleeve that attaches to the end of a tennis racket club, and the Sweet Spot app for iOS and Android.  Sweet Spot is removable and requires no adhesive for attaching to a club or racket.  We designed Sweet Spot to be easy to use; Setup, Sync, and Swing.  Download the app, wake up the sensor, sync Sweet Spot via Bluetooth Smart, and swing away.  

What's Next?

We have completed the development of the hardware and software.  We are finalizing the games and enhancing the user experience.  Reaching our goal on Indiegogo will allow us to finalize our tooling, produce a short run of beta devices for extended testing, and ultimately manufacturer Sweet Spot here in the U.S.  Your contributions will allow us to produce the first devices and offer them to you at a significant discount!

Contribute to our campaign and copy the referral link above to earn $10 for every referral that supports our campaign at the $99 perk level or above.  Refer 10 friends and your Sweet Spot is free!  Email eric@gosweetspot.net if you have any questions about our referral program.   



We have additional perks for retailers that are interested in offering Sweet Spot.




 Eric Sanchez email me @ eric(a)gosweetspot.net

  Dr. Robert (Bob) Woods  email me @ bob(a)gosweetspot.net

Sweet Spot's team is lead by Co-Founders, Eric Sanchez and Dr. Robert (Bob) Woods (The company is Sanwood, LLC).  Dr. Woods is a business professor at UNLV and Eric is a serial entrepreneur and inventor.  They worked together with a team since 2012 to develop and refine Sweet Spot with one primary objective: Make it simple and fun to learn a new sport. Beginning with golf and tennis, they plan to extend Sweet Spot's usability into other sports in the future.  

American made. Business Development is based out of Las Vegas, NV. All Software and Hardware development was done by Sweet Spot's team in Santa Barbara, CA, with support from Emmoco out of Austin, TX.  Manufacturing will be based out of the US.     

Development Partner

    Tell Your Friends and Earn $10 For Referrals 

    We have so many people to thank for all the support we have received!  Thank you!  Now that we have our campaign on Indiegogo, we can pay you back and you can earn a Sweet Spot for free. 

    Sweet Spot is on: 

    Facebook   Twitter   Pinterest   Instagram      

    Learn more about Sweet Spot @ GoSweetSpot.net


    What is Sweet Spot? Sweet Spot is a new swing sensor that connects to a golf club or tennis racket.  Sweet Spot is designed to teach new players the basics of swinging a golf club or tennis racket and help experienced players better their game.

    What comes with Sweet Spot? 1 Sweet Spot sensor, Tennis racket sleeve, Golf club clip, and iOS/Android app.  Sweet Spot users will also get access to our player and teacher network.

    What version of iOS and Android will be compatible?  Sweet Spot works with iOS and Android devices enabled with Bluetooth 4.0.  We will support iOS 6+ and Android Jellybean version 4.3 or later.

    What will Sweet Spot cost? The planned MSRP for Sweet Spot will be $149.95.  Get yours first for only $99 on Indiegogo!

    How does the Sweet Spot attach? To hold the Sweet Spot sensor securely in place while swinging, simply insert the golf clip into the top hole of any golf club or attach the tennis sleeve to the bottom of any tennis racket.  Then snap the sensor into place and swing away!

    What do I need to use Sweet Spot? All you need is one golf club or tennis racket.  No prerequisites. Sweet Spot will develop your swing through training games, designed for fun and interactive swing lessons that can be played alone or with family and friends.

    Are there differences between the Android & iOS app? The device you have is the only difference, Sweet Spot’s mobile app will include all of the same features, games, and challenges on Android and iOS devices, including iPad and Android tablets.

    What kind of data will Sweet Spot give me? It gives you data regarding Distance, Direction, and Performance.

    Do I need to calibrate my Sweet Spot? Sweet Spot can be calibrated and we may ask you to occasionally update your app for new features and functionality that are added.

    How does Sweet Spot make me a better golfer or tennis player? Sweet Spot intelligently analyzes sensor data, tracks performance & provides training recommendations for all skill levels.  We designed Sweet Spot because we wanted to get our kids outside and have a fun way to improve our game.  Sweet Spot's training games have various skill levels, multiplayer modes, and other twists that will keep you playing and challenging your friends and family to improve their swings too!

    Can more than one person share Sweet Spot? Yes!  Sweet Spot is designed to be shared.  Pick up multiple sensors, connect with your friends and compete.  Measure up against everyone in your foursome for golf or connect your doubles tennis team and swing to win!

    Can I share my swings on Facebook and Twitter? Sweet Spot is made for social!  Sync your Sweet Spot account and share your games, challenge friends, and brag about your scores!  #SwingSmart

    How can I get one? Support our crowdfunding campaign here on Indiegogo. 


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      1 Sweet Spot Sensor + Golf and Tennis App: Support our campaign and you will get a Sweet Spot with hardware for golf and tennis, plus the mobile app. You save $50 by being first in line to get your Sweet Spot. Sweet Spot will retail for $149.95. *please add $5 for US shipping or $15 international

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      Two Pack

      2 Sweet Spot Sensors + Golf and Tennis App:: Support our campaign with a contribution of $179 and we will send you two Sweet Spot sensors and hardware. Give one to a friend and compete wherever you are. *please add $5 for US shipping or $15 international

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    • $895USD
      Coach's 10 Pack

      10 Sweet Spot Sensors + Golf and Tennis App: Are you a coach or trainer? Contribute $895 to our campaign and you will get 10 Sweet Spot's for your players! Each one will come with hardware for golf and tennis, plus our mobile app. Make practice fun and challenge your players to compete with each other to improve their scores.

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      Estimated delivery: December 2014
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