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A tantalizing sitcom about a TV cooking show and its life addled crew. In Bliss, the only thing sacred is the food. Everything else is fair game.
Alexander Scollon
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Hollywood, California
United States
2 Team Members
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34% funded
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$75,000 USD goal
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This campaign ended on September 24, 2013
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Select a Perk
  • $1USD
    I Support Bliss

    Don't have a lot to spend right now? We understand! For $1 you're saying I support this and we're eternally grateful. You'll get updates exclusively for backers at this level and keep up to date with our progress.

    6 claimed
  • $5USD
    Digital Viewing Party

    For the price of a Starbucks coffee you'll get to see the pilot once it's finished! We'll send you a link to watch once it's all done.

    35 claimed
  • $10USD
    Join the Army of Bliss

    Join the Army and receive special updates on the project as we progress and your very own personalized PDF Army of Bliss certificate. You will also receive a link to watch the pilot episode first…before the suits.

    47 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $20USD
    Bliss in Your Kitchen

    Six Amanda Bliss approved recipes will be available for you to download These are recipes perfected by Amanda’s Army of Bliss, one of which may even be featured in the pilot episode! Plus a link to watch the pilot episode first….before the suits.

    50 claimed
  • $25USD
    Original Army of Bliss T-Shirt

    ADD ON PERK! Available to anyone who has made a donation in addition to this one. Get yourself an "Original Army of Bliss" T-Shirt. Please send us your size and be sure to include an additional $10 for shipping.

    16 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $30USD
    Stick on Bliss

    Blissfully display the Swallow Your Bliss logo on your car, your notebook, computer, wherever you can stick Bliss. Get your very own Swallow Your Bliss sticker with the recipes and link to the show. Add $10 for shipping

    10 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $50USD
    Caroline in Bliss

    Put the original “resident hot chick” back in the Swallow Your Bliss pilot! Aneurism be damned. Caroline was born to play Claire. And she’ll tell anyone who asks. No idea what we are talking about? Watch the video! She needs 400 people to pick this perk before she gets back in!

    20 out of 100 claimed
  • $50USD
    A Shot of Bliss!

    **************NEW PERK*********************** Donate $50 today and get your very own Swallow Your Bliss Shot Glass. What better way to Swallow Your Bliss than with your favorite libation! This is a limited edition shot glass so get ‘em before they’re gone! With your $50 donation you will also receive the recipe cards, the viewing party and Swallow Your Bliss Sticker Add $10 for Shipping

    12 out of 100 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013

    Insert a Word Into Bliss

    Within reason, you get to choose a word to go into the script! Be a writer and make the executive decision what word it should be! Plus you'll get a link to the pilot so you can hear your chosen word AND a PDF of blissful recipes.

    5 out of 5 claimed
  • $100USD
    A Sip of Bliss

    Enjoy liquid bliss every morning with a Swallow Your Bliss Mug. Get your very own mug as well as the recipes, sticker and link to the show Add $10 for shipping

    23 out of 250 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $150USD
    Put your face on Bliss

    Your face on the set! Submit a photo of yourself (or as a gift for someone else) and it will appear in the show. You might be a character’s extended family, a face on an advertisement, or the face of one of the many recipients of Amanda’s special… gift of bliss. Please, it’s television, not Tumblr, so even though Amanda might like it you must keep your photos PG-13!

    9 out of 50 claimed
  • $200USD
    A Bundle of Bliss

    Army of Bliss cap and Swallow Your Bliss mug, recipes, Bliss sticker, link to the finished pilot and a vote for Caroline! Such a Blissful deal!

    4 out of 250 claimed
  • $250USD
    Signed and SWAK Bliss Script

    Get a copy of the shooting script for the pilot episode (with production notes) of Swallow Your Bliss signed by the cast and crew, with a special Claire lipstick SWAK (if she makes it)! Plus above perks. Guarantee your copy plus the baseball cap, recipes, sticker and link to the show Add $10 for shipping

    6 out of 75 claimed
    Estimated delivery: October 2013
  • $500USD
    In bed with Bliss

    Amanda likes her men the way she likes her salsa, fresh (young), spicy (hot) and delicious (yummy). This is your chance to name one of her lovers. When you contribute $500 you can submit a name to be used as one of her past lovers. Name the lover after yourself, your lover, or anyone you like… just not Charlie Sheen.

    3 claimed
  • $750USD
    Swallow Our Bliss

    *****************NEW PERK ***************** Dinner at the Chef’s table for you and a guest with creators/producers and stars of Swallow Your Bliss at Firenze Osteria in Los Angeles, CA. Firenze is owned by Producer/Actor Lisa Long and Chef Fabio Viviani (Top Chef) (Travel and accommodation not included)

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $1,000USD
    Be on Bliss

    Join the Army of Bliss on the shoot. You will be featured and worked into at least one scene as a member of the Army of Bliss, (i.e the P.A.’s). Who knows, you might even get to meet the writer and slip him an extra five hundred to give you a line. (Travel and accommodations not included)

    2 out of 10 claimed
  • $1,500USD
    Speaking Bliss

    *******************NEW PERK**************** Not only will you get to Be on Bliss, you will get to say a line on camera and have your name in the credits! ***If you have already purchased Be On Bliss at the 1000 level, you can upgrade to Speaking Bliss for $500 *** (Travel and accommodations not included)

    0 out of 3 claimed
  • $5,000USD
    On Set with Bliss

    Join us as our behind the scenes guest as we shoot! You will get a one-line, walk on part on camera, your name in the pilot's credits, as well as your own director's chair to sit with the producers, other cast members and director and watch all the ins and outs of making of SYB.

    0 out of 5 claimed
  • $10,000USD
    Associate Producer of Bliss

    Ever dreamed of being a Hollywood producer? Here's your chance to start! You will receive an Associate Producer credit on the pilot episode, as well as the best perks above like a walk on line, your name in the credits, an invitation to join the team on set and your own director’s chair to sit in! You will also be invited to the wrap party all the while building your resume and experience. Here's your chance at the creme de la creme perk! (Travel and accommodations not included)

    0 claimed
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