Suspended Belief

Two kids in need of safety find unlikely allies in the eccentric characters at a special effects company.

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Suspended Belief is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a non-profit arts service organization. Contributions for the purposes of Suspended Belief must be made payable to Fractured Atlas and are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law.

Short Summary

Two kids in need of safety find unlikely allies in the eccentric characters at a special effects company.

Suspended Belief's Screenplay Recognition

  • Sundance Screenwriting Finalist 
  • Austin Film Festival Suspended Belief was an Austin Film Festival Second Rounder
  • Page International Screenwriting Awards Suspended Belief advanced to Round Two
  • Cynosure Screenwriting Awards Suspended Belief was a Quarterfinalist
  • San Francisco Film Society/Rainin Grant Finalist 
  • Squaw Valley Screenwriters Workshop  Suspended Belief was workshopped with Michael Urban, AFI.

What We Need & What You Get

We need to raise $30,000 to cover the cost of pre-production (rehearsal space, casting, locations, concept art) for this $800,000 film. We already have a lot of pre-production in place, but in order to get this film going, we are turning to you, our strongest supporters.  

Claim your perk on the right of this page to make Suspended Belief happen!  All contributions are tax deductible as allowed to the full extent of the law.

Other Ways You Can Help

Please use the Indiegogo share tools above to forward this campaign to as many people as you can.  Please repost this link on social media, and talk about the campaign with friends, co-workers and family.  

Here at Suspended Belief, we are blessed with an enormous number of contacts in the film and visual/special FX world.  What we don't have are contacts with many domestic violence/violence prevention groups.  Any leads you can give us to help spread the word will be greatly appreciated.

Who is Working on the Movie:

Suspended Belief is a tribute to the filmmaking that has grown out of the San Francisco Bay Area, from conceptual art films, great drama (Francis Ford Coppola), blockbuster sagas (George Lucas) to small independent films like ours.  We have enoumous resources to draw from, but we cannot list them all or commit everyone until we have funding.  Here's who we do have:

Anahid Nazarian

Suspended Belief's Executive Producer, Anahid Nazarian’s 30 year collaboration with filmmaker Francis Ford Coppola, continues with her role as Executive Producer on Youth Without Youth, Tetro and Twixt.  She  began as director of American Zoetrope’s research library and went on to work as Coppola’s personal script editor and script supervisor.

In addition to her work on Coppola’s films, she has worked on screenplays with many notable writers, including Ronald Bass, Arnold Schulman, Mario Puzo, David Peoples, John Le Carre and Paul Schrader.

Her screen credits, in part, include One From The HeartThe OutsidersRumble FishThe Cotton ClubMishimaPeggy Sue Got MarriedGardens of StoneTuckerThe Godfather Part III, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, Jack, The Rainmaker as well as Youth Without Youth and Tetro.

Ms. Nazarian was also writer and producer for her own independent feature film, Pomegranate and producer for the film Illusion, filmed in Oakland, Berkeley and San Francisco, starring Kirk Douglas.

Catherine Craig

Suspended Belief's Writer/Director, Catherine Craig's career traces the breadth of Bay Area powerhouse production studios, including Colossal Pictures, Industrial Light and Magic, Tippett Studios, Francis Ford Coppola's American Zoetrope, Robert Zemeckis' Imagemovers Digital.

She has performed in roles that have pushed the boundaries of technical innovation, as a motion control camera operator, stop motion camera operator, and animation camera operator. She crossed over into digital texture painting, serving as a senior texture painter at ILM for films like Star Wars, Episode IPirates of the CaribbeanThe Mummy, Harry Potter and Transformers and has worked on over 30 major motion pictures, some of them the biggest blockbusters of their time

Craig brings an incredibly personal context to her film, as she has lived in the technical footsteps her protagonist makes through the story arc in Suspended Belief.

Catherine Craig's ILM Texture Paint Demo Reel:


Suspended Belief's Marketing and Distribution Consultant

Eddie Kalish

Eddie Kalish began his career as a designer/technician/stage manager/director in the New York theatre, later moving to the trade paper Variety on which he served as a reporter/reviewer in the theatre, music and film departments over a six-year period. From Variety he joined Paramount Pictures as a publicist and then became advertising/publicity head of the talent management firm of Ken Greengrass Associates. Kalish subsequently headed the music department of the New York PR firm Harold Rand & Company, following which he moved to the UK and Europe where, over an eight-year period, he worked in the film and music businesses in various marketing, production and management capacities.

Upon returning to the U.S., Kalish re-joined Paramount Pictures in New York as head of international marketing and, over a six-year period, became V.P. of worldwide publicity and, eventually, chief of worldwide marketing. He moved from Paramount to United Artists where he headed domestic marketing and then, after UA’s purchase by MGM, became chief executive of MGM/UA’s domestic marketing.

Kalish then joined Producers Sales Organization (PSO) as head of worldwide marketing and, when the company closed, established his own independent marketing company, Kalish/Davidson Marketing with publicity veteran Dennis Davidson, as president and CEO. He subsequently acquired the business outright and converted KDM into an advertising agency while creating Ambergate Associates as a global marketing consultancy. Over the 24-year history of KDM and Ambergate, the companies have worked on international and domestic marketing and distribution for many of the industry’s leading  distributors and producers including Miramax, Good Machine/Focus Films, Alliance/Atlantis, Village Roadshow, Nelson Entertainment, MDP, Spelling Films International, The Weinstein Company, and many more, including the launch of Jean-Claude Van Damme’s Rodin Entertainment. The company has handled Academy Award campaigns as well as the marketing of acclaimed independently-released films such as “The Sweet Hereafter,” “Happiness” and “Dinner Rush.” Other industry clients include Dolby Laboratories and Cinea, Inc. 

In recent years Kalish has added film financing to his portfolio, working with producers seeking to secure funding for projects, arranging production/distribution agreements and international production/distribution partnerships.  

Eddie Kalish is a seasoned veteran of the entertainment business with vast experience on all levels of the industry both domestic and foreign. He is highly regarded both in the U.S. and abroad and is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and a past Vice President of AFMA (now IFTA). 

Peter Daulton at ILM

Suspended Belief's Motion Control Consultant, Peter Daulton is a member of the Visual Effects Branch of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with over 30 years of experience both as a Visual Effects Camera Operator and CGI Lead Animator.   With credits on over 50 major motion pictures Peter Daulton is well versed in motion control, stop motion and miniature photography as well as computer graphics, pre-viz, layout and animation.

His credits include, Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, The Right Stuff, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, *batteries not included,Ghostbusters IIBack to the FuturePart II,  The Hunt for Red OctoberThe Rocketeer, Death Becomes HerThe Meteor ManForrestGumpThe MaskDisclosureJumanji, TwisterMars Attacks!The Lost World: Jurassic ParkStar Wars: Episode 1Sleepy Hollow, The Perfect StormJurassic Park IIIStar Wars: Episode IIDreamcatcherPeter PanJarhead, The Chronicles of Narnia; The Lionthe Witch and the WardrobePirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest and Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End as well as Transformers.

Tom Fox

Suspended Belief's Boom Operator, Tom Fox is that guy; the guy on the set who is so much fun you wonder why anyone would ever have a film shoot without him. Tom has worked on over 50 major features, including The Godfather, Part II, Bram Stoker’s Dracula, and Tucker: The Man and His Dream.  He has skills in most everything having worked in a number of different capacities from boom operator to operator of Francis Ford Coppola’s legendary Silverfish.

Space Ship

The Location for Suspended Belief

Much of our story takes place on a fictional special FX stage, called OddFX.  What better place to shoot this film than on the legendary Main Stage at 32Ten Studios.  3210 Kerner Blvd. was built by George Lucas in the 1980s as Industrial Light and Magic was expanding.  Many famous film sequences have been shot on the Main Stage, including the Star Wars series (except Episode IV), Pirates of the Carribean series, Star Trek series, Back to the Future series and Transformers series.

This historic building is where the Lucasfilm Computer Division, now known as Pixar, wrote, produced and animated their first short.

The director, Catherine Craig, plans to feature some of the original camera and film equipment used in early FX films.

Photo Credits and Thanks

Thank you Michael Brunsfeld for designing the Suspended Belief title art.

Thanks for the interview video go out to everyone at 32Ten Studios, especially Vince De Quattro, Quentin Bacon, and Sean Mitchell.


Team on This Campaign:

  • 20121204114901-catherine_craig
    Catherine Craig

    Writer/Director of Suspended Belief

  • 20121116000635-fonmoravsm
    Fon Davis

    Fon Davis, Creative Director at Fonco Creative Services, a design and fabrication studio specializing in miniatures as well as full production services, is a Team Leader for this Suspended Belief campaign. Thank you, Fon.

  • 20121125105815-peter_portrait
    Peter Daulton

    Peter Daulton is a member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences with credits on over 50 major motion pictures as a Motion Control Camera Operator and Lead Animator at Industrial Light & Magic. His award winning documentaries have been broadcast on PBS and screened in film festivals around the world. Peter is a Team Leader for this Suspended Belief campaign. Thank you, Peter.

  • 20121117134517-jeanstrausscolorhorizontal

    Jean Strauss, legislative activist, award winning documentary filmmaker and New York Times and national best-selling author, is a Team Leader for this Suspended Belief campaign. Thank you, Jean.

  • 20121123120715-image
    Ronn Brown

    Ronn Brown, veteran digital media educator, art director and matte painting supervisor, is a Team Leader for this Suspended Belief campaign. Thank you, Ronn.

  • 20121120212704-dsc01216
    Patricia Rose Duignan

    P.Rose Duignan has worked in the vfx business as producer and marketer for three decades for all the majors including ILM, Lucasfilm, Tippett, R&H, ABC, WDI, Dreamworks. She's a kick ass feminist and believes women need to help each other reach their potential, or at least a safe place... Rose is a Team Leader for this Suspended Belief campaign. Thank you, Rose.

  • 20121214160555-amypic
    Amy Hopkins

    Amy Hopkins is a Production Coordinator at Lightstream Animation Studios as well as an Independent Film Writer/Producer/Actor. Amy is a Team Leader for this Suspended Belief campaign. Thank you, Amy.