Surgery Academy

Learning Surgery by giving you access to the most prestigious operating rooms in the world, from your smartphone, tablet or pc. In real time.
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Every sci-student can enter in an operating room by a smartphone, tablet or PC and learn surgery in real time. This is Surgery Academy.

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What is Surgery Academy

Surgery Academy is the tool for learning surgery anywhere you are, through a smartphone, tablet or pc.

We are creating a MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) for students of medicine and surgery and for health professionals.

Students, surgeons, interns and healthcare professionals will finally be able to enter into a real operating room. They will be able to consult the anonymised medical records of patients under surgery, ask and reply to questions.

How does It work

A student or a health professional can join into a random operating room or choose the surgical intervention by his favourite discipline. 

Joined in the remote operating room, the student will see the three most important things: patient records, the surgical intervention in streaming in 1080p (with the patient's vital signs) and a notetaking platform that can works like a service of microblogging.

It allows to share surgical procedures, annotations and intervention's screenshot with other students.

As seen on

Update Press


Every day, all over the world, surgeons perform millions of surgeries, from appendectomies to heart transplants. 

However, students of Medicine and Surgery do not have a practical approach until the 5th year of study. On the other hand, a surgeon in a difficult phase can not receive some sort of suggestion by a third party. The operating room is like a secret society.

What students should see

  • The surgical operations in real time and in augmented reality
  • Blood pressure 
  • Heart rate
  • Respiratory rate
  • Body temperature
  • O2 saturation
  • Patients medical records, anonymised.

What students could do

  • Watching preferred surgical operations and save them on the cloud
  • Entering in the operating room of an hospital of Timbuktu 
  • Social Networking
  • Gamifying their studying
  • And many more features to come

For students


We know that until the 5th year of study, students of medicine and surgery can't have a practical approach with the scalpel. When they are interns, they only have little practical knowledge. 

The most important benefits are:

  1. Appropriate for any setting that has connectivity (Web or Wi-Fi)
  2. Any language or multiple languages
  3. Any online tools
  4. Escape time zones and physical boundaries
  5. Produce and deliver in short timeframe (e.g. for relief aid)
  6. Contextualized content can be shared by all
  7. Informal setting
  8. Peer-to-peer contact can trigger serendipitous learning
  9. Easier to cross disciplines and institutional barriers
  10. Lower barriers to student entry
  11. Enhance personal learning environment and/or network by participating
  12. Improve lifelong learning skills

For surgeons 


Surgeons, universities, hospitals they can introduce Surgery Academy as program of study.

Surgery Academy can enter into the medical and educational establishment, and can be used as method of study and teaching from all the university of the world.

Yeah Science!


Beginning to share medical knowledge to who can't to access to surgical documentations, medical notions and surgical procedures, is a great and powerful thing.

For example, a surgeon of the John Hopkins Hospital can teach to a surgeon in Nigeria, in real time, how to do a reconstructive surgery or an organ transplantation.

The progress of science is to share with other minds all that you know.

Why we need You

As some of you may know, we already have some funding (meaning our project does what it says it does) and with our own savings we have managed to create working prototypes.

However, the magnitude of our dream is too large for just us, and we need you (and your funds), to accelerate development and to help us bring our machines into manufacture and into your homes.

Comparisons with other MOOCs

                                                       And it doesn't end here.

Why Massive Open Online Course

We know that many hospitals have surgery theaters, but these allow only a bunch of students to see a surgical intervention. Nevertheless, hospitals always need visibility to attract new customers. Hospitals will be eager to join our social health network as we increase our community of students and surgeons from all over the world.

Our current pipeline, more to come!

Where Surgery Academy works

Then, why Indiegogo?

1. Core development: the majority of the core is complete. We need to fine tune a couple of features and take the proper time to thoroughly test everything.

2. Native OS X: We need to round out some application support mechanisms such as updates and feedback.

3. Desktop version: We have been focused primarily on the OS X version, but we can easily port Surgery Academy over a desktop PC or Mac.

4. User support mechanisms: We will be deploying forums and developing a comprehensive help section.

5. Special features: We have a few unmentioned – and pretty awesome – features that we'd love to give you in version 1, which we'll be able to do it if we raise enough funding.

Why 6,000 $?

For a project like this $ 6,000 are essential to operate as a sparkle in engines.

Some numbers

We know that eLearning is a $56.2 Billion business and is likely to double within 2015. We also look at countries in the developing world who are hungry for information and safe medical knowledge. In fact, the fastest growing eLearning markets are Vietnam and Malaysia. 

There are the sacred cows of the eLearning

About the Team

Armando Iandolo, Founder


Born in 1989,  Armando has came into contact with the internet in his early adolescence. He has studied a postgraduate course in Computer Science at Harvard University, where grasped the potential of e-learning and of the decay of the university as a temple of knowledge reserved for a few. Armando is a iOS and Web Developer with strong technical-scientific attitude, he sees himself as a visionary and innovative person.

                                            Andrea Madrigali, co-founder



Born in 1985, Andrea has studied Medicine and Surgery at the University "La Sapienza", in Rome.

He is an aspiring heart surgeon because of the beauty and complexity of blood vessels and the coronary tree. In 2010 Intern at Aurora St. Luke's Hospital, Wisconsin, USA, in the Department of Gastroenterology and Digestive Endoscopy. Since January 2013, he has been the curator of the health section of the "Roma Nord Magazine".


                                     Floriano Bonfigli, Marketing Advisor                                


 Born in 1974, Floriano has worked as Product Manager at Agfa Healthcare, been among the first in Italy to roll-out and see in action an Eletronich Health Record and acted as Healthcare IT consultant at Gerson Lehrman Group. He is currently researcher in Innovation Driven Entrepreneurship at Istituto Adriano Olivetti (ISTAO) business school and is launching his own startup into EHRs.

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